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big changes are a brewing

May 26, 2006 - 10:42 AM [ life ]

hey there, i've been lazy.
okay actually that's not totally true. i am lazy is a true statement, but i haven't been totally lazy.

i've actually been spending all my free computer time hunting for a new job and trying to get my life in order. it's been in limbo/disarray for the last several years and i really want to fix that. we live between 3 cities now! that has got to stop.

during the last 2 months all sorts of exciting adventures happened (parties and train cars and fructy and nerd fair and randall's new job and so much has gone on i can't believe i've neglected it this long) i'll say that i'll talk about them someday, but we all know better, i never will. i'll try, but that rarely happens...

there has also been interviews in the city, interviews by the bay and interviews over the phone. they know about it at work now. i've got an offer on the table and i've countered, now i'm waiting to hear back.

oh and at work we have new "no blogging" policy. or so i hear, i haven't seen or signed the new handbook policy yet (it's on its way). so i guess i'm free until then or until i leave, which ever comes first...

it's weird to think i'll be leaving fun-thanklessmusic retail to join megamalllifestyleretailer in their onlinespamdept. wacky. oh and i will refer to it from now on as MMLR (in case they also have a no blogging policy), that is if they actually hire me.

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