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Six Years Ago Today

March 23, 2007 - 01:34 AM
Every now and again, I get into these weird reflective moods and wonder how I ended up here. There's been so many wacky events that have taken me half way across the globe and back. Since I'm too lazy busy to post new posts, I thought we'd take a gander at what I was doing six years ago today...

3.23.01 - world wide wrestling
thai food at the wrestlers

this morning lynda and i went to go look at a few flats.
i hoping to find something that i like, that's not too expensive.
we looked at 3, but nothing was the one.
afterwards, we headed back into the office.
for lunch we went to the wrestlers for thai food.
apparently it's where they go every friday for lunch.
thai food and pints.
oh how i'm going to gain a beer belly.

half pint of cider after work

after work, a bunch of the guys were headed to the pub.
i decided to crash the party and join them.
but i was driving, so i didn't really want to have that much.
so i only had a 1/2 a pint of cider.
we sat and chatted for a long time until someone finally suggested food.
originally i had wanted to go see groove armada,
but i thought it might have been sold out.
toby confirmed my thoughts, and so i decided to join the boys.

cranberry brie sandwich and chips

we headed on into town to a pub called the castle.
they had food and drinks.
when we got there toby asked what i was having.
i said a cider, (but the bartender heard a stella),
so i had a stella.
but then toby remembered that we forgot to stop by the bank.
so i ended up buying. (not that i mind, it was just sort of funny).
i also decided to order some dinner.
i had the cranberry brie sandwich and some fries (called "chips" here)
i think this is my new favorite sandwich.

Wild to think about it, isn't it? What were you doing 6 years ago today?

Pocketpig is now at

February 12, 2007 - 12:09 PM

Oh, my bad, looks like I have been totally neglecting this site. I'm sorry. this seems to happen every year or so. I fall of the internet for a few months. I know, it's ridiculous, who in the hell falls off the internet?

Well folks, this time I am happy to say that I actually have not fallen off the internet, but I have been CONSUMED by it instead. You see, I took a new (amazing I heart it big time, but it takes all of my time) job and am now the editor of a new food site called!

Yep, someone is paying me to ramble on about food and drink and cooking. I promise that once things settle down I will definitely be updating pocketpig again, but for now, please come check out and tell me what you think.

note: Just so you know if the story says it's "by YumSugar" then I actually wrote it, if it says "by ---- (anyone else) --- " then I didn't.

-pocketpig aka sabrina aka yumsugar

big news!

November 14, 2006 - 03:59 PM

so maybe you're wondering where in the hell have i been and why do i keep doing this? first i update all the time, then i dissappear, then i update, then i'm gone, and then i'm back. only to dissappear for weeks on end. i know, my updating times are more confusing than last year's lost scheduling. but those days, my friends, are numbered.

in just a wee while, i am going to be posting just about every single day, many times a day (although on another site, i'll list full details when it goes live). the lovely folks at sugar publishing have decided to hire yours truly to ramble on and on about things like elvis presley reese peanut butter cups, how to put together a cheese plate, specially priced tord boontje plates (seriously so cute), what food is in season, what to make for dinner, what kitchen contraptions are worth buying and all those other things i should have been telling you about but have been too lazy to do so.

so stay tuned.
and stay hungry.

and yes this means i'm leaving the cutlery. this is a full time gig!

areas of my weekspertise

October 13, 2006 - 10:10 AM

hodgman1.jpgOkay, so the whole phone posting on the go (which is what i depend on the most) is still a no go. Which is too bad, because then last night I could have told you about how we were seeing John Hodgman (yes you do know who that is, he's a very funny resident expert and oh yah, he's the PC in those mac commercials) at cody's. he was funny ha ha.

also if the phone was working I could have told you about how we then ate at the food court at the fancy new mall (it's across the street from cody's) afterwards. I had the spicy pork bowl from the korean bbq place and randall had some tritip sandwich with mashed potatoes. see? what kind of food court has mashed potatoes? obviously only fancy ones.

and if i could post on the go, i could tell you how I found amazingly fitting jeans at gap's new brand "Forth & Towne." and then immediately felt sad because i keep reading that it's targeted towards older women... but hopefully by older they just mean not 18 because I thought they had some cute stuff in there. although this young (probably about 18) girl came in and very vocally declared "there is nothing sexy in this store! i am out of here." so maybe by older they just mean non-hoochie. also samshrew would probably shop here and she is younger than me although she is going to "be a lawhyer" so she dresses more grown up anyway... but all joking aside, these jeans are fitting me amazingly AND bonus! they don't even need hemming.

another thing you would've known if the phone was working was that on wednesday i went over to the loverly bapril's (bill + april) house to watch runway and lost. also to eat way too many crackers, pears and TASTY tasty blue cheese smothered in honey (soooo good) and speaking of lost. whaaaa?? do you then benry ever leaves the island, like does he go on vacation? what is going on? why do they all look like they're from a (as cindy pointed out) j crew catalog!?!

i could have also told you about how on monday i didn't have to go into the office and got to play at the photo studio. and how that's way more fun that going into the office and how really i need to figure out how to do that everyday. even if it is just art directing inanimate objects for the cutlery.

but unfortunate for everyone involved, the phone network's broken so i couldn't tell you any of those things. boo.

city chinese

October 05, 2006 - 02:31 PM

today vinita (new coworker) and i decided to go get lunch. orginally we were going to go get sandwiches somewhere, but it was raining and we decided to go somewhere with an indoors.

somehow we ended up at the hunan restaurant on sansome.

from what i understand this place used to be great, but now it is just blech & mediocre. our waitress was this cute older asian lady, with a fro-perm thing going on, but all her cuteness couldn't make up for the yucky food. Diana's meat pie (which came with the special) has to be made with spam or some sort of canned meat (not that i have anything against canned meat i just wasn't expecting it to taste so blech). and the spicy beef dish i got was just blech and the beef was overcooked. it tasted like home cooked chinese, only by homecooked i mean something my morm would make had she forgotten that we like to eat things that are tasty and also she hates us for being ungrateful and so is pissed off and isn't trying very hard, and in fact is sort of punishing with something that is only edible & filling & nothing more because we don't deserve it.

i might go back, but i can't see myself ever suggesting we go there again. which is too bad, because i hear it used to be (in the 80s) a great place to eat.

sidenote: if you watch south park, you know what i mean by city chinese.

is this thing on?

October 04, 2006 - 04:33 PM

well hello. long time no talk to. sorry (as always). i just had to get my life in order. went thru a bunch of big changes, new job, new city, new routines. but i'm back and i'm ready to post. you'll see all the usual stuff, restaurant reviews, life stories, weird items and more. until then, you'll have to settle for a few lists. i don't even have any drawings of photos for you this time around. i'll work on it.

pathetically lame excuses as to why i haven't updated:

some things i've done in the past 3+ months:

things i'm looking forward to

great things i've eaten

as you can see, some things never change - including my laziness.
but i promise new posts, just needed a little break to settle in.



June 01, 2006 - 02:53 PM

they interviewed someone to replace me the other day. that was really surreal. especially if you consider i haven't given an actual notice yet.

at least i hadn't.

but i just did.
june 21 is the end.
then i will be joining MMLR in the city.

this is all so weird.

i've never left a job on my own before. all my jobs have been contract except for the last one where i got laid off and didn't really have a choice. so this feels wacky.

i think i'm excited.

big changes are a brewing

May 26, 2006 - 10:42 AM

hey there, i've been lazy.
okay actually that's not totally true. i am lazy is a true statement, but i haven't been totally lazy.

i've actually been spending all my free computer time hunting for a new job and trying to get my life in order. it's been in limbo/disarray for the last several years and i really want to fix that. we live between 3 cities now! that has got to stop.

during the last 2 months all sorts of exciting adventures happened (parties and train cars and fructy and nerd fair and randall's new job and so much has gone on i can't believe i've neglected it this long) i'll say that i'll talk about them someday, but we all know better, i never will. i'll try, but that rarely happens...

there has also been interviews in the city, interviews by the bay and interviews over the phone. they know about it at work now. i've got an offer on the table and i've countered, now i'm waiting to hear back.

oh and at work we have new "no blogging" policy. or so i hear, i haven't seen or signed the new handbook policy yet (it's on its way). so i guess i'm free until then or until i leave, which ever comes first...

it's weird to think i'll be leaving fun-thanklessmusic retail to join megamalllifestyleretailer in their onlinespamdept. wacky. oh and i will refer to it from now on as MMLR (in case they also have a no blogging policy), that is if they actually hire me.

Mayflower landing

March 11, 2006 - 08:57 AM
when i got home from work yesterday randall said "woah, best buy is totally open" and then we wondered what else was open over there. a few miles away they built this brand new gigantic shopping center (the kind you can see from the freeway). i'd heard that it would all be opening in april, but i guess some of it is opening earlier. so now our neighborhood has a target, a costplus and a best buy. according to all the signs we'll soon have an old navy, linens n' things, pier1, sam's club and a bunch of other stores that don't have signs yet. the typical freeway strip mall.

but hey, it's something new, so we decided to go check it out.

while perusing the aisles of target juju called me back. she didn't get my call earlier because she was perusing the aisles of the other target. go figure.

after chatting for a few minutes we decided we'd meet her, wes & tuttle (aka mcd's) at the mayflower. tuttle ordered a pretty delicious bass. and we also partook in the orange spicy chicken (which wasn't that spicy and a bit soggy), walnut shrimp (which was too mayonaise-y), chicken chow mein, sweet & sour tofu, and the included in the meal fried spring rolls, potstickers and hot & sour soup.

while there tuttle told us about his new venture into office life. this means he's now got himself an internet presence and a new phone. yay for tuttut and his entry into the future!

sidenote: the mayflower is a chinese restaurant my mom used to like when i was younger. but later when i told her that's where i went for dinner she made a retching/gagging sound.

Sal's in west sac

March 05, 2006 - 05:06 PM
yesterday at lunch randall and i went to sal's in west sac for some lunch. we were starving and it was on the way home from doing family errands, so we popped in. besides i've always seen and always wonder what it's like. i ordered the carnitas quesadilla and randall had a carnitas taco and a cheese quesadilla. when our food arrived i realized that my order is like his order squashed together. and that this is how we usually order at taquerias. odd isn't it?

as for the food, it really liked it. the tortilla came out in the right sort of crispiness, but i don't think it was worth the price. it was 5.99 for the thing AND they didn't have pico de gallo style salsa. boo.

animal dissapointment

March 05, 2006 - 04:51 PM
meatplate.jpg last night we ended up heading out to the library (a bar/venue) for the animal collective show. the library is a tiny venue so it was a big deal. first of all a big deal that a relatively known band is playing sacramento. secondly a big deal because apparently this is the smallest venue on their tour (i'm pretty sure they're playing fillmore tonight).

the show was overcrowded and sold out. it was like a who's who of the sacto scene with special appearance from sf dave (last known sighting: july 2005).

i had been on the fence on whether or not i wanted to go to the show. when i first heard about it, i wanted to. then a bunch of time went by and i wasn't sure i wanted to. i was afraid it was going to be crowded and boring (in that way that even though i like the music a lot, seeing it live bores me, such as stereolab, modest mouse, broadcast, etc). then i heard that they were a really good live show so i figured why not. then i heard it was sold out so i figured oh well. then we found out they "came into a few more tickets" so we said sure why not.

and that's how we ended up at the library.

and sadly my gut reaction was right. the show ended up being lackluster and dull. more than just a little dissapointing. the kids up in front (and i say kids because they looked little like 13 or so) seemed to have a good time. apparently there was a mosh pit and crowd surfers. what?? i'm too old to be at a show with a freeking pit. but i'm not sure how pit like it was, we didn't see it. we were in the back in the window area at the bar. it was a good view until rosie perez & her short friend stood on a trunk and blocked our view. oh and the sound kept cutting in and out. i know they have an odd sound, but i don't think that was quite intentional. especially judging by the dumbfounded looks on the sound guys.

meat feast double date

March 05, 2006 - 01:25 PM
meatplate.jpg last week camille and i said our households should hang out more since we are of the meateating minority (there is a vegetarian dominance among our friends), so friday afternoon i asked if she and cr would like to join randall and i for dinner. we diliberated on where we wanted to go and eventually settled on sandra dee's. i mean what better place to go for meat feast than bbq house where vegetarians can't eat 99% of the menu?

when we got there we took stacey's advice. she had told me that her and kari liked to go there and split the 4 meat combo, so we decided to split 2 of them among the 4 of us.

for meats we had tri tip, rib tips, ribs, hot links, chicken, fried oysters, fried snapper & grilled shrimp. for sides we had mac & cheese, spicy corn, hush puppies, french fries & cornbread.

i ate and ate and ate. man it was tasty.
i liked the tri-tip the best. camille liked the chicken. the fried fishes were so-so, but man the meats in meat sauce. yum!

while we were there this awesome (and by awesome i mean mostly ridiculous lame) guy serenaded us like we were in some coffee shop. i thought that was a bit odd. oh and also, camille does not recommend the sweet tea. i tasted it and agreed. even though they said it was not from a can, it tasted like it was from a can. or maybe a bottle. but you get the idea.

afterwards we went to the bonn lair for some drinks. i ordered the chimay forgetting how strong it was. the tingle of pre-drunk ran up my neck pretty quickly. i don't know why, but that's where i tend to feel the alcoholic effects.

that's what i said

February 25, 2006 - 05:09 PM

some things i meant to post last week.

last week i went and grabbed a burrito at lunch. chicken with all sorts, like everything behind the counter in it. when i brought it back to work, eduardo had me weigh it. it was almost 2 pounds. that is ridiculous

this thursday night katy and i went to see the goonies at the ua arden. they're doing a flashback movie each week. she'd never seen it on the big screen and my oh my the truffle shuffle just isn't as amazing unless it's on a big screen. you really get the full shuffle/jiggle effect. sidenote: i expected the crowd to be rowdier. boo on you crowd. you should have yalped and cheered more.

this is scottel via webcam. the portland weather and his hermit tendencies have kept him indoors for too long. his hair is going wild and his face is growing something odd. i think he thinks it's johnny depp pirate like, but really it's more orlando bloom rat like. har har har. sidenote: he just got a new puppy named jet. she has the cutest raccoon/panda eyes. i should have photographed that.

last friday night samshrew, jorn, randall and i went to pho'y for dinner. it's a pho place that we've never been too even tho it's really near our house in san jose. when we walked in the place smelled like amazing basil extravaganza. i thought that it was a good sign, but when we sat down and got the menu, even more AMAZING good sign. on the back of the menu was a flowchart algorithm of pho service (aka how to eat pho. WAH!! only in san jose. such nerdsor detail. i hearted it.

last thursday i went to mary's with kari, jeff and stacey. it was more work work talk talk, also the first time for momma to leave baby at home and go out. afterwards i cut out and headed over to liquid to meet up with carolyn and her drunks. one of them was dressed as a clown. a relatively drunk clown at that. he was trying to come up with a word like essence or epitome, but neither of those worked. he then gave me a very serious mission. i am to obtain the oldest dustiest thesauraus i can find and send him an email with all the synonyms for epitome. he's hoping i'll find his word.


February 25, 2006 - 04:14 PM
today i got up early and ran a bunch of errands (library books, returns, etc).

randall is still in san jose and it was weird to have a saturday with nothing planned and no one to ask "so hey whatcha feel like doing today." on one hand it was really nice and on the other it made for a quiet day.

yesterday alexis told me that she was selling bracelets at deep (a yoga studio). they were having a fashion flea market sellout-buyout like thing. i decided it would be neat to check out. so i went down there when they opened. i ended up scoring these two little guys. they're from south america somewhere (i'm too dumb to remember where the lady said they were handmade from) and they hold incense out of the top of their heads. we're not really incense kind of people, but i loved them and i couldn't decide who was cuter, so i took them both home.

afterwards i headed home and decided to have some snax. my cousin visited from taiwan last week (more on that later). she brought us some taiwanese items, including a bag of snacks. one of them was this dehydrated squid stuff that i like. it's like spicy squid jerky. and yes i know that sounds revolting, but bear with me here, this stuff is fantastic.

while eating it, i happened to read the back of the package. it was all in chinese except for the "savory relishes to enjoy" also note that for the "Expiry date" you need to "Please see the sealed place" and for storage instructions, be sure to keep it at "Room temterature."


employee of the what?

February 13, 2006 - 05:54 PM

um. hello are you people serious? running out of candidates or something? because it's awesome and all, but really am i honestly worthy of EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH.???!?!?! i kinda feel not. it makes me feel guilty.

eduardo tells me it's like on office space once that guy stops caring everyone is like YES THEY ARE AWESOME. because i kinda stopped caring as much as i used to. don't get me wrong, i get all my work done, i'm just trying not to stay late to get it done and i'm getting here closer and closer to 10am everyday. and my heart's just not in it. but i guess my 40% devotion is still seen as eotmonth caliber. bizarre.

i mean today i got in and stacey said to me, "sorry to bother you right when you get in, but i have a meeting at 10"...oh i guess it was almost 10. hello you guys have been here for almost an hour longer. and we're going to leave at the same time. hello doesn't that bother you? is that really worth employee of the month... do you really want your employee of the month to put more importance on style channel's top 10 beauty tips of 2006 than they do in punctuality?? i mean, i couldn't leave the house before knowing that bold lips are in. so is brown eyeshadow. so is "rough hair" and also a sleek military ponytail. and also big eyebrows. but none of this at once.

sidenote: guess i better stick with the big eyebrows. it's about time something of mine was in.

sidenote2: here's my glowing blurb. it's all true, so maybe i deserve some recognition, but seriously tell someone else deserves congrats first, how can you be eotm when your heart doesn't care anymore?? "In addition to always seeming to know "the word on the street," [means i always know the office gossip] she has a major impact on just about everything we do online. [She] designs and develops all the graphics for our email campaigns, printed materials, and website. She is also an integral part of the site release process as she creates mockups that maintain our site graphics standards, consider customer ease of use, and provide a basis for the tech team to start development. In addition, in January, [she] was called on for several additional graphics needs and did a tremendous job in delivering what was needed in very short time frames."

gwah seriously. this makes me feel really guilty and somewhat ill. i don't even remember doing anything important in january.

Different temple this sunday

January 23, 2006 - 10:40 AM

yesterday randall went to the san francisco airport and flew to england. yep boys and girls. randar is in england right now. actually he's in cambridge (small world isn't it?). work sent him sorta last minute (he had a few days notice). he'll be there until early friday morning. crazy isn't it? i'm total jealous. so if you live in the cambridge, england drop me a line, i'll pass you on to him.

once randall was shipped off i went over to my morm's house. we were going to temple and then to put up a sign somewhere. when we got to temple we arrived during the "chanting class" so we had to wait in the foyer area for about 15 minutes. the foyer was a little bit awkward as it was really crowded and everyone was praying and following along with the chanting. i tried, but i couldn't understand anything, so i just sat there peacefully.

afterwards i asked my morm what they were saying during the chanting, but she said she didn't know, she just followed along...

once the chanting was done, we went inside and did the usual temple stuff. you can read about it in last year's temple entry (it's at the bottom). i always think i should go more often than once/twice a year. i didn't grow up going to temple, it's something that started when i went to college, but i really like it there. and again this year i felt totally ignorant. someday i should learn more about it.

after temple morm and i headed back to her house to grab the sign, the tools and to change our clothes. i mentioned that i was a bit hungry so she fed me her lunch leftovers. noodles with thinly sliced chicken and stir fried spinach. she handed me the large bowl and told me that i'd have to eat in the car as it was going to be dark soon and we had a sign to put up.

so i got in the car and ate a bowl of noodle soup. yes in the car. i found that amazingly fun and weird. we arrived shortly after i'd finished eating and put up a sign on a piece of property her client is selling. then we drove around a fancy pants neighborhood of custom homes where she pointed out the good and bad feng shui.

audio books, enlightenment, gnocchi and more

January 18, 2006 - 09:08 PM
today i went home from work early. i've been getting these ridiculous headaches where it feels like the right part of my brain is gonna burst out. dr says it's tension/stress headaches. i say they suck.

after i left work i headed to the post office to drop off a package. then i went to the library to pick up some books on CD that i'd ordered. eduardo gave me the da vinci code a month or so ago (i don't think i'd have bothered to read it, but on audio it was fantastic) and now i'm hooked on audio books (just finished girl with pearl earring, now i want to see the movie). i always thought i'd be a snob and a reading purist, but i've changed my mind. audio books are awesome. and they're just in time as i've mostly run out of this american life episodes.

after the 3 minutes at the libary, i went to jamba juice for some enlightened smoothie passionfruit thing. i used to think they tasted weird (they being the enlightened kind) but then i found out today that the one i got was only 150 calories. that is 300 calories less than most of the other jamba juices. so hey for 300 calories i'll deal with not nearly as nice.

afterwords i went home, decided it was too cold for jamba juice (so i put in the fridge), ate some sweet potato bisque (from trader joe's i don't recommend it, it's way way way way way too sweet) and then napped for at least 3 hours.

when i woke up i talked to randall. his company just got bought by another. he survived the regime change layoffs and now he might be going to england for a week. if so he'll leave on sunday. what?!? LUCKY. funniest part is, he'll be headed to cambridge (where i used to live). double lucky. worst part is (well besides the fact that i can't go) is that i can't even think of anything i want him to bring back for me.

after talking to randall i ate some gorgonzola gnocchi (also from trader joes and very tasty, except that i used too much oil) and watched lost. HELLO. who are these people!? that's all i'll say for those of you still behind. WHAT WHAT? how can they give away so much and yet give away nothing at all. also jack's back story bores me.

and now a total sidenote: my number one choice for dogs has been chow chow (i will name him general tsao) for so long now, but i think corgis with their stunted legs have recently won me over.

two year filters

January 10, 2006 - 04:52 PM

so today there's been some weird "bubbling" water and blue flecks coming from the water cooler in the breakroom. so they called up the maintenance people and they came in and did some mumbo jumbo magic. turns out it was just the filter that needed to be replaced. because you know, the last time it was replaced was TWO YEARS ago.

two years.
let's just add that to the reasons why not column.

um...see ya?

January 06, 2006 - 11:31 AM

so killa just resigned.
talk about crazy!

this makes 3 hi-up resignations in 3 days.
is there something we should know?

le lunchbreak

January 03, 2006 - 04:36 PM
in case you haven't noticed. today is a waste of a work day. i have very little to do right now (got a ton of stuff done this morning) and it's a bit frustrating. there are a few projects due soon, but i haven't received any specs, so i can't really do anything. and i know they're all going to arrive on my desk at the same time and i'll have to bust my butt to get them done in time. and i'll get really stressed and then have to stay late every day like i've done for the last month.

at lunch time i couldn't take the idling any longer and called juju to see if she'd had lunch. i told her that i just wanted to get out of the office for a bit (i think things are turning poison around here, it's weird feeling). so i met up at her new office which is in a victorian downtown. it was so ridiculously cute (that's it on the corner). then we went to olipom and le fun. there were some really cute dresses, but i ended up not getting anything.

leftovers a la baoafter about an hour we parted ways and i went back to work where i ate lunch. bao had brought me some leftovers the other day. it was pretty good green pepper beef. only i think the green peppers were giant green chili peppers and not regular green peppers. also the meet was a little rubbery/overcooked, but that might have just been the reheating that did that.

i washed it all down with a baby can of diet dr. pepper and then i got the hiccups. cans of diet. dr. pepper always give me hiccups it's weird. eduardo heard me and gave me his technique. you sit up perfectly straight and put two fingers behind your left ear right at the jaw line and inhale/exhale deeply. it worked for me. i'll have to remember that trick for the future.

This is not a sandwich

January 03, 2006 - 12:00 PM
Friday was a half day. Matt strolled in at around 10, he didn't know. I thought to myself how nice that would be to think you had to go in for a whole day and then surprise! you get to go home at 12. but then i don't think i'd ever forget it was a half day. i mean if you can leave work early how can you forget? i mark that on my calendar as soon as i learn!
when i got home randall and i decided to get something to eat. i felt like sandwiches, but wasn't sure where to go. randall felt like soup and also wasn't sure where to go. randall ended up suggesting selland's. i thought maybe we could go try that other fancy pants cafe market in the pavillion's shopping center, but i couldn't remember what it was called and randall had no idea what i was talking about, so we ended up at selland's.

selland's is a fancy pants cafe market wine shop eatery. i've been there a few times and for some reason i can't find it on this site when i do a search, but i swear i've mentioned it before. the first time i went was with sue. we must have looked hopeless pathetic as they let us sample a trillion things. i had the carnitas sandwich then but totally eyeballed the chicken terriyaki thighs. the next time i had a different sandwich, but again eyeballed the chicken thighs. so this time, i had the chicken thighs. and they were tasty and juicy and exactly what i thought they would be like. they came with a side of perfectly golden and tasty butternut squash and a side of mac & cheese with fontina and parmesan. i totally heart fancy pants mac & cheese. even randall said it was good which is surprising, because even though he's a food snob, he hearts hearts hearts box mac & cheese.

snopswe grabbed the only empty table inside and ended up sitting next to these people. i think she said 3 words the entire time. he seemed like a total cliche. i was trying not to eavesdrop, but it was difficult as i could hear him as soon as i walked into the place, so once we sat down it was as if he was talking at us also. he went on and on about his masters and travelling and some baptism in a small italian village in the old country. okay, so maybe he didn't use the word old country, but i felt like he should have. he seemed the type if you know what i mean.

sidenote: go figure, we learned about a new soup/sandwich place downtown AFTER we ate lunch.

Happy holidays

December 27, 2005 - 10:43 AM

we're a christmas celebrating family, so merry christmas. but if you're a non christmas family then i say happy whatever you celebrate or don't celebrate. hope you at least had a good weekend. mine was a bit much...

lego christmas tree we didn't have a real tree this year (we have no furniture and i don't know if it's the weather or what, but it never felt like christmas, so we didn't get a tree. we did, however, take out our lego christmas tree and hang it on our ornament stand. looks a little festive next to the presents, no?

on christmas eve we woke up early and headed BACK to the mall area. i couldn't believe we were going to the mall area three days in a row, the three days before christmas. but when randall went to get the glasses they asked if he wanted to schedule an eye appointment and what do you know they had one available that morning. so he took it. luckily it was early enough and there weren't a lot of people out and about. i ended up spending more money on useless things though. but i did get a fun new skirt at anthropologie and wondered why i never remember to shop there.

after the eye appt we headed back to sacramento. we took the long route thru berkeley in order to pick up bao's xmas present. i got him a blue hoodie with a totoro face on it. now he can wear/be a totoro. oh and on our way home i totally saw mr "i went to cal" (he worked with me for about 5 months) getting pulled over on the freeway. i laughed maybe a little too hard...

when we got home we hung out for a while and wrapped some presents. then i made some chocolate chunk/flake (i was cutting from a large bittersweet chocolate bar) cookies for santa. then we wrapped some more presents. after the cookies finished baking i brought some over to the rivers house. my dad was the only one there so i hung out with him a while and then headed back home.

the next morning (christmas!) randall and i got up at 5:30 in the morning. this is not my idea of a great start to christmas. we had to be there by 8am. when we were about 10 minutes away a cop pulled us over. we were only going about 5 miles over the speed limit and i felt bad for laughing at "i went to cal" and figured this was karma kicking me in the butt. only the guy just wanted to give us a warning and tell us to slow down because of the fog and the deers (i guess there was just car vs. deer accident and he didn't want to see any repeats).

when we got to randall's sister's house we sat around and chatted. then we opened presents. then we ate a breakfast feast. after the feast (homemade augratin style julienned potatoes, sausage patties, egg casserole/quiche like thing, coffee cake, mimosas, coffee, bagels, and bread) we played a round of scrabble, watched randall sister's wedding photo dvd (we made it for them, so i knew it would be watched) and then said goodbye and headed to my parent's house.

on our way there we picked up james & sena (my mom's godchildren that i think we've inherited). sena told us that she had gotten a card from santa. i asked her to read it to me and she broke my heart. in the card it said that santa had run out of money and that he would get her two presents next year. their family isn't poor, they just don't really celebrate it. both of their parents immigrated from asia and grew up not celebrating. turns out james wrote the card when he realized there wouldn't be presents.

when we got to my parent's house we were just in time for a ham and turkey feast with stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, peas, salad, bread, spinach and rice. what's a meal without rice? dinner seemed an awkward affair. we don't talk as much as we used to. and it was the first time we'd sat down as a family around the new large table.

afterwards we opened presents. james and sena got a bunch of books and the rest of us mostly got money.

later that evening randall and i stole away to walgreens and bought sena a stuffed hello kitty doll. we couldn't think of any other place that was open. then santa left it on our doorstep for her with a "i got a loan at the bank. sorry i was late" card. sorta sadsors. okay actually really sadsors to me. randall says we can "adopt" them now.

the nights before christmas

December 27, 2005 - 10:40 AM

last monday started with a halfday at work, a good phone conversation (i'll hopefully tell you more about it in the future) and then some mall shopping. the mall was frightening on monday afternoon at 3pm. i think we would have hurt someone if we went there during the weekend.

getting so fattuesday-thursday are a big work blur. i think i hate working in e-tail during the holidays. i never used to think that, but this year has been a nightmare. our numbers our up and things are going well, but the number of hours put into work are up and stress levels are up. they fed us on wednesday though. it's there way of saying thank you. it's a nice gesture, but i think i realized what's happening. they want us to get so fat we won't be able to get out of the doors. there was a full sandwich spread, cookies, salad, sodas, chips, a platter of homemade fudge and a cake.

after a week of hell at work (NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS need to be up! SELL SELL SELL!") i ended up taking friday off (we were getting a half day anyway). so on thursday night randall and i went to san jose. we arrived around 9:30 and randall asked if i wanted to go to the mall. we had a couple of stores we wanted to go to there and were planning on waking up early friday to go. the mall closed at 11, so we figured, hey let's go now, i bet it's not nearly as busy. WE WERE WRONG. there were a ton of cars there and a lot of people arriving. luckily we found parking right away, but when we went inside it was PACKED. we passed thru the food court and every seat was full.

shop til you drop when i was checking out at banana republic (randall needed another uniform shirt and i got a new black cardigan to live in for 10 bucks!) this girl fainted and hit her head crazy hard on the wooden floor. everyone surrounded her and shouts of "I KNOW CPR!" wrang out thru the store. i thought OH Dang! so do i! but then i also thought, wait, she's breathing and moving around and sort of talking, no one needs to use CPR here. they carried her over to the couch (she fainted again on the way there) and propped her up. i thought her neck looked all wrong angle on the couch and that they should position her differently. but there were too many people dealing with it already. and banana was just wanting to ring people up and get them out of their store. so we paid for the purchases and left the mall. randall found out his laptop was ready at the apple store, but he had to pick it up tomorrow. so much for not going to the mall tomorrow... oh, when we pulled out of the parking garage i saw an ambulance, the girl who fainted was inside.

mr lee'sthe next morning randall and i got up and got ready to go out (after watching a saved episode of this season's curb your enthusiasm first). we had a bunch of errands to run. first half of the day was going to be for fun and the second half was going to be errands to run. there was nothing to eat for breakfast at that house so we ended up deciding to eat out for breakfast. we were trying to figure out what we felt like when i suggested mr. lee's. lee's sandwiches (as i mentioned before) are the tastiest sandwiches and oh so cheap. randall had a grilled chicken sandwich (with no sour vegetables) and i ended up having soymilk and yotiao (a chinese pastry of fried dough. you dip it in the soymilk, but man it's greasy). sidenote: there's apparently a "curious brain protien" named after it. weird...

gamerz after breakfast randall and i headed to the tech museum downtown. there's an exhibit we've been meaning to see called "Game On." it ends on Jan. 2 so we had to go before then. pretty much it's an awesome interactive exhibit about videogames and culture. it's pretty much my idea of a great date. tons of games to play. music from games (i wish we could buy the cds, i think they would have made great christmas presents for some people). i know it had a lot of stuff in it, but really i never wanted it to end. i wish all 3 floors of the museum was dedicated to this. i heart old video games. scottel once took us to a place in portland of all vintage video games. i wanted to go back every single day. oh and for some reason i think this scene (shown in picture) is amazing. youth and video games. i heart the future.

after the museum we strolled around downtown san jose (they decorate it up for the holidays every year, but during a rainy daytime everything just looked soggy and sad), then we went to visit grant and family. we were served tea and cinnamon rolls. i remarked to randall that someday i want to be as cute as they are and happen to have cinnamon rolls or baked goods on hand in case guests arrive. right now i don't even have mugs to serve the tea in let alone the tea.

after a few hours of visiting we headed back to the mall area. there are actually two malls one is outdoors and the other is a HUGE traditional indoor mall. they're across the street from each other. randall's eye place is in the outdoor mall and he wanted to pick out new glasses before the end of the year (insurance stuffs). so we went there and he tried on a trillion pairs. he finally settled on these fancy hand lasered wood frames. they're awesome looking, but i'm a little afraid that they'll get sat upon and snap.

afterwards we hit a few of those shops and then walked across the street to the regular mall. randall had to pick up his laptop from the apple store. he had to wait at the genius bar for a while because it seemed like there was only one genius on duty. i went and bought some ridiculous junk jewelry earrings a few stores down. when we were done with that we left the mall and head back home.

once again, exhausted.

let it rain let it rain

December 18, 2005 - 08:55 PM


weekend in a nutshell.
wake up, drive to sf (in traffic), party drink bloody mary's and eat bacon in celebration of cindy's birthday. visit with friends we haven't seen in a long time. including one that had been years. stick candles in a donut. sing happy birthday. watch presents opened. drink some scotch whiskey (i only took a sip i was the driver). drive back to sac (weather starting to turn drive took way to long), pick up samshrew and my dad and head to spataro (feeling total underdressed as we didn't get a chance to go home) for my dad's birthday dinner. eat too much. go back to the rivers eat birthday cake from freeport bakery.

go home.

finish the first narnia book (had about 5 pages to go). try to start the third (already read the second). pass out before i even begin. wake up from ridiculous panic attack dream (i rocket launched off on a snowmobile and was a jillionty feet up in the air and was going to crash and die) it is pouring nasty weather, i clean up the living room discovering late bills. make a few phone calls. drive to southside is POURING POURING MY GOD WE ARE GOING TO CRASH sort of rain. pick up baby james and sena and then meet samshrew and dad at the movie theatre to see narnia. the theatre was too small and too crowded. seperated i sit next to sena and have to console her when the lion gets it. after the movie off to red robin because well "i want hometown buffet" cries of a 7 year old were appeased with that instead. eat dinner. drop the kids off. drive home. buy batteries for chirping smoke detector only to find we already have 4 of those kinds of batteries at home.

sit on the floor.


December 07, 2005 - 02:39 PM

for lunch jeff, stacey and i went to the nugget market. we were going to go visit mama kari, but we couldn't get a hold of her.

we got there and i decided to get a sandwich. i couldn't decide if i wanted one of their pre-determined panini options, or if i wanted to make my own. in the end i made my own. i had a half baguette (perfect softness on the inside, crunchy on the out) with cranberry, turkey, tomatoes, lettuce, swiss cheese and mustard. then i had them press it so it would be slightly warm. taste taste taste. the sensation is the blend of the cranberry and slightly warmed swiss.

no one really wanted to go back to work, so we sat down to eat our sandwiches. we were only there for about a minute when my morm called. she needed help printing a file from one computer on the other computer's printer. the printers aren't networked, but the computers are, so i had to walk her thru opening a file from one machine on the other. she kept closing the windows and not reading things out loud. that's what she does and then she gets frustrated when you can't find it for her. i swear if anyone needs a video phone it's her. then she could hold it to the screen so i could see what she's looking at.

it took 15 minutes. jeff said it was like watching a cross between a helpdesk & law&order. i'm not really sure how it was law&order like. maybe i sounded like i was interrogating her. WHAT DOES IT SAY? what does it say? JUST READ IT TO ME. i guess...

sidenote: during my call jeff went and bought a brownie from the dessert counter. then he kindly split it with stacey and i. it was a brownie layer with some sort of toasted coconut/chocochip layer on top. i asked him what kind it was and he said (no joke here) that it's called a "magic brownie". honestly. that's it's name.

potter party

November 18, 2005 - 08:45 AM
59m.jpg last night randall, juju, wes, juju's niece and i went to a midnight showing of harry potter. the theater was packed (there were actually three screens of it, and they were all packed). in order to get good seats we arrived around 10:45. then we had to sit and wait. we were going to play cards (thinking we would be in a line), but it was too difficult to do so while seated. i started to knit a scarf, but somehow missed a big hole at the beginning, so i frogged it and started over. it was just waiting waiting waiting.

but at midnight the movie started. randall made me switch seats with him, the people on his left were the easily excited mildly chatty type. after we switched they were quiet though.

the new movie is pretty good. it's been a long time since i've read book 4 (not to mention my memory is so poor) that lots of part were a surprise. and i didn't get to notice (like juju) what had been left out. i still think i like movie 3 the best. it had the best overall feel and aesthetic. but this new one is definitely the most epic feeling of them all (even if some parts feel truncated due to the fact that the book is a bajillionty pages long)...but it's probably the most "entertaining" and i can see where it's going to be a lot of people's favorite. also it's really dark, these kids are starting to get old and totally earns that pg-13 rating.

oh and jarvis pulp is in it for about 2 seconds and that was wah! to me.

ps: juju brought mint & orange cream kit kat to the party. the mint is yum yum yum yum yum. now if it was only Dark choco mint...

new bossman

November 16, 2005 - 10:44 AM

yesterday was the new bossman's (the kertell replacement) first day. they brought us pizza and had everyone come stand around the pizza table to meet him. so far i get a good impression. his voice sort of reminds me of vincent price though. in that weird softspoken but i bet he could get real spooky sounding. he doesn't creep me out though and seems like he might be a good fit. i guess only time will tell. but hey free pizza lunch.


morm and the farmhouse

November 09, 2005 - 10:15 PM
farmhousesmall.jpg Tonite I went over to morm's house to help her with some photo stuff. i got her a camera last xmas and she's still learning how to use it. i think she's got the camera down, but now we've got to work on going from camera to computer to printer/internet. it's not going to be an easy task.

while there she was telling me how she couldn't believe i went to school for photography and yet none of my pictures are as amazing as hers. for example, had i seen her pictures of the house on farmhouse ct? i would be so lucky to get a picture this amazing. apparently this gigantic tree fell down on mother's day and blocked the whole house in. luckily no one got hurt.

"eh, can you picture yourself in that tree? five years ago they chopped the left hand side down because it was on the roof. then it started to lean and it was going to cost $1200 to remove it, but the owner said, 'why kill the tree, it's still alive and takes forever to grow.' then the tree just wouldn't take it anymore and BOOM! it's on the ground! and it still cost $1200 to move the tree even though it was already on the ground....oh good for jose. easy job." (jose is her gardener friend)

she also says that when she was a kid in typhoon season, all the village kids would climb the fallen trees. she couldn't believe there weren't any kids in that tree yet...but they didn't fail her, when she showed up to meet jose the tree was littered with children and she had to chase them all away because "this is AMERICA and you are going to get sued."

blingo was his name-o

November 08, 2005 - 08:38 AM

last nite samshrew called me around midnight.
i was like, what? who is calling at midnight? it is total beyond the cutoff time. but samshrew just wanted to share the fact that she TOTAL WON BLINGO! she actually won the "portable dvd player" for herself and one for me too. which both of us are trading in for the 175 buck visa card.

so see people do win this junk!!

so if you haven't joined blingo yet, please do so and be my blingo friend.
blingo is a search engine that uses google's backend, so your results are the same (there are a few more ads, but they're all text).

i can't say you'll win for sure, but so far i've gotten 3 free movie tickets and now 175 bucks.

and who doesn't like free stuff?

so be my blingo pal. if you win i win.
use this link to join:

until the end of the world

November 07, 2005 - 10:23 PM
uteotw.jpgjust a little whine about how i really want to see this movie again. has anyone else seen it? i believe it came out in 1991. i remember thinking i loved it, but i've only seen it once or twice and my memory is horrible. i just know i want one of those devices to record my anyrate it's nearly impossible to see. there's been no official dvd release and the vhs is out of print (but who has vhs anymore anyway?) i hear there's an italian dvd release that is 3 discs and 4+ hours long. but the non-english parts have no english. why won't they release that here? i don't want to pay some dude on ebay 50 bucks for the italian one.

have you seen it? what are your thoughts of it?

happy baby party

November 06, 2005 - 10:09 PM

just got back from casablanca. it's a moroccan restaurant on fair oaks. kari was having her baby shower there. the babydaddy is moroccan, so she thought it would be appropro for a co-ed moroccan food party there, and it was an amazing time.

the food. so taste. a little spicy, a little sweet, a lot of flavor. the honey chicken kabob was seriously amazing and there was also this date/fig/powdered sugar/filo dough pastry thing that was amaze.

i've never been to moroccan food before and i want to know why no one has taken me!! you eat with your hands! i got to be a pig in public! picking at everything with my fingers. man the food was so taste.

pretty much all of it was amaze. and the owner and the "conehead" waiter (as he called himself, due to his traditional hat) were so cute i thought i was going to pop. they danced and sang and joked and ate cake with us (kari's husband - yep, they were married on the sly - is friends with them so kari was treated like royalty).

when you walk into the place it's like one large room, decorated with dim lights and lots of fabric. sort of like you walked into a tent. there are seats all around the perimeter of the room and small round tables up against those. these are surrounded by huge plush cushions to sit on. right before you start eating they bring the water to pour over your hands and a towel for you to dry and use for the rest of the night. then they bring out the food and you dig in! there was also a belly dancer and loud music. and it was really just an amazing baby shower. i had such a fun time. and i totally loved the place.

i think randall would heart this place too, so we should go sometime. any meat eaters want to join us? vegheads are welcome too, but really do you want to watch me devour a whole small chicken with my bare hands? yah. i didn't think so.

Emergency room fiasco

October 25, 2005 - 12:05 PM
yesterday around 4:30 i got a disturbing call from my dad. he wanted to know if i'd talked to my morm today. i asked him no and then asked why. he said that he had just talked to her 20 minutes ago, and that she thought she'd had a mild stroke, went to get an mri and was driving back to her doctor's office even though the doctor told her not to drive.

so he was panicking because he went to meet her at the drs' office (even though she said, "aiya. it's a nuthing. i see you later.") and her car wasn't there. and last he heard she was just "getting off the freeway." so he checked all the freeway exits near her drs' office and nothing. and now she wasn't answering her phone. so yes, had i heard from her and what should we do?

so naturally i panicked too.

then we got smart and i called her drs' office. they'd said that she'd been in that morning for an appt. and some tests but that she hadn't been back there. so that was also worrisome. what in the world was going on and where was my morm?

i left work immediately. my dad sounded a wreck. i didn't really know what to do, but i figured i could go figure it out with him. so i got in the car and i drove towards her dr's office and my dad drove towards their house to see if maybe she just hadn't gone home (she's stubborn). we also joked that knowing my morm she was probably at the asian grocery store near the drs' office.

when i got about 2/3 the way to their house, my morm finally picked up her phone. she was at the ER back downtown. i told her that we were worried about her and she said, "aiya. no one needs to worry." and i told her it was my job to worry and that i was coming down to the ER. then she told me not to bother because she was ah-oh-kay.

so i got off the freeway and turned the car around (also now is a good time to add that i am driving on a nearly flat tire with a nail stuck thru it, i was going to go get new tires after work today, the mini has no spare). i got to the er and found her sitting in the waiting room. she looked a little broken. mostly tired. but her face muscles didn't look off or anything and she was talking and was normal.

i asked her to explain what happened and why she didn't answer her phone and what was she doing at the ER when dad said she was going to her regular doctor?

long story: she didn't feel good, made an appt, went to the dr, dr was afraid it was mild stroke and sent her to er (told her not to drive and not to leave dr's office until she had a ride, but my mom apparently just bounced as soon as the dr. left the room and then drove herself to the er because she is STUBBORN), at the er they misinterpreted the dr's note - thought dr wanted an mri, went to get mri, waited, got some help from a friend she ran into, got the mri, waited somewhere, test results back, they sent her to go back to the dr with the results, she drove to dr's office, talked to my dad (this is where we lost her), dr called her back and said WTF? why are you driving and WTF? who authorized an mri? and WTF? why didn't you go to the emergency room? WTF?! why are you driving?? go back to the emergency room!! so she went back to the emergency room and they ask you to turn your cellphone off, so she did. and that is why we could not get a hold of her.

at the emergency room we waited and waited and waited and waited.
she wanted to leave ("eh! i don't even hurt anymore. i wanna go home."), but i wouldn't let her.

turns out in the end it was no big deal.
mri came out super clean. her brain is healthy despite her ridiculousness. they say she better get a better pillow and see a physical therapist. they think it's some huge knotted neckmuscle that could be pinching a nerve.

afterwards she told me "eh, you know, you gonna usea this story in a movie someday, okay?"


wasted hangover day

October 23, 2005 - 10:22 PM

i'll have to post about the reunion later.
it was more fun than i thought it would be, probably because i consumed more alcohol last night than ever before. and then i don't remember several hours between when randall so sweetly agreed to drive a lot of drunk people home and when i got into bed. like seriously don't remember. i've never honestly blackedout before. scary.

then i totally paid for it all day. hanging out with my new pal the toilet. i was sick all day long. a realtor wanted to show our house between 2:30-3:30. i thought i'd be okay by then so said sure. at 2:30 i was mostly okay, so we just went to the cafe to read the paper while we waited for them to show the house. i figured iced tea would be okay to order. and well i couldn't keep that down either.

now i leave you with that mental liquid projectile image.
as i am exhausted and am off to bed.

Lychee Recap

September 13, 2005 - 10:07 AM
Yes yes yes. i know. i've been neglecting the site for a while.

right now i'm eating lychees. i used to hate them. now i heart them. they make me feel nostalgic and remind me of taiwan. i got these at trader joe's and they're imported from taiwan. although what i really want is fresh longyen (Dragon eyes).

anyway, here's a list of 20 things i did this past week.

1- Went to knitting last Sunday. I am crocheting a bag made of curling ribbon. Similar to the last one, only this one is going to be green and hopefully much bigger than the last.

2- Went to see the constant gardener on Monday (Labor Day), it was good but not amazing. i'll give it a solid B rating.

3- Watched bao and samshrew eat burrito pillows (giant burritos) for lunch. it's the first time in a while where the 3 of us had lunch or hung out just the 3 of us. we're like such a bad movie.

4- Helped bao pack up his stuff for his journey back to UCLA. i went to the rivers house for dinner and still don't understand how i got suckered into helping him fold every article of clothing he owns.

5- went to the farmer's market again. i'm going to be sad when it's over at the end of this month. i ended up buying lots of cute and colorful and tasty cherry tomatoes.

6- We signed up for netflix a few weeks ago (i want them to give me a job too) and so we've watched more movies in the last 3 weeks than we have all year.

7- i fell in love with "australian style" yogurt. i got wallaby brand yogurt at whole foods it was so amazingly close to drinkable. it's similar to the trader joe's organic lowfat yogurt (with the cute cow on it).

8- went shopping with juju on thursday. spent more money than i meant to, but at least i got to check the item "jeans" off the list (i've ripped the last two in really awkward, don't understand how that ripped, how do jeans rip there?!? kind of way)

9- i finally fixed my bike tire after 8 months of trying. rode around the block. the next day the tube was flat. flat. flat. and there's a hole in the actual tire.

10- went for a walk with randall, we played on the swings and then met wes, juju and tuttle for a taste of thai. randall and i split the special dish of the day "curry on the beach" it was a shrimp red curry inside of a coconut shell with lots of huge coconut hunks in it. the coconut meat was stranger than i thought it would be. sorta mushy, sorta slimy. i couldn't decide if i liked it or not.

11- made two homemade soups. one was a beef pho and the other was a squash. the beef pho was too salty (the beef broth used was too salty, i know i should make my own for pho, but really that takes too long). the squash soup was too squashy. i imagined it to be more chowdery like, but really it was just tiny morsels of summer squash and farfalle noodles hanging out in chicken broth.

12- went and drooled over the new apple nano. i wants it. i don't know why i didn't buy it. i think if the line at the apple store had been shorter it would have been mine. or not. i'm cheap.

13- drove around and went shopping for new uniforms for randall. his "uniform" btw, is mostly just clearance clothes from banana republic. i don't even think he shops anywhere else. and that's not a snob thing, that's a laziness thing. he knows the clothes there fit a certain way so he goes in and goes yah i'll get these. i make him try things on though (i'm the one with the br card, so i end up buying, so i get the yay/nay vote) and i think it irritates him. everytime we go i get nothing he walks away with more uniforms. also they are smart with their marketing, everytime i spend money they send a gift card, so i have to go back and spend more money. i hate them.

14- randall bought paper mario 2. now we waste even more time.

15- i still didn't put the photo book for my grandmother together. i am the worst granddaughter.

16- went to dairy queen to get a blizzard. ever since we saw batman i've been craving it, but it's always closed. we happened to be driving buy so we went and got one. then we came home and walked around the block as to not feel so guilty. i had the limited "turtle pecan" flavor. don't order it. the pecans are too salty. yuck.

17- drank the grape juice we made. it was thicker than i anticipated. more like nectar. i bet i could have cut it with water to make it more like the store bought "juice"

18- i got an email from steve almond. that made my week. read his book candyfreak.

19- talked to niki about a drink she invented. we can't remember the name of it. no one can. it's sad. it has ginger and lime and vodka. wanna name it?

20- went to fry's with my dad to help him get a new video card. then we dragged him to the taqueria where he bought us tacos.

21- like i said earlier. now i'm eating lychees. tasty tasty tasty.

five times as much

August 31, 2005 - 10:25 PM

work changed health providers recently. we had a choice between two, i changed and now i really really really really wish i didn't. i went to pick up my prescription for the first time today. with old plan it was a ten dollar co-pay. this new "BETTER" plan it was 51.38.

i don't even want to take these stupid things. now i have to pay 50 dollars a month??? 5 times as much?!?


life is too short for sadness

August 02, 2005 - 10:31 AM

this morning the bossman's boss called all the managers into an office, they chatted, then solemn faces came out and rounded up all the staff. with all the whatsits and rumors going on we all had to wonder what hushed voices and solemn faces had to say. is the place closing down? are we all fired? are we getting new bosses? what is this unprecedented (they never shut the phones down) round up for?

a few minutes later we found it. it was nothing like that. nothing so trivial. instead we received tragic news about co-worker casey (who is one of the sweetest hands down nicest guys i've ever met, even if he always seemed to have a hidden sad streak).

his wife passed away yesterday. no details were told out of respect. but it's really sad, they're really young. i'm pretty sure they're early 30s. and they've got a 4 year old (at least i think that's how old, could be younger). also i'm pretty sure she was a stay at home mom, i hope he has a big enough support group to pull thru. he always seems like the kind of guy that given the wrong kind of news could topple into a downward spiral of depression and drinking.

i hope i'm wrong.

after we were given the news (which i thought was really nice and on the up & up for bossman's boss to deliver the news the way he did, along with counseling #s if needed), four kinds of people walked out of the room. you were either so sad and teary eyed, unaffected because you didn't really know them, shellshocked but life goes on, or like me - shellshocked but sad enough to not want to go on with work, but not so sad that i'm bursting in tears. i'm more of the i have kleenex here take some, and have this hug too, you need it.

but, no matter which camp you were in, you have to admit, it sort of makes work look pointless.

bye bye bossman

July 25, 2005 - 11:58 AM

woah. found out why bossman hasn't said anything about my moving away. looks like he's moving away. all the way to michigan, to work for the competition.


ugh - bell

July 20, 2005 - 09:43 AM

so we've had these bagels for probably over two weeks. they're kept in the fridge and they're still fine. however, i just ate a jalapeno one with cream cheese and tomatoes.

and i'm pretty sure i should have stuck with my gut desire to peel the jalapeno's off of the bagel and throw them down the garbage disposal. but i didn't, i plucked it off and ate them instead.

now i want to vomit everywhere.

pros and cons

July 08, 2005 - 04:50 PM

a little while ago jeff asked me how depressing it would it be to actually make a list of pros and cons about the job. i said it would probably be depressing to see all those cons. he asked if it would be more or less depressing than old & fat new order. i said it would be more depressing because hey, at least fat new order looks like they're still having fun. and work, well it's not fun anymore.

Now i am going to make the list of pros and cons.
I will be updating this as I think of others.

  1. relaxed schedule (i can stroll in whenever/leave whenever)
  2. relaxed Environment (i can wear whatever i want to)
  3. don't have to prove myself (been here long enough, already proven it)
  4. no one watches over my shoulder
  5. my team members/the people
  6. not being the new girl
  7. the employee discount (especially on books)
  8. the in office shows (hey not my favorite bands or even bands i like, but it's a neat perk most people don't have)
  9. the free CDs/DVDs - even better if it's actually something i like
  10. the industry
  11. the free tickets

  1. the pay (i make about 60% of the "average" salary in my field)
  2. the work load (I do enough work for about 2.5 people)
  3. no other designers to bounce ideas off of
  4. i don't care about the stuff I make anymore - don't find it challenging
  5. relaxed environment (it's a plus yes, but also, I feel you've reached some sort of low when flip-flops to work is a-okay!)
  6. the wishy-washy Do this today, did i say that i meant this way the tasks have been assigned lately
  7. meetings for hours and hours talking in circles contradicting the last meeting
  8. the timelines (work that should take several days is expected in several hours, it would be okay ocassionally, but the "just this once" happens at least once a week)
  9. busting my ass and staying late to meet my deadlines only to have things sit for weeks or months because everyone else is too busy
  10. throwing out all prior strategy just because of someone's daily whim
  11. the antiquated equipment (we apparently have "no budget" for a new computer (i am using one that is 5 years old and just plugs along somehow) however we'll drop 800 bucks on equipment for flavor of the month projects and also a customer care center supervisor gets a total sweet flat screen monitor that i can read text on from forever away --jeff says it's about 90 feet-- and i have a 7 year old monitor with several dead pixels and a line burned across it)
  12. the inability to grow as a worker - i've hit my glass ceiling
  13. the repetitiveness of the tasks. i used to have to think, but lately no more thinking required.

i know, i sound bitter. i don't mean to. but they've broken me. i used to be the give 6000% employee. now i only feel like giving 60. the saddest part is i don't care and that's not like me. i'm usually really passionate about what i do. i want to make it the best thing possible. i want to question how the customer looks at the page, how the customer thinks, what approach they'll take. i want to make things that are up to par and have a lot of thought behind them. now i just want to make things to shut the rest of the department up. that's not healthy for me and it's really not fair for them.

we are the champions

July 07, 2005 - 11:53 AM

so i had planned on waking up and writing about 1) how suprisingly not tired i am, 2) how i'm glad i stuck around for nachos because it helped with 3)feeling sorry for myself due to the upcoming move and social awkwardness i've been experiencing/feeling lately.

however, i woke up this morning and npr was playing an orchestrated version of queen's we are the champions. right then i knew something was weird. i decided to not hit snooze and let the song play. when it ended they went into the news about london.

now my moving sadness seems so petty.

Illegal sparklers and 27 years

July 06, 2005 - 09:59 AM
yesterday was katy's birthday. i text messaged her early in the day to say happy birthday. she wrote back saying that she was going to go to dinner with camille. i told her to give me a holler if she had room for dessert or booty shakin' later. she told me to just come along to dinner.
so around 8 camille, katy and i went to ernesto's for a birthday celebration. i had the carnitas enchilada and carnitas taco plate. the carnitas there are so tasty. i ate the whole thing. little piggy my clothes didn't want to fit afterwards.

there seemed to be a lot of birthdays going on at ernesto's. lots of singing and hoopla. camille asked katy if she wanted the hoopla. katy, blushed and childlike smiled a yes. so there was singing and birthday flan (which camille did not like the top of and can i just say the top was the best part? all the juices and cinnamon all soaked in). stuck into the birthday flan was a sparkler.

HELLO THIS IS THE ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA BANNED SEVERAL YEARS AGO SPARKLER. total contraband. which is too bad, these are the good kinds that really sparkle.

afterwards we headed over to suresh's house to say hello to the frenchmen, alice and suresh. but the frenchmen were gone so we chatted with alice and suresh for a while. we tried to convince them to go to lipstick but alice was too sleepy. suresh, however joined us for a while. i don't know him so well, but he seems like a really nice guy (sidenote: he went to ucsc too. only we didn't know each other then).

lipstick was sort of a bust. it was really dead when we got there at 10:30. we left around 12 and it still wasn't that full. also i wasn't enjoying the music and especially not enjoying the segues. i dunno. is it over?

oh funny, where is my brain anecdote. at one point suresh said he was turning 29. i said, "oh like me." chorus of "you're 29?" me: "wait, no, i'm lying. i'm not 29. i have no idea why i said that. wait i'm 28. no wait...i dunno how old i am. this is quite embarrassing..." we had to do the math. katy was born the same year as me, she just turned 27. apparently i also turned 27 this year.

how did i not know that?

a little word about cleaning

July 01, 2005 - 11:31 AM

okay, so we're moving.

i've been purposely not talking about it because i think i'm truly upset about it. sometimes excited. sometimes uncertain. a little frustrated. a tiny bit nervous. a tiny bit thrilled. sometimes strangely happy. but always lots of knots in my tummy when i have to think about it. it would make it a smidgen easier if i didn't like it here so much. and it would make it a LOT easier if the fruit would come a'calling.

so we're putting our house on the market today.
if you'd like to buy a 4 bedroom/3.5 bath in loverly Natomas (North Sacramento) just send me an email okay. it's pricey (as all real estate in the area has become). somewhere between 450 and 485. not exactly sure yet...but hey, BONUS! you could live in MY house.

anyways, so the last three nights i've been getting it ready - cleaning and scrubbing total thorough. on hands and knees - baseboards, floors, closets, cupboards, sinks, tubs etc. etc. i even gave away 4 giant bags of clothes and stuffs. and it's been exhausting. and i've mostly been doing it by myself.

last night i tackled the kitchen. it took forever to get the floor to sparkle. i think i wait too long between scrubs.

randall came home around 9:30. we were going to go to q-cup for q-pop chicken and ice cream crepes, but i didn't get around to calling juju and there was a miscommunicate. so that made me sad and i decided i didn't want to get dressed to go across town so they could watch us eat. because it seemed stupid. also i was filth from hands/knees scrubbing. and slightly grumpy from cleaning. and sick and tired of inhaling bleach for the third day straight.

so randall made us dinner. i was really hesitant. he's known in these parts as "the messy chef" and i had just gotten my kitchen to SPARKLE. so i kind of didn't want him to use it. but i also didn't want to go anywhere. and i didn't know what i wanted him to bring home. he tried panda express since it would be fast, but they had just closed.

so he made us pasta. and i stressed how i needed the kitchen to stay clean. while he was serving it out, he dropped a red-sauce-covered-spaghetti noodle on the sparkly lemon fresh floor. he didn't even have a chance to realize he dropped it let alone a chance to clean it before i freaked and went "GAAAH! i told you we have to keep the house clean!!!" and demanded he clean it that second.

after he picked it up he looked at me and mostly nice & calm like said, "i know, but you're going to have to calm down about this keep the house clean thing. we still have to live here."

i just looked at him and burst into tears.

Ditt-ill-y bop

June 29, 2005 - 11:40 AM
The ditty bops stopped by our office this morning. They played us a few songs off their album and one that's new. I want to love this band. They are so ridiculously cute. You should check out their video. it's pretty freaking cute.

however, the whole thing is a bit too prairie home companion (i think jeff said that first, but i was total thinking it earlier) for me. johnny says that's because i like my music brooding and insistent. like a suicidal busdriver who keeps on going. a suicidal busdriver in a sharp suit and good tie. i'm not sure what to think about that.

scottel however, endorses the eyecandy factor of the dittybops. so if you like cute girls singing twee-twang songs while dressed in funny costumes while a crazy old guy plays a lapsteel guitar, you should check them out.

sidenote: the guy in front of me in the conference room. i swear his name is adam frost. we went to elementary school together. high school too (i think). i guess he works here now? i've seen him twice now. both times i didn't say hello.

i mean, what if it's not him?
and if it is, i haven't talked to him in 10 years plus.
and it's not like we were friends. so what's the point?

spinnaker - weird dream

June 28, 2005 - 03:57 PM

last night i had this weird dream.
i got a new job (i think it was at apple) and was starting my first day. i approached the campus (which from the outside looked like the infi-loop campus) and entered the courtyard where everything turned all weird harry potter 3 (the movie) looking. strange colors and all gothicy buildings instead of industrial technology campus. i had a folder in my hand that had all these papers i had to fill out (or get my new boss to fill out or something). i wasn't an official employee yet, the paperwork wasn't done.

i walked up this corridor and towards the largest building in the back left corner on the top floor (all the doors faced out of the building, like a motel) (this was so hp3 looking, and i realize it makes no sense to describe) and entered this completely cluttered from floor to ceiling room.


June 28, 2005 - 01:34 PM
olipom.jpg today carolyn and i decided to go grab lunch. we wanted to talk shit about work so we decided to avoid any regular lunch places where we might encounter co-workers. so we went downtown to chipotle. she used the cindy bring your hands to your face technique and decided it was definitely hands not untensils. she thought perhaps it was a sandwich but no, it was a burrito. i had the carnitas burrito and then wished i got the shredded steak. the carnitas is pretty flavorless there.

afterwards we went across the street to oli-pom. i'm looking for a new purse or a new something fun, but i didn't see anything that caught my eye. there were lots of cute things, but nothing that went YES. TAKE ME HOME. there were some cute clothes there too, but i felt too full and gross to even try on anything.

sidenote: carolyn is amazing and needs a new job in a new town. she's a print production manager and is total dedicated (hello people she had the big C and still came to work everyday). got a position for her?

My boyfriend's practice

June 20, 2005 - 09:38 PM
On thursday my dad called to tell me that his lens fell (again). He just had surgery on his eye and it looked like he was going to have another one.

since he couldn't drive anywhere i offered to come over and make him some dinner (morm and samshrew were headed to LA to pick up bao, so they were out). so after work i headed to the store and picked up stuff for a large salad and also some bbq porkins. we talked for a while and ate a big salad, i couldn't stay too long though, i had to go to girl band.

hey now now

June 15, 2005 - 11:35 AM
guess who? oh shit.

bridget just sent me a link to the video for hey now now by the cloud room.

so i start it up. not noticing the link. info she just said "lookie lookie!" so i clicked.

video begins.
i listen. i watch. i like.
a lot.
i'm thinking, who is this? this is FANTASTIC.
i'm about to IM her to find out who it is when the ending happens
and the band comes on screen
and i say

is that...? no way.

is that "mr. j" (as he's called these days)?

holy shit. it is.

that guy singing (which i'm honestly about to say is the best song i've heard all year long) is someone i went to college with?!?!

wow. at least someone is doing something with their life.

my turn.

weddings and weekends

June 14, 2005 - 08:14 AM

this weekend was busy-bee.
so busy-bee that on sunday randall couldn't even remember what we did on saturday night. i reminded him, "um, your sister's wedding."

"oh yah."

that's right, his baby sister beat him to the wedding punch. for the record we were engaged first, but once she got engaged she called to tell us and to ask "so have you guys set a date yet?" that's when we told her, "just plan yours we're never going to get a plan together."

so she did.

the machinist

June 10, 2005 - 04:00 PM
machinist.jpg today is the slowest day ever. i swear to you, the clocks are going backwards. just like they did in that one scene in the machinist. back and forth and back and forth. we watched that movie last night. it was pretty good. definitely worth seeing. also christian bale, my god he lost 65 pounds for the role. he is holocaust crazy skinny. but i won't say much else about it. wouldn't want to give anything away.

anyways, it has been in the 3o'clock hour for over 105 minutes. i know, because i've been counting them.

at lunch the art dept. went to the spaghetti factory for michelle's birthday. i know i should've gone (especially now that the day is DRAGGING), but i just wasn't feeling up to. besides, i hate paying for the spaghetti factory. i just don't see the point. so i stayed in the office and had lunch at my desk. depressing, yes, but i figure this way i can leave just a little bit earlier and not feel guilty.

at around 3 (which was at least 4 hours ago), heather asked if i wanted to go for a walk. i'm wearing the worst shoes for walking (tiny heeled sandals) but i said sure, why not. at least i'll get out of the office for a little while.

the moment i stepped outside i regretted having said yes. it was hot, muggy and the shoes were not meant for walking. i only wear them to work so that i can kick them off under my desk. they're not really good for much of anything.

oh, well wouldn't you know, it's finally 4pm.
maybe now time will resume back to normal.

quitters never get free cookies

June 09, 2005 - 02:41 PM

here's a few more ways in which my job is cooler than yours.
(it's also the reason why my belly is larger than yours).

this morning kari brought in donuts. i had two.
a sugar cinnamon & a regular with chocolate glaze.

went to a meeting across the street where i walked in thru the junk room instead of going all the way around. scored myself a ridiculous 3 foot tall U2 saleboard thing. (i know, you don't think u2 is that cool, so just pretend it's some band you get nostalgic yeah! for, that's who i found in the junk room and took back to my desk).

went back across the street for a meeting with warner bros. they showed us the super secret (even no one at mtv has seen it yet) video for the next green day single. we also got to see some other videos while we ate (including one for some guy named darrin powder or something like that, i don't remember his name, his song was mediocre, but the video was cute and had some chick from the OC in it). for lunch they brought us in the tiny bottles of soda and water, deli wraps and mini crossaint sandwiches and cookies and chips. oh and fruit. i ate 4 pieces of the pineapple. i should have eaten more of that instead of an extra cookie. it was really tasty pineapple.

oh and during the meeting one guy from warner kept joking about the size of the online group (there were 4 of us there, sadly that is all of us). he kept saying there were too many. the thing is, all the budget cost-cutting guys were in there, so what if they were thinking, hhrrrrmm...maybe this random dude is right? maybe we have too many online people? which is ridiculous because we are about 6 people short of running at a full steam.

so at 2pm the four of us left.
okay, so we had another meeting, but still, i think it was kinda funny. we walked back over to our building where harmonia mundi was waiting for us. he brought us ice cream bars. when kari wrote him last week (when it was hot and not raining) she jokingly told him to bring ice cream. so he did. so i sat in the freezing conference room, listened to some world village music and ate ice cream. now i definitely need to go to the gym...

and now, now i get to sit here and listen to the rest of the american life internet show, slap some logos on some graphics, push some more pixels around and then call it a day.

sounds pretty good huh?

but i do need to point out, today is not a typical work day.
however if put all cynicism aside, it's a pretty decent place to work.

so now tell me,
why do i want to quit?
why do i want to walk into my boss's office and say
"Okay. enough. you win.

i quit."

8 years later

June 09, 2005 - 11:15 AM

so i'm at work right now (kari brought in donuts by the way, i had a cinnamon sugar thing).

lately, to make the time go by faster, i listen to this american life (it's sad, i think i'm going to run out of episodes soon). sometimes an hour episode takes a few hours to listen to (i always have to rewind because i realize i haven't been paying attention, or i get interrupted with work related stuffs). so it really helps make the day go by. and yes i've advocated it many times --- i do heart it so --- check it out if you haven't yet.

at anyrate i stumbled across an old episode from 1997. it's called tales from the net.

internet tales from 1997 ( anyone?). god how naive we all were. it's interesting to listen to an era where only a small cross section of america had access and how we thought it was this great revolutionary thing --- oooh here's this internet coming to bring us all together! and do you remember when we we read our email? "oh looky i've got mail!"

well, i remember and it's making me feel crazy nostalgic. also like i somehow missed the boat (which i did due to my own laziness and naiveity).

so now, i ask you, what is next?
in an age where our attentionspans cannot handle the 3 minute interval needed to wait for the next jennycam update, what do we do?

3pm ponderings

June 08, 2005 - 03:17 PM

okay it's no lie.
i haven't been able to focus at work lately.
i'm getting all my work done
(frantically and right before the deadline)
but i can't keep my brain focused on work.

working with some graphics right now and it's making my brain stumble across these two perplexing questions.

renee & katie question 1:
does anyone else think that opera diva renee fleming looks way too much like nbc diva katie couric? anyone? come on, i can't be the only one to notice. they have that same smiley smile too nice to be true face. and i imagine them both to be really sweet in public, but behind closed doors i imagine them both to scream because their water is 71 degrees instead of 70.

question 2:
why on earth does billy corgan insist on putting his own face on his new album cover? it totally creeps me out. in fact, don't even look over to the right. it's too scary.
billy corgan

however, now that we've mentioned billy corgan, samshrew is pretty excited about his new album (who knew she even listened to music??) so i checked out a few tracks. sounds suprisingly promising. or as jeff put it "like depeche mode with an annoying singer." there's a track on his myspace page right now so you can judge for yourself.

lunchtime tolcher

June 08, 2005 - 01:32 PM
michael tolcher today at 12:30 i headed over to the main building. michael tolcher was playing our conference room. it's not really the sound i'm in to, and to be honest, i was there for the free lunch.

i know i shouldn't be so snotty. not everyone gets live music in their conference room. (nickel creek was here last week. i tried to post about it, but broken phone...)

but it's always just so awkward. we walk over to the conference room, the band is usually in the lobby waiting. i never know whether or not to make eye contact, or say anything. i know i should just say hi. it's their job to play music for us, they probably get bored travelling around playing conference room after conference room and maybe it's neat to talk to different people (i think i would find that part fascinating). but i don't know them, so why would i say hi? and i'm not a fan (i'm just here for the food) so i would feel guilty saying hi. and if i was a fan, then i would probably feel too lame to say hi.

so i just say nothing and walk into the room. grab my food. sit down. and then pretend to enjoy the show.

he wasn't so bad.
but jeff put it best, "um, did that seem like acoustic jesus rock without the jesus?"
and i would have to agree.
sweet and nice sounding, but it just rubs you the wrong way and makes you feel like, god am i such an awful person that i can't get behind this sound? like at all?

also, it's funny-bittersweet, i think there was once a time in my life where i would have said hi regardless of whether i knew them, or if i was a fan or not. just you're a person, i'm a talker. hello hello. let's make friends.

but i've noticed this trend lately:

i've either become shy or snobby.

i can't tell the difference anymore.

taqueria garita

June 07, 2005 - 01:22 PM
taqueriagarita.jpg carolyn called me around 10:30 to see if i wanted to get lunch later today. i told her that i had an 11 that would probably run until 12:30 and then a 1o'clock afterwards. she told me to call her when i got out of my 11 to see if i would have time anyway. she thought perhaps we could have a quick lunch at potbelly.
i told her sure, why not, i'd give her a call. she sounded a bit frantic, like she had something important to say. turns out she just needed to get out of the office for a little while. a little venting is always good.

at 12:30 i got out of my meeting and discovered that the 1o'clock had been cancelled. so i called up carolyn and told her i would drive. we stopped at the gas station and then decided to try some place new.

yesterday, when driving to the rivers house to swap cars, i saw a taqueria i hadn't noticed before. so we went there. super taqueria garita.

it was better than the other taqueria we went to in west sac, but it wasn't super.

i had the carnitas quesadilla and a guava jarittos (they get bonus points for having that flavor on hand). and sad me didn't notice the salsa bar until we were leaving. that would have probably helped some.

i don't know if it would have made it super, but it would have made it spicier. the carnitas were a bit bland, more like cooked pork, not cooked pork in tasty flavor.


June 06, 2005 - 11:34 PM
stella.jpgwe ended up going to the gym a little before 10. when we got there we ran into katy in the parking lot, she was just arriving too. we worked out for about an hour and then came home. i can't believe how crowded it felt at 10pm. i guess it's because it's monday and people feel fat and lazy and need to work out after lazying/drinking/eating all weekend.

when we got home i remembered that i got a promo copy of stella (the new show on comedy central). I AM IN LOVE. that is, if you can love a tv show. i've been looking forward to it ever since i heard it was going to be put on the tv (i'd been trying to see it live, but failed miserably). this is by far one of the best things i've seen in quite some time, if not ever. it starts in a few weeks, be sure to look out for it (on comedy central).

sidenote: if you order something from this weekend (or go to a tower store), you can get the first episode for free too (catch is, you have to buy something).

lazy pigs

June 06, 2005 - 09:15 PM

it's 9:30 right now and we've broken the plan.
the plan was this:
step 1: come home from work
step 2: make dinner
(a lime sauce chicken which came out too sweet, almost like a jam coating instead of a crunchy lime/brownsugar tastiness- yuck)
step 3: eat dinner relax a bit
step 4: randall finishes homework, i finish some freelance & start editing icleand photos
step 5: go the gym (which is desprately needed, i've been feeling a bit of a fat cow lately, i think my skin is rolling in places it's not supposed to be)

only now it's 9:30 and we're stuck on step 4.
he says he's not doing in on purpose and i guess i believe him, but homework sure does seem like a good excuse to get out of going to the gym, don't you think?

oh well guess it gives me time to get the photos edited (we took 2800+).

and speaking of photos. my baby digital camera broke.
it will cost 150 to fix, that hardly seems worth it.

and the phone still won't send MMS messages to the internet.
stupid technology.
how i love you so.

saturday != sushi

June 06, 2005 - 11:20 AM
pathetically does not open until 4pm on saturdays.
my mom's now the president of the Greater Sacramento Taiwanese Association. she's been heavily involved with these sort of things for years and years and years. usually we get suckered into going to some of the events, but not all of them. one of the ones we usually get a pass on is the annual summer picnic.
however, since she's president and running the show (so i believe), i figured it would be nice if we stopped by for just a little while. so around 1 randall and i headed down to the park.

when we got there, i saw some chinese organization having a picnic, but i didn't recognize any of the faces. so i called my mom to see what was up. apparently i was at the rival organization's picnic. hers was tomorrow.

oops. well i guess we've got time for lunch now.

friday night primer

June 06, 2005 - 09:35 AM
primer movie okay so this weekend was a little on the lazy side. friday night started with the obligatory "what do you want to do tonite? i dunno. what do you want to do tonite?" questions. nothing sounded particularly interesting, we thought about going to the movies, but couldn't muster up the strength for that either. the what do you want to do questions were quickly followed by "what do you want to eat for dinner? i dunno, what do you want to eat for dinner?" questions.

sweet fingers

June 03, 2005 - 01:18 PM

there's a restaurant on broadway that i've been wanting to try for a while. it's a yellow building and it always catches my eye. it's called sweet fingers, it's a jamaican place.

yesterday when driving to girlband dinner & practice (sidenote: we met at jack's where i ordered a full salad and she only made a half and i feel i paid too much even if i did only get charged for the half) i noticed a big banner outside of sweet fingers that said "Lunch Buffet 11am-3pm". I decided that i would indeed go check it out sooner than later.

this morning, when i left for work i asked randall if he wanted to grab lunch. i remembered the sign and a little after noon randall picked me up and we headed down to sweet fingers.

official news

June 02, 2005 - 09:27 AM

this earl grey tea is making me crazy.
caffeeeeeeeeeeeeene used to not matter.
now it makes my brain go gwah GWAH GWAH.

technology boom bah

June 02, 2005 - 08:31 AM

so the phone doesn't want to send posts.
i decided to switch back to the treo.
only stupid stupid me forgot to plug it in before we left.
so it's dead.
not such a huge deal, plug it back in and charge.
didn't have the cable (it was a hand me down treo).
kept waiting for the cable.
tried to buy the cable, but fry's didn't have it.
never got around to ordering one.
and now, all my precious numbers and dates are dead.
irony = randall surprised me by ordering a cable yesterday.


also, the internet isn't working at home.
apparently some network password is incorrect.

so that's why there have been no posts.
the internet hates me.

crazy feeling

May 31, 2005 - 09:12 AM

back at work.
and also the phone is not working for sending updates. great.

also, now in addition to the coffees we have for employees there are now boxes of tea. having just got back from vacation (where we drank tea about everyday) i felt the need to have a large glass (i'd show you a picture, but again, phone not sending updates. great). i've only made it a few sips in, but i feel total crazy.

my head is spinning.
i think my eyes are blurring.
and my head is woooozy wooz.
what the hell is in this tea?


May 31, 2005 - 09:03 AM

oh i almost forgot.
at the bbq last night leon provided us all with his homebrew.
it was super tasty.
i don't know how i forgot.
maybe the homebrew was effecting my memory.
3 cheers for leon's homebrew.

dog party bbq style

May 30, 2005 - 10:04 PM

arrived back in sacramento yesterday.
we have tons and tons (try over 2800) photos to go thru.
we were going to spend today doing it, but we ended up sleeping and then going to a bbq at neon's house. i forgot to take a picture while i was there, but it was total dog party. also, randall decided he wanted to make us lamburgers. total tasty. i guess he didn't get enough lambster in iceland.

also, i'll post a daybyday account of our icelandic travels soon.

wait, what time is it?

May 16, 2005 - 06:55 AM

it is not even 7am yet.
and i am awake
wide awake and dressed and just about ready for work even.
the alarm isn't even going off for another hour.
but i was lying asleep, in that weird dreamstage where you're easily awoken and what do you know HONK HONK HONK HONK.
someone's car alarm went off in full force.
and when that finally stopped the dogs started.
i rolled over to look at the time and that was a mistake
and it was just bright enough that i couldn't go back to sleep.
so now i'm awake and i think i'll head in to work.
everyone will go into shock.

ice cream man vs. the thunderstorm

May 09, 2005 - 01:08 PM

i was just watching tv when the national alert system (you know the kind that's not a test) just came thru saying that our area is under severe thunderstorm watch. then suddenly the sun went away and there were crazy black clouds and you could hear the thunder in the distance. then suddenly i heard the ice cream man drive down the street playing his song.

first of all, sorry dude, i don't think you'll get many customers in the rain.

and secondly, it's only 1:15, aren't kids in school?

the big three oh

April 13, 2005 - 02:57 PM

today is randall's birthday.

he is THIRTY YEARS OLD NOW and is officially old.

leave him birthday comments here, okay?!

stories for boys

April 11, 2005 - 11:58 PM
u2 april 10, 2005 went to see u2 this last weekend. twice.

(the live posts were bust so i didn't update there. when the live posts are bust updating is a hassle.)

but yah,dirty little secret for your heckling enjoyment: in high school i listened to achtung baby every single day. i even watched videos of the zoo tv tour almost every day while i got ready for school and while i posted online to my U2 friends on Prodigy...(which sounds totally lame, but really it's no different than an Yahoo group). i was gaga for that album. i also think it's where they peaked. they were so relevant to the times and the underlying social commentary about the end of the cold war, the beginning of the new technological 21st century. just an amaze of an album. it's also the first album i say when i try to list desert island discs, which, btw, always seems to shock people for whatever reason...

(sidenote: i never actually saw the zoo tv tour even though sonny had tix for me near the front. thanks anyway sonny, no thanks to my morm, who as a sidenote felt guilty a few years later and went and stood in line for me for a midnight zooropa cd sale in order to get a free vinyl numb 12". not quite the same, but i guess it was a nice gesture).

but somedays i have a hard time deciding between that album and boy. i love the raw sound and inexperience in boy. i go total gaga for it. des'y once also sent me a tape full of rare boy era bsides and rare bits that tape still works, but i think the pitch is a bit degraded. i still pull it out every once in a while and dance around the living room to U23 (which i've since bought on vinyl, but there's something about the tape)...yah, i'm like tom cruise in that one movie. in fact, i did it just now....

anways having set that up, these were two of the highlights of the show(s):
during vertigo (a song i only remotely enjoy. i hated it at first but now i've heard it so much it's grown on me with all of it's "hello hellos!") there was a slight shift/pause and then a few verses of stories for boys! bono turned the hello hello from stories for boys (as in, "sometimes i don't let go, hello hello") into the hello hellos of vertigo. that was pretty awesome. and then when they performed electric co i also squealed.

how about the achtung baby stuff you ask? i dunno. zoo station was muddy for some reason and the fly was a little lackluster. one however was (and always is) rather nice. it now makes me emotional for whatever reason. i turn into a gushy girl and my eyes get teary, not cry face, just a bit teary eyed...but i like to think that that's a side effect from the pill, not me getting soft as i get older.

oh and the show is pretty diverse and really spans their career, but if i had my choice, here are a few songs i'd suggest they play the next time they're in town (which happens to be in november, and i happen to not have tickets. got one to sell me?):

unforgettable fire
out of control
love is blindness
ground beneath her feet
until the end of the world
all i want is you
your blue room
trash trampoline & the party girl

numb lips = cold sore?

April 06, 2005 - 01:09 PM

okay, so the lip is still a little numb, but not as numb as it was when i woke up.

i asked the gals on the chicklist what it could be and both dani and guphy think it could be the onstart of a cold store. yippee. i don't think i've ever had a cold sore before, maybe once in junior high or something, but i can't remember.

after doing a bit of research it did sound like perhaps it was stage one of cold sore from hell. so heather and i ran to the market at lunch and i bought some $17 ointment (abreva). it's supposed to help shorten the duration and also is supposedly best for early treatment. "Apply to affected area on face or lips at the first sign of cold sore/fever blister (tingle). Early treatment ensures the best results."

see. tingle.
for $17 it had better work.
stupid cold sore.
wtf are you coming from?

numb lips

April 06, 2005 - 09:49 AM

okay, so i woke up this morning (about an hour and a half ago) and the middle of my lower lip felt all numb. it was making my lower front teeth feel all strange too, like they were looseygoose. it felt like when you go to the dentist and they're going to do some surgery so you gotta get the novocaine, and now the shot is wearing off.

that's what it feels like.

and i'm starting to get just a teensy bit worried, as i've not had a novocaine shot and it's been almost two hours and my lip is still numb.

so i'm looking up "numb lips symptom" on google and now i'm worrying the crap out of myself. should i go to the doctor?

putting the me in nme

March 23, 2005 - 09:49 AM
nme.jpgalrite kiddoes. rush out to your local newstand, bookstore, record shop or wherever you happen to find NME. get the copy with gwen stefani on it. this is where MY ian brown photos are kiddoes. i still haven't seen them yet. so if you have it and want to scan the page in for me that would be awesome. also if you want to hire me to take photos of your band beating up a bouncer, just drop me an email. i'm happy to oblige.

sidenote: is becoming horrible papparazi my destiny?
sidenote2: i'll post the real photos after the "exclusive" period is over.

bittersweet bundle of misery

March 21, 2005 - 09:10 PM
graham coxon after being sick all day, the last thing i wanted to do was drive to the city. but graham coxon was playing at popscene and i wanted to go.

besides, i had everyone's tickets. so i couldn't NOT go.

so i cleaned my act up, took a nap and drove out there. the doors were at 9 and the show didn't start til 10. talk about misery.

beta delta sake

March 21, 2005 - 07:44 PM
the world thru my drunk eyes oh good god those last two posts are embarrassing.

it has been a very very very long time since i have been that drunk. we're talking like at least 5 years. actually more like 6. i think the last time i was nearly that drunk was my clichéd 21st birthday. this photo is a pretty good representation of how i saw things that evening. you know, fuzzy, hazy and a lot of wtf is going on here?

i am almost too embarrassed to go into detail on what i can remember, but, i feel the need to at least clarify those last two (alice was right blogging under the influence is an awful idea) posts a bit.

5000 miles for this shit

March 16, 2005 - 02:16 AM
ian brown OMG. i have just returned from what is probably my favorite gig ever. ian brown is an unbelievable man. friggin' genius or a crazy man. whatever it is. i am completely enthralled and caught under his spell. even when he is KICKING A SECURITY GUARD i am gaga for him (and it's mentally not physically, because 1- he is like a monkey king, and 2- he weighs like what, 4 pounds?)

at anyrate this show started off amazingly and took a big dive in the middle and then went back to a euphoric high. let me explain.

UPDATE: 4:15am looks like mean brown actually got ARRESTED for the ordeal. oh and if you're looking for the other photos of the ordeal that were here, they're gone until march 26. i'm SELLING THEM TO NME. how ridiculously weird is that??

time is my everything

March 15, 2005 - 03:10 PM
tonite i'm off to see the monkey king! i'm pretty excited. i wonder which song he'll play twice??? i hear he's going to play stone roses songs. this is going to be amazing...

although i've seen him live once before and it was sort of awful, but funny thing is i know that, but can't seem to convince myself. i swear it's like a cult or something.

fantastic plastic bye bye

March 14, 2005 - 11:34 AM

so apparently a computer that contains a lot of my credit info and ssn and all that identify theft at your fingertips sort of information was stolen. i hope they stole the computer for the computer, not for the info on it. hopefully they are too dumb to know what they stole and didn't target the office for it's info.

somehow i doubt it.

anyway, just calling all the credit card companies to say um.
hey yah, can i get a new card please? thanks.

sucks. i am going to be creditcardless for about a week. i don't know if i will be able to function. i never carry cash. everything is plastic fantastic.

sometimes plans fall into place

March 13, 2005 - 10:43 PM

so i just wanted to acknowledge that my moody so sad for myself no candles and singing on my birthday was a bit self-centered. i wrote that last post after inhaling cleaning supplies for 2 hours straight, and also, the computer ate the post the first time i wrote it...

anyways, here are some good things that happened:
1- i got to spend time with good friends
2- i'm going to learn to hack my brain (cindy got me the o'reilly brain hack book)
3- good eats
4- birthday drinks
5- all closest friends and family called to say hello
6- sushi (my dad even ate some)
7- my bathroom is finally clean
8- i got this great kids book about a zen panda in shorts

and then bonus these two happened today. a day late, but definitely not a dollar short:
9- fresh baked cookies with candle and randall solo birthday singing
10- wes & juju delivered (belated) cake & candles (& scrabble & dears)
11- the restauranteers sang happy birthday
12- free deep fried bananas and vanilla ice cream

you know, really, i bitch about stuff, but when i stop to think about it, and i'm hoping to not sound snotty, sometimes it's really nice to live my life.

i love it when a plan falls apart

March 12, 2005 - 11:43 PM

so today was my birthday.

nothing really went as planned.
not that i really planned anything. by nature i'm a planner. i like to take over and dominate and plan things. i have this problem where i think i'm the only one who can come up with a good solution. i don't really like that about myself, so i'm trying not to do that. in fact i'm trying not to plan anything at all. this included my birthday. only things didn't work out the way i wanted them to, so maybe i should have planned afterall.

not to say that things were bad, or not fun. just not how i would have liked them to turn out. but really, i'm just being selfish now. i heard from everyone in my family, as well as a lot of my friends, so really what more do i want? oh wait, i'll tell you. candles i wanted candles. i can't believe how upset i am over this either. i mean afterall, birthdays are kind of dumb thing to celebrate. does anyone really look forward to growing older? especially after you've hit all your legal milestones (18 & 21) so why the hoopla? why do we want the hoopla?

i have no idea, but i wanted it.
i wanted candles and happy birthday singing over said candles.
it's a stupid thing, but i think this might have been the first year i didn't get candles.
poor randall, we got home and he got the bitchy silent treatment, i was being a cliched girl and didn't want to say i wanted candles and said i was fine. i felt like he should just know. i felt like he should have planned something.

but really, i guess i should have.

yan can cook, but i can't

March 04, 2005 - 01:17 PM
I haven't slept much this week. so i felt really shit last night. i got off of work, went to the grocery store (i had told myself i wanted to cook dinner), and went home. i put away the groceries, started to unload the dishes and said, "forget it." and i took a shower instead. i had this headache from the future (you know super powerful it could only have been made by genius robots). afterwards i felt better, even though i still felt like i was walking thru molasses. everything i did was just slow.

I don't know why i do it to myself either.
on tuesday night (after girl band in n' out burger fun) i ended up staying up working on junk until 5:15. yah that's right 5:15 AM. and then the next night i stayed up until 3am working on more junk. i do it to myself too.

This is baking illustrated

February 27, 2005 - 11:07 PM
this evening randall and i decided to turn on the oven and do some baking. a month or so ago scottelbot sent us the baking illustrated book as repayment for a favor (one that i haven't actually finished yet, maybe it's an incentive, like a bribe of some sort). i've been reading it, but i hadn't made anything yet. so today we decided to have a bake off.

actually what happened was that we were glancing thru the book and decided that calzones sounded fantastic. so we decided on a ricotta cheese based filling with basil.

a person's a person no matter how small

February 27, 2005 - 10:01 AM
seussical last night randall and i took my dad out for a night on the town.

okay well we didn't really "hit the town" so to speak, but we had a pretty nice evening. yilin (my mom's friend's daughter, who i've known since high school, but really don't know her at all - i mean come on i see her twice a year, maybe three times, during social functions our mom's are involved in) is in a local production of seussical the musical.

she told me about during one of awkward bi-annual "oh hey how have you been doing, lately?" meetings. so i told her that randall and i would try to make it. i don't know if she believed me, but i'm (usually) a gal of my word. if i say i'll try and make it. i'll try.

so at 6 oclock we met by dad at the rubicon brewing co for some pre-seussical grub.

the power out

February 23, 2005 - 12:31 PM

we just had a powerouttage here at work.
we were about 5 minutes from calling it a day when it came back on.
stupid power.

anyway, the best part is that now that the power is back on i can read email again. which is good because i got an important email while it was out. looks like our VP of Maintenance & Construction (btw does anyone else's company have a VP of that???) sent an email telling us that the power was out and that PG&E would let us know more within an hour.

hello. if the power is out, how can we read the email??

sidenote: the chili cookoff is going well, but my god i have eaten too much. now it is time for food coma.

what, are we in kansas?

February 21, 2005 - 11:05 PM
20050221a.jpg lately i've been noticing how neat the sky looks in the afternoon. we've been going thru a bunch of crazy weather. i took this picture on friday, it was sunny yet dark and cloudy. i like it when it's like that. you're not sure what you're going to get and the clouds look really amazing.
today was another one of those amazing sky days. as we were leaving to run errands and i noticed that it looked really crazy. i didn't really think much about it. i thought maybe it would hail, or maybe it would rain, or maybe it would just be windy.

i certainly didn't think we would miss a TORNADO.

apparently a little after we got on the freeway and headed to another part of town a TORNADO went thru our neighborhood area. breaking windows, lifting cars, slamming porta potties into minivans (since no one got hurt, i felt free to laught outloud to that one when we saw it on the news) and more.

a freeking tornado.
here, in northern california.
and i missed it???
what the hell people?

sidenote: camille sent me this humorous tornado link from craigslist

shake a stick at it.

February 16, 2005 - 01:39 AM
20050215b.jpg tuesday was kind of a bleh day at work. although, who am i kidding, it seems that these days everyday is a bleh day at work. so at lunch time i called up carolyn to see if she wanted to go have lunch. i just couldn't stand to be in the office any longer.

so we headed down to amarin where we split the pineapple surprise (which was pineapple fried rice with shrimp, chinese sausage and chicken) and some yellow curry (carolyn's not one for the spice!). we stayed as long as we could, you know up until the guilt, shit i have too much to do factor kicked in... and then back to blehsville we went.

after work i decided to call up juju.

st. roman's day

February 15, 2005 - 10:05 PM
20050214.jpglast night i ended up meeting up with a bunch of kids at the streets of london. i was bored and knew that all the couples would be off couplingup, so i called katy to see if she had a valentine date or not. she ended up having a date with a really old friend, but they were meeting up with a bunch of people, so i crashed their party. while there chris's eye fell upon some random foreign looking guy. alice said he looked like a polish composer. he had that metrosexual, foreign or gay, no one's sure from a distance, thing going on.

after a few beers, chris decided he was cute enough to invite to the table. so alicia invited him over.


he told us how his closet was organized by designer from A to Z. Armani to ____zzz--- something i couldn't understand him. i didn't even know there was a designer that started with a z. he also told us that this town was alrite without working, you know, if you have the money. after a while he got the hint and left.

but not soon enough.

oh well at least he's an anecdote we can all giggle about.

sidenote: randall's in san jose in case you're wondering why i didn't hang out with him.

IM me

February 14, 2005 - 10:33 AM
so today is valentine's day. i've never been a huge fan of it. when i was a kid i hated the color pink and then i spent most of my life being the cute girl's sidekick (you know, the boyless one). but in high school i had a boyfriend (hi max. funny way to talk to you after over a year, but i'm probably never going to write you back because i'm not sure why, but that's just how it's going to be) and i'm sure those were nice valentine's days and i probably even liked it at the time because i was probably stuck in my brain with the "OMG! somebody likes me for me!!!" but my brain contains such an awful memory (something to do with a large card with snoopy on it? or was that some xmas...come on, i can't remember valentine's day last year let alone 10 years ago...sidenote: shit, has it been 10 years? god i'm getting old, no wonder i can't remember things).

at anyrate. valentine's day is pretty contrived.

hong bao na lai

February 10, 2005 - 01:32 PM
20050209a.jpg tuesday night was chinese new year's eve. (warning: this is a long entry)

when we were growing up chinese new year's was just another day. sometimes my mom's friends would come over and give us red envelopes (which was pretty cool until someone's else who has children came over and my mom would take our new shiny envelopes to give to that person), but mostly it was just another day.

then one morning when i was in high school, i woke up and the front door was wide open and there were all these red chinese marks everywhere. i think my mom was welcoming the good luck and spirits. at the time we didn't understand and thought she'd gone crazy. apparently the doors were open all night long.

soon after that chinese new year became a big deal and she started dragging us to a billion banquets, celebrations and temple. this year was no different, but don't tell her, i actually like the banquets and i'm pretty fond of temple too...

i came in for this?

January 31, 2005 - 09:26 AM

at work i use a mac and a pc.
mostly a mac.
and it's really a sad old one.
ironically there is no money in the budget to buy me a new one.
but somehow i was able to get a new slick PC.
i use to check my email.
and also to chat online with people.
sounds like a good use of budget, no?
that's what i thought too. <-- sarcastic undertone

strawberry fields forever

January 25, 2005 - 01:13 AM
strawberry hat
click for larger image
this weekend i ended up going to san jose. we try to spend at least one weekend a month there. it's getting to be ridiculous this two house thing.

orginally the plan was to go there and hang out with amy (i thought maybe we could go see her on saturday night). but on saturday morning i woke up way too early. earlier than i wake up on workdays (why is that???) and apparently randall had booked our afternoon with grant & heidi and that baby. i didn't mind. they're also like family
and their baby is way too cute for its own good.

so we went over to their house and chatted for a while before heading to lucy's for lunch.

piggy's got a brand new dress.

January 19, 2005 - 12:24 PM


i know it's been a while since i've last posted anything substantial. but that's because i've been busy having fun. i can't remember the last time my schedule was so packed full of fun. so i'll start with last night and we'll work our way backwards (and probably forwards). i'm a really awful (according to some people) and great (according to others) storyteller. i'll start at point A working towards end point B, but i like to go to destination C, D, E and F along the way. but hey i always pull the train back into the station (well usually, sometimes i'm derailed, but it's usually not my fault, okay?). alrite. enough train metaphors. let's get this party started.

katy and i have been trying to hang out for about a month now. (i still had her graduation present, which was pre-xmas) and finally made a plan for last night.

knowing is fun!

January 14, 2005 - 01:40 PM
sushi buffet today i decided i needed to take a long lunch. so i called up randall and said. HEY! let's eat sushI! we tried to find another sushi buffet place, but we couldn't. so we ended up going to the one in davis (jeff's favorite place). since it's jeff's favorite place we decided to invite him too.

we sat at the bar and ordered our sushi from the main chef. sometimes he would forget our order. but i guess we can't really complain to much when they make you all the fresh sushi you can eat for $8.95.

while we there randall noticed that the sushi information placard said "knowing is fun" and well, knowing is fun, now isn't it?

sidenote: i went to the chiropractor this morning and found out i have a pinched nerve. then i found out this chiropractor wasn't in my network so i have to find another one. maybe knowing isn't that fun afterall...

thursday drunks

January 13, 2005 - 11:10 PM
thursday drunks at icon every thursday for the last 2 and a half years, carolyn and her friends have met up for drinks and/or dinner. she's invited me to join them for some time now, but i was never free on thursday. however, my chinese class is over and tonite i finally got to join them.

at around 7pm i picked up carolyn at her apartment and then we headed over to icon. icon just opened a few weeks ago. it's in the place where sammy chu's was (in fact some of the signage still says sammy chu's). it's a new trendy night spot bar/restaurant. those seem to be popping up all over town.

for some reason i was not prepared for this outing.

rain on my ikea parade.

January 10, 2005 - 10:30 PM
ikea funthe weather has been pretty shit around here lately. it's been raining like mad and everyone really should stay inside. you know, come into work because you have to and then go home when the day is over and crawl into your pajamas and curl up. sounds like a good plan huh? too bad i don't know how to listen to my own advice.

all day long i kept thinking about stupid ikea.
and how i needed to have these curtains.
and how i'd been thinking about them for 3 weeks.
and how i was frustrated that i didn't get them on saturday.
ikea is not exactly close.
it's not exactly far either.
about 75 minutes in the car.
okay so maybe that's a little far.
especially for stupid curtains.
stupid ikea curtains.
(sidenote: i need their curtains because our windows are 90" tall, and all curtains are 85". i need stupid loft curtains. irritating...)

but for some reason i decided to go.

and as soon as i left i realized i should have invited someone with me. and then it dawned on me. DUH. karen and shin live right there. i should invite them along. or at least stop by and see them on my way back. and so i called them up and met them there. we shopped around and i got my curtains. karen wouldn't let me buy the rocks though (which was actually a good thing and then we ate cinnamon rolls and some randomberry juice.

written on january 23, 2005 10:45pm

apples to apple fondue

January 09, 2005 - 11:35 PM

knitter natsthis morning i got up and headed to the naked lounge. there's a bunch of girls who meet there every sunday morning. it's either sacramento indie stitch or a sacto stitch n bitch depending on who you ask. maya's been meaning to add me to their mailing list for ages, but just finally got around to it. so i finally got around to joining them.

but i apparently missed all the excitement.

healthy bodies

January 08, 2005 - 10:59 PM

health fairjanuary 8, 2005

this morning i really wanted to go to ikea. i'm obsessing over curtains. curtains and a tablecloth that probalby no one will ever see. but the weather was pretty shit (have you see the amount of rain and snow coming down here in northern cal?) and randall didn't really want to go. and i didn't really need to go. and somehow randall convinced me that a health fair would be fun.

they've been advertising this health fair on the news all week. and i guess randall fell under the spell. and i guess he put me under it too, because i honestly thought it could be fun. and the saddest part was that it almost was. we had our spines scanned, determined how fast our reaction time was, how fast we could hit a tennis ball, and randall jumped really high.

but the best part was the pups.

junior associates.

January 07, 2005 - 11:25 PM

bookstore funjanuary 7, 2005

yesterday katy emailed me to see if i wanted to see the cassidy's tonite. since i'm not that hip to hipster sacramento lifestyle (i'm only like a junior associate hipster) i had no idea who she was talking about. i checked them out a bit on their myspace page and said sure why not. (sidenote: i find it amazing, how all these bands have myspace profiles for free sound clip hosting etc. i think it's genius...) there was only one glitch though. katy had to work and didn't know what time she'd get off. since i wasn't going to go until she asked me i told her it was okay and that we'd just play it by ear.

Happy hour

January 07, 2005 - 05:05 PM
last night i met joanna for drinks at hangar 17. neither of us had been there before and figured we'd try it. it's pretty new, looks like a giant airplane hangar on the outside, described in reviews as "upscale dive bar" and has sacramento's "longest happy hour" from 2-7pm. so hey, why not?

There will be time for dips later

January 06, 2005 - 02:33 PM
on tuesday night juju came over for craftin. we've been talking about having a craft night now for months. but i'm not really good with this thing called FOLLOW THRU.

i called her up on my way home from work. i wanted to get some stuff done, but i didn't think i would do it if i just went home. and also it'd been a while since we'd hung out. so ta da perfect idea. have her come over so we can catch up and i can just end up accidently watching law & order all night long. only i honestly expected she'd come over and we'd tool around with knitting for a bit, and then just gab all night.

but something weird happened instead. i got stuff done.

The life aquatic

January 02, 2005 - 12:31 AM
superstition goes that the first day of the new year is the pattern for the yearr to come. if that´s the case then good god 2005 is going to be a bumpy emotional roller coaster. the morning and afternoon were fine. we slept in (on newly cleaned sheets, a superstition leftover from my grandma. clean the sheets on new year´s eve for good luck), then we ate lunch, ddr´ed (our new pathetic hobby, shhh...don't tell anyone), went shopping and then headed to my parents house for a new year's feast (it's kind of an e family tradition).

that's where things get pearshaped.

DAnce dance dance to the tv?

December 30, 2004 - 06:42 PM
i got home from work today and there were a bunch of fools up in my house. samshrew, jorn, bao and baby james (who at age 12 is really not much of a baby). i guess james has been hanging out at my mom's house for the last few days. bao and samshrew are home from school for the holidays and they've been on james duty. they took him up to the snow yesterday i was jealous to be sitting at work instead of heading up to the mountains to make snowmen.

today they were supposed to go bowling, but i guess they went to bed at 4am last night, so they didn't wake up until late today. so they came over at around 4:30pm. randall's on vacation this week, so they came to bother him, i got home around 5, so they were there to bother me to.

we ended up playing dance dance revolution. i got it for randall for christmas. he's been dancing his butt off. maybe it'll work on the belly too.

samshrew says she's leaving james here, i guess he's hard to entertain. samshrew swears he's got ADD. i think samshrew just doesn't remember 12 year olds.

Stitch n' bitch

December 30, 2004 - 04:17 PM
this is an empty oven.

there is no pizza in this oven.
there is not even part of a pizza in this oven.
you know like the part that would be staying warm.
say if someone said they'd save you part of a pizza?
yah that's not in there.

on tuesday night there was a stitch n bitch at the fox n' goose. everyone is out of town, so it was a small gathering. just maya, katy and i. i didn't mean to stay that long, but conversation was good and besides, i had to wait for the beer i had when i arrived to settle down and behave. no driving while intoxicated for me. and the one beer hit me harder than i expected (no food in belly).

i was going to order food there. maya had the ploughman (cheese, apples and bread), she must've had the last one for the day, because they were out of bread soon there after. so no food for me (except for one of katy's chicken things), but that was okay because randall said he'd save me part of his pizza. but when i got home. no pizza.
no oven warmth. no tasty crust. no nothing.

some pig ate it all!!!

well wishes to amy.

December 29, 2004 - 03:44 PM

just heard from brad, looks like amy's surgery went well. she's now living in the ICU with respitory help.

oh, i didn't mention she was going into surgery? well, i didn't want to jinx it (although i did think kind thoughts while she was in surgery, just like scary mary taught us how to do). she was going in for a gnarly procedure including spine fusion with screws and rib-bones. apparently she was in surgery part 2 for 13 hours. and that's just part two!

and for those of you wondering who amy is, she's old pals. like family you don't talk to often enough, but you should.

We're not in kansas anymore

December 10, 2004 - 11:20 PM
first of all. hurray for freaking cingular/at&t for getting the stupid MMS stuff to work again, only took a freakin week (which i'll recap later) onto this evening....


December 06, 2004 - 09:49 AM

argh. so stupid cingular/at&t seems to have eaten all of this weekend's updates. poo on them. bah. the recap is pretty much like this:

Too many choices

December 01, 2004 - 12:54 PM
last night i was supposed to go out with my chinese school friends for dinner. we have this movie we have to make for class so we were going to go out to eat and discuss. but our teacher gave us time in class, so we ended up not going out. which was okay, because i wasn't really in the mood to go out, but also sort of sucked because i didn't have anything at home to eat since i had planned on going out.

so i had to stop at the grocery store on the way home. there are two grocery stores near me. raley's and safeway. safeway is new, and it's about 2 blocks from my house. raley's is old reliable, i like it better and it has better produce. but i'm lazy. so i went to safeway.

going to the grocery while i'm hungry is one of the worst things in the world. unlike most people who go put lots of things in their cart when they're hungry, i put nothing. there are too many choices. as i walked thru every aisle my inner dialogue was something like this, "should i eat salad? how about chicken? oh there's always soup, or perhaps bread. yes soup and bread. or better yet a sandwich. maybe i'll make pancakes. or have some eggs and cereal. or maybe fish, yes fish is always good. no, meat sounds better, i feel like protein." at that point i was standing in front of the meat section just staring at all my options. pork? chicken? beef? turkey burgers? oh good god i had no idea what i wanted. also it was already 9:30, and i wasn't sure i actually felt like cooking. so i walked away, still not knowing what i wanted to eat. eventually i wandered over to the vegetable section. as i walked i picked up various fruits and vegetables, wondering if they were "what's for dinner." i picked up a bell pepper. 20 seconds later i put it back with its friends. how about a sweet potato? yah sweet potato sounded good. into the shopping basket it went, joining a bottle of cranberry stoli and a toothbrush.

will call

November 22, 2004 - 04:37 PM
sometimes i love work.
i can spend tons of money on stuff and it arrives on my desk the same day. now if only i could get them to give it to me free...then we would be talking AMAZING.

morm vs. the printer ink

November 16, 2004 - 03:23 PM

sometimes my momy is so cute.

she doesn't want to have to rely on people for things, especially not my dad (she's not talking to him right now), so she's learning to do things for herself. she's pretty computer illiterate (not because she can't do it, mostly because she didn't want to learn and someone else could do it for her). today she called me to ask "eh, how i change the printer ink?" and i could just see her on the other end, proud of herself that she was going to do it, but without letting on she was proud. so i walked her thru how to change the ink (she needs it to print out listings for her clients) and i know it's a pretty lame conversation, but really, it was just so cute to me.

-begin phone call-
me: "hello, this is sabrina."
morm: "eh, how i change the printer ink?"
me: "hi mom. oh the printer is out of ink? okay well, open the top flap door and push the button."
morm: "which button?"
me: "the one that's flashing."
morm: "flashing...okay, now what?"
me: "did it do anything?"
morm: "yes. it moved out."
me: "okay, so you can see the ink cartridges? you know the ink boxes?"
morm: "yes i can see the ink."
me: "okay, there's two, which button was flashing? the black or the color?"
morm: "black."
me: "okay, pull the black one out. you might need to pull it at an angle."
morm: "okay what now?"
me: "okay, you put the new ink in. but remove the little foil tag first. there's probably a foil tag."
morm: "there's no foil tag, i don't know what you talking about."
me: "well do you have new ink?"
morm: "no, i thought so, but this box is a old one."
me: "oh you don't have new ink? well if it's old, there's no foil tag."
morm: "so how i put it back in?"
me: "why are you putting it back in? if it's also old and empty, it might not work."
morm: "it's okay, i try. i see if i can do it."
me: "okay, well you put it back in the way you got it out. you might need to put the top part in first, or the back first. i don't remember how your printer works."
morm: "okay it's not going."
me: "okay well try putting it in different, it should pop into..."
morm: "oh okay okay i got it. i'm going to go buy ink now. bye."
me: "okay, take the old one with you so you get the right one and don't forget the new one will probably have a foil tag you need to remove."
morm: "aiya, i know that already. bye."
--end phone call--

i need a do-over

November 15, 2004 - 09:50 AM

it was one hell of a weekend. cryfest and soggynose. i am sick and misery and at work right now because i have such stupid work ethic. poo on you work ethic. poo on you. i should be at home watching monkees dvds or something like that...

Put on your lipstick

November 10, 2004 - 04:18 PM
i got home from class at around 9 (we ended up not having a test, it's going to be a take home one, hurray!, so i guess it was alright that i didn't get any studying done) and curled up with a plate of cheese and crackers -- the prima donna is still the best of the three.

on monday night i told juju that i'd go to lipstick with her, but when it hit 10:15 and she hadn't called yet, i assumed we wouldn't be going. so i got cozy in my pjs and watched some law & order. at 10:45 wes called, he wanted to know if i was still going. at that point i really didn't feel like it, i was just about to put on pjs and call it an early night (also, i felt like i might be getting sick). but they weren't taking no for an answer. so i dragged my butt off the couch and got ready.

a little bird told me

November 09, 2004 - 02:33 AM

20041108bird.jpgso i'm behaving pretty badly tonight. instead of being a good student and studying for the big chinese test i have tomorrow, i knitted a hat instead. this one is still a little bit too large, but at least it fits (and i could probably get away with putting a cord on it for it to stay on).

i started it a few days ago, and i'm pretty pleased with it (well except for that whole just a bit too big thing). the whole time i was knitting the soft blue yarn, my brain kept thinking of a bird, so i sewed a felt beak on it and some sparkly buttons for eyes. i wish i had some yellow felt, but i was too impatient to wait until a store was open tomorrow. so orange beak it is.

i'll toot my own horn and say that i think it's pretty cute. but i have to admit, when i put it on my head it looks pretty silly. and it definitely looks more like a snowman and less like a bird.

Sugar sugar

November 09, 2004 - 01:39 AM
this morning we woke up 45 minutes late, or 45 minutes early, depending on how you look at things. randall had to go to work today so he wanted to wake up early (an hour and a half early), but our alarm went crazy and we didn't get up util 45 minutes after we wanted to.

once we got up and got ready i decided i'd head in to work too. normally i don't leave until 9, but i've been so busy lately i figured, might as well get the work done.

when i got there i noticed lynn had fudge sitting on her desk (lynn is the local candy/sweets/popcorn/anything you can ingest pusher). i wondered if 8:15 was too early for fudge, then decided it was better not to think about it and took a piece to eat with breakfast.

Say cheese

November 09, 2004 - 12:59 AM
after the scavenger hunt i couldn't do a thing i was so tired. and apparently a full night of sleep didn't help. i woke up on sunday morning still tired.

we were orginally going to go to the movies with wes & juju (we still want to see huckabees before it's gone from here), but i had to take some photos for my mom first. the plan was get up, go take the photos and then go the movies. but sunday morning was slugville. i could not get moving. we didn't even leave the house til after 1pm.

first stop was the bookstore where randall used my discount to get the new alton brown book (okay, i guess that could read where i used randall's credit card to get the new alton brown book, either scenario works) and then off to take a photo of some store for my mom. only when we got there the store manager didn't like us taking pictures and apparently the owner hadn't yet called to say he was selling the place...

afterwards we decided to go to this all elusive nugget market (one opened nearish to my work and i just hear all sorts about it). when we got there i was floored. it may give whole foods a run for the sabrina's favorite grocery store in sacramento title. (if nugget has a chef like chef darnell i think it may be over for whole foods). the cheese section at this store was AMAZING. i'm sure there may actually be more cheese at whole foods, but the display and presentation and INFORMATION here was fantastic. we settled on 3 kinds and then went home for a taste test. ladotiri, manchego and aged prima donna. read on for the full taste test...

i wouldn't have it any other way

November 08, 2004 - 07:41 AM


this weekend was the second annual sostrom scavenger hunt. i didn't make it to the first annual, but i was set to win the second. actually i was just hoping to come close, i didn't really expect to win.

the scavenger hunt was a full day event, it even had a performance secton. this team is doing the monster mash (with their own music) for 20 points. i thought for sure that they would win but thankfully camille is a spelling whiz. and in the end,

we were the on for more.

such a long entry....what's new?

November 05, 2004 - 01:17 PM

dubya2.gifso i've been really busy this week.
and that's not just me saying it like i used to always say it.
it's genuine. total busy.
in fact, right now i'm taking lunch at my desk and i'm not working thru it, i'm updating this site, and that makes me feel GUILTY. i've been at work til past 8pm almost every night this week. and i haven't taken lunch in like 3 weeks.

so see, genuinely busy.

and now before someone notices that i'm not currently "busy" and that they need me to work on this one more LITTLE THING (PLEASE?? PLEASE JUST THIS ONE MORE LITTLE THING, PLEASE???) i am going to try and recap the last few days....

wednesday was a state of disbelief. or as the daily mirror says, how can 59 million plus people be so dumb? although i don't necessarily agree with the statement, i don't think they're all dumb. so i'm not sure exactly what it is. i want to know what their reasons...take for example alex at work, he's not dumb, he's a very intelligent man and funny too, but during the day i saw him walking around with a spring to his step and happy look on his face, so i said, "hey, you're in a good mood today" and he said, "yes, bush won!" and i just don't get it. i don't get it at all.

but enough politics,
i'm not qualified to be a pundit, and you're not here to read about my political point of views.

so read on for news of thanksgiving dinner, cheese of the day and greek food. it's what i'm good at (well at least what i pretend to be good at anyway) warned, it's long...

660 - intense auburn

November 04, 2004 - 02:39 AM
okay it's 2:45am. i am about to rinse hairdye out of my head. what in the world convinced me that dying my hair at 2am would be a good idea?

so the hairdye did exactly what i thought it would.
not very much at all.
in order to get "intense auburn"
i am going to have to try try again.
my natural jet black has turned to black,
unless you stand at a funny angle,
then it is redbrown (who wants redbrown??)
the only thing that managed "intense auburn"
is the stain on my bathroom cabinet.

what have we become?

November 04, 2004 - 02:19 AM

okay, so i'm not an outwardly political person. but let me just express my frustration right now. i mean, i really truly though kerry was going to win (or that it would at least be a much closer race, ballot frauds and all). if you're a bush supporter i respect that, but just tell me why, okay? because i really don't get it. and then i read articles about people who don't believe in anything the bush administration stands for, but yet still voted for bush, because they "like that he has the guts to do what's unpopular. even if i don't agree with it." what?? has it really come to this, just explain to me why. that's all i want to know.

okay enough soapbox, and besides i'm not really good at it, so let's move on to my yesterday instead...

argh ye mateys

October 31, 2004 - 07:57 PM

daylight savings is this weekend. that means it's going to get dark earlier than normal. dark early means it's winter time and i'm pretty cool with winter time. however dark early also means leaving work when it's dark, and somehow that is always depressing. so today is the last time the sun will shine when i leave work until spring. depressing...

when i got home i had just enough time to grab a glass of water before heading out the door. randall and i were meeting juju and wes for dinner in davis ( (they were playing a show at "the pirate house".) on our way to davis juju called and said that it was going to be a while for pizza (jay told her that if she was eating in davis she had to go to woodstock's for pizza), so she wanted to know what kind of slices we wanted. it was hard to say without seeing them, but we decided you can't really go wrong with cheese. when we arrived a few minutes later, we expected to have cheese pizza waiting for us, but apparently the wait was just too long and slices weren't being served yet (no single slices until 9pm, how strange...) and we didn't have time to wait for a pizza to cook (wes & juju had to go set up equipment). so we said we'd meet them (and danny, he was roadie-ing for them) at the pirate house. then randall and i stopped for coffee (he wanted one for an appettite suppressant). i ended up having a pumpkin spice latte. i wanted it with soy milk, but they were out, how depressing. also, it was not nearly hot enough. talk about a waste of money.

when we got to the pirate house they were just about done setting up (they were playing first). the pirate house is this place in davis. actually it really just some house in davis that is pirate themed. total college place, but they have a stage built in their living room and that was pretty cool. park avenue ended up playing a short but really great set. it was one of their best performances (juju i'm sure will say otherwise), maybe because it was all new, i'm not exactly sure why it was so good, but it was. while at the pirate house i ran into gabe from santa cruz, i haven't seen him in years. his band was also playing, but we ended up not staying. we had pizza to eat.

of marzipan and knitting in the round

October 27, 2004 - 04:17 AM

this morning i woke up really late.
i had told kari that i was going to be in late
(orginally i was going to stay in the city last night),
and decided that even though i didn't need to be late,
i was going to be anyway.

when i got there i plunged straight into work.
we've been really busy lately (a whole redesign is coming up)
i'm slightly excited by the work,
but also overwhelmed.

Sometimes i hate tuesdays

October 20, 2004 - 06:46 PM
tuesdays are funny sort of days. and by funny i mean sort of sad. today felt especially melancholic. i think it's because of the weather.

randall leaves for work on tuesdays,
so when i get home, the house is empty.
i never feel like cooking either.
and since i have chinese school on tuesdays,
i hardly ever go out on tuesday evenings.
it's not that i don't have time to,
or that there's nothing to do
(i think tuesdays are alrite in sacramento),
it's just that i don't usually feel like it.
i'm up earlier on tuesdays and chinese school ends at 8:30.
so it's already been a long day and i usually just want to come home.

only the house is empty.

most nights it doesn't bother me.
i'll eat some dinner, pay the bills,
start yet another project that i will abandon when it is 85% finished.
but some nights i can't stand it and i'll wish someone would call me.
or i'll wish i had the guts to call somebody.
i don't know when it happened, but i think i got shy.
or maybe i'm just snobby.
or maybe it's a little bit of both.

Splish splash

October 19, 2004 - 11:28 AM

this morning the alarm went off at 7am. i personally find it too early, but it's part of our tuesday routine. our tuesday routine usually begins with the alarm going off, me hitting snooze then rolling over to clutch onto randall. but he somehow always escapes in time to take a shower and get ready for work, while i just lay there sleeping like a pig.

but today i decided to surprise him. when he got into the shower i hopped out of bed and ran downstairs. i turned the coffee on, put some toast in the toaster and began to cook (burn) some sausage. i decided to do this because last tuesday he left for work at 8am and i got up cooked myself breakfast. then i started to feel guilty that i got to eat breakfast and he didn't. so i told myself i'd drag my lazy butt out of bed and make some breakfast. i think he was truly surprised.

after breakfast i showered and got ready for work. today was the first real rainstorm of the season and i was pretty excited. when i was in portland last (visting scottel) i bought some baby blue galoshes on a whim. i have been dying to wear them for over a month now.

sidenote: for breakfast i made myself an omlette, i'm working on perfecting it and i have a LONG way to go. in fact, any decent chef would probably still consider mine to be bad to awful...

i don't want to grow up

October 18, 2004 - 10:07 PM

last night we decided to make a red chicken curry for dinner (i'll sneak randall's recipe onto the site later). it was tasty and spicy and the chicken was perfect tenderness (whenever i make it, it's too dry).

afterwards i watched a little television and randall fell asleep. apparently nobody's told him that it's turkey that has tryptophan in it, not chicken. i mean how could he be so sleepy, we woke up at noon...

at around 8pm we headed over to toys r us. my work was doing some weird hang out at toys r us after hours sort of thing. i'm not really sure why, there wasn't a discount or anything special. just shopping at toys r us afterhours. it was really surreal, it was mostly empty and not very loud (read: no screaming children). sorta spooky like a bad movie. also the weather turned bad today so i half expected the power to go out. but nothing that fun or exciting happened. we did, however, get to have our picture taken with geoffery. oh and we got a lemony snicket card game.

afterwards we went to max's opera cafe to see juju -- she plays piano there during the weekends. we surprised her, demanded fun songs and then had chocolate cake. then we played the lemony snicket game. i was totally winning when we left.


life choices

October 15, 2004 - 11:11 PM


i got into work today at 9:30. i guess this is two late days in a row. not that anyone is keeping track (just me). when i got there stacey and heather were standing around talking. i started to apologize for being late, but stacey said not to worry about it because she had also just arrived, and our boss wasn't even there yet and our boss's boss wasn't going to be in today. i wondered why i even bothered to come in at all.

for lunch i ended up eating a frozen meal. i keep a few in the freezer at work just in case. this one was a chicken parmesan. it wasn't bad for microwave food, along the lines of decent airplane food. it's by some company called "life choice", which i think is a stupid name. it makes me think of abortion rights more than it does frozen food.

20041015sushi.jpgi had originally planned on leaving work early (everyone else did), but for some reason i didn't leave until almost 6:30. on my way home i stopped by the grocery store and bought some ahi tuna and other things. i even bought a small bouquet of lilies (they were on sale and maybe they'll remind someone else to buy flowers sometime). then i came home and made some sushi. randall and i took a class a while ago, it wasn't the most authentic sushi class, but it gave me the confidence to make my own. this was my 2nd time and i think it turned out pretty well (even if the rolls do look kind of ugly)...when randall got home we ate like pigs and then played this crazy video game called katamari damacy. if you have playstation 2, you need this game. it is most amazing.

my rythym is all off.

October 15, 2004 - 01:35 AM

weirdsky.jpgThis morning i woke up much later than usual. my alarm is set to the radio (npr) in the morning, but i guess it had been going off for over an hour, because before i knew it they were saying that the time was 8:45. i usually like to leave by much for that.
when i got outside the sky looked like it was falling apart.
everything had a jaundiced yellow hue to it, except the sun, it was red.
and the sky, it was brown.
it felt like the end of the world.
when i (finally) got to work, at least 3 people sang that REM song to me.
at least 3, but i'm sure there were more.
oh and the sky looks like this because of all the forest fires.
sidenote: this photo was taken at around 5pm and it's not doctored in any way.

skinner.jpgwork went by incredibly quickly today (i barely remembered to eat lunch (which were leftover fat asian noodles)). we're working on redesigning just about everything on the site, which is a lot of work, but at least we'll finally look professional.

after work i headed home and napped for about an hour
(i almost slept thru that alarm too)
then i headed to chinese class (at the community college).
during class i got pretty hungry and snuck a snacky-bar
(he doesn't like us to eat in class)
but i was starving, so it was pratically an emergency.
after class i met up with katy and camille and we went to the toyroom. skinner is having an art show and i didn't know what to expect. i don't know him very well and i'm not sure what my opinion is yet either.
i only know him from kickball and he's the resident hooligan pottymouth (every team needs one).
but i was actually really impressed by his stuff.
he had a jillion paintings all done within the last 7 months.
i only wish i had as much drive.
(this is a small snippet of one of his paintings)
sidenote: while we were there he had someone take a picture of the 4 of us.
i know he's going to get it back and wonder who in the world i am.

afterwards we headed back to katy & camille's apartment and chatted.
politics, paintings and sparkle motion.
it made me realize how hardly ever go anywhere just to hang out.
i wonder how that came to be...

you never said i'd see you again.

October 14, 2004 - 01:34 AM

i bet some of you are saying, "holy shit, i thought she was dead."
but i am very much alive (even if i never respond to your emails, or finish sending out the xmas cards i promised---which for the record is because i am lazy and am somehow always "busy," not because i don't care).

and i know, i know, i've been awful and i've neglected you for a year.
i don't understand why you haven't broken up with me already.
but i'm going to change, promise this time.
you've been patient and i appreciate it.
i've got a new format that will make all of this much easier.
the details will roll out over time, and i hope you don't hate it.
what we have here is a bit of a "work in progress"

so now how to begin?
i could start by telling you what happened today, but that seems like cheating.
i mean it's been an entire year.
so we'll start with the daily's tomorrow.
and right now we'll try and get you caught up...

flag.jpghere are some highlights
1- randall and i set sail and claimed an island. now i'm expected to change my last name. (yes boys and girls, i'm now a betrothed woman!) i'll tell you the whole story some day, but for now that's a picture of the flag we made to commemorate the event.
2- i finally got to see the dears and i got my metal copy of the protest EP signed (in sacramento even!)
3- went to portland twice, san diego once, santa cruz twice, minnesota once, los angeles once and san jose too many times to count.
4- got fit and lost a bunch of weight (over 30lbs...dear god, how come no one told me i turned into a fatty? come on friends, what are you for?)
5- won 1st place dessert ribbon at the iron chef bbq 2004 (i guess this is how i turned into a fatty...)
6- joined a pickup kickball team
7- saw interpol on a moving boat in the san diego harbour
8- met alton brown!
9- went to the goonies house with scottel & kat
10- said i'd restart pocketpig about 1milliontrillion times


and yet some things never seem to change...
1- park avenue music are still the peachiest duo ever (they got married you know...)
2- i'm still trying to sell you on the dears
3- i still don't know what i want to be when i grow up
4- i live in the same place and drive the same car
5- said i'd restart pocketpig about 1milliontrillion times

and really, there's a lot more to say.
but we have plenty of time to say it.
and i hope you'll join me.
this is a new adventure for us all

but for now, it's time for bed.
see you tomorrow kiddos.
see you tomorrow.

the gnus!

August 12, 2004 - 03:04 AM


we have our own flag.
and now we're gettin' hitched.