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meat feast double date

March 05, 2006 - 01:25 PM [ life ]
meatplate.jpg last week camille and i said our households should hang out more since we are of the meateating minority (there is a vegetarian dominance among our friends), so friday afternoon i asked if she and cr would like to join randall and i for dinner. we diliberated on where we wanted to go and eventually settled on sandra dee's. i mean what better place to go for meat feast than bbq house where vegetarians can't eat 99% of the menu?

when we got there we took stacey's advice. she had told me that her and kari liked to go there and split the 4 meat combo, so we decided to split 2 of them among the 4 of us.

for meats we had tri tip, rib tips, ribs, hot links, chicken, fried oysters, fried snapper & grilled shrimp. for sides we had mac & cheese, spicy corn, hush puppies, french fries & cornbread.

i ate and ate and ate. man it was tasty.
i liked the tri-tip the best. camille liked the chicken. the fried fishes were so-so, but man the meats in meat sauce. yum!

while we were there this awesome (and by awesome i mean mostly ridiculous lame) guy serenaded us like we were in some coffee shop. i thought that was a bit odd. oh and also, camille does not recommend the sweet tea. i tasted it and agreed. even though they said it was not from a can, it tasted like it was from a can. or maybe a bottle. but you get the idea.

afterwards we went to the bonn lair for some drinks. i ordered the chimay forgetting how strong it was. the tingle of pre-drunk ran up my neck pretty quickly. i don't know why, but that's where i tend to feel the alcoholic effects.

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