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rule # 1: don't talk about sushi club

October 09, 2006 - 12:01 PM [ ]

sushi club rock n roll

first of all, let me say, if the stupid cellphone could talk to the network happily i would've been posting all weekend long. now having said that, i'll also say it's probably a good thing i couldn't do any live posting. I probably would've been a bit embarassed by it all.

anyways, let's start off with friday night.

since scottel is in town we decided it would be appropriate to go to a sushi club outing. at 5pm we landed at a party of 9 with no reservations. the few places i wanted to go to hold about 10 people inside, so i figured it was going to be a night of waiting. that's when megumi (one of cindy's coworker's) suggested ozumo because it's big. so i called to see what could be done. that's when the lady told me that there was a private room for 12 that we could get, but that the minimum was $1000. !!!!

naturally i said, um, we're not planning on spending $1000. awkward pause and then she puts me on hold. she comes back about 3 minutes later and says, oh well we just had a cancellation, i can put you in the room without the minimum. so ta-da. what do you know private room.

now let's talk about ozumo.
the place was swank, like a las vegas or los angeles. that hi-gloss party swank that i rarely get to see, because let's face it, i'm not that swank, nor do i really want to be. i was the first to arrive (scottel & randall parked the car) and while i was waiting outside i totally got chatted up! this dude apparently just got in from italy where he designs cars, he got his mba at cal, owns a house (a little edwardian where he rents out the bottom floor), drives a dino, almost worked for intel as an engineer, travels all the time, etc etc. i learned all of this in about 3 minutes. i knew more about this guy than i did some of my dinnermates. sidenote: randall later saw this guy walking, no fancy car. so was he all lies? do i look that gullible??

anyways, the private room at ozumo is pretty neat, nice and big and we fit all 9 of us in there with lots of room to spare and ate a lot of fish and spent almost as much money on sake as we did fish. but fun was had and i'd say anywhere you can get a private room with good company, good sushi and nice drink is worth it. even if we did pay almost 700 bucks (which is less than 100 per person, so really it wasn't that bad).

after the sushi feast our party of 9 dwindled down to 6 (including a farewell to randall as he was feeling sick and fevery) and the rest of us ended up at the bow bow club in chinatown. the bow bow club ROCKS. candy (the taiwanese bartender is awesome). it makes me wonder what it would've been like to go out when morm was bartending. that would've been awesome. it is also a karaoke bar a la the XO lounge. just awesome made me feel at home, without being overly crowded, obnoxious or anything. down to earth dive-ish bar with with karaoke. totally my new favorite place. to sum bow bow up "j & cindy do wonderwall, i get lost in your eyes, this cliched italian stayin alive dude wanted pants to be optional, the bartender's husband going to kill him with his eyes, jowling, bubba lips, quadruple jowling with bubba lips, we get the best nut, candy knows i'm chinese. woah" and well really you should've been there.

afterwards we stumbled around drunk, got snax and sweets and then somehow ended up at the hustler club until 3:30 in the morning. go figure.

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dang that pic's hot.

Posted by: juju [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 23, 2006 04:05 PM

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