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October 13, 2006 - 10:10 AM [ life ]

hodgman1.jpgOkay, so the whole phone posting on the go (which is what i depend on the most) is still a no go. Which is too bad, because then last night I could have told you about how we were seeing John Hodgman (yes you do know who that is, he's a very funny resident expert and oh yah, he's the PC in those mac commercials) at cody's. he was funny ha ha.

also if the phone was working I could have told you about how we then ate at the food court at the fancy new mall (it's across the street from cody's) afterwards. I had the spicy pork bowl from the korean bbq place and randall had some tritip sandwich with mashed potatoes. see? what kind of food court has mashed potatoes? obviously only fancy ones.

and if i could post on the go, i could tell you how I found amazingly fitting jeans at gap's new brand "Forth & Towne." and then immediately felt sad because i keep reading that it's targeted towards older women... but hopefully by older they just mean not 18 because I thought they had some cute stuff in there. although this young (probably about 18) girl came in and very vocally declared "there is nothing sexy in this store! i am out of here." so maybe by older they just mean non-hoochie. also samshrew would probably shop here and she is younger than me although she is going to "be a lawhyer" so she dresses more grown up anyway... but all joking aside, these jeans are fitting me amazingly AND bonus! they don't even need hemming.

another thing you would've known if the phone was working was that on wednesday i went over to the loverly bapril's (bill + april) house to watch runway and lost. also to eat way too many crackers, pears and TASTY tasty blue cheese smothered in honey (soooo good) and speaking of lost. whaaaa?? do you then benry ever leaves the island, like does he go on vacation? what is going on? why do they all look like they're from a (as cindy pointed out) j crew catalog!?!

i could have also told you about how on monday i didn't have to go into the office and got to play at the photo studio. and how that's way more fun that going into the office and how really i need to figure out how to do that everyday. even if it is just art directing inanimate objects for the cutlery.

but unfortunate for everyone involved, the phone network's broken so i couldn't tell you any of those things. boo.

Posted by pocketpig at October 13, 2006 10:10 AM


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