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Mayflower landing

March 11, 2006 - 08:57 AM [ life ]
when i got home from work yesterday randall said "woah, best buy is totally open" and then we wondered what else was open over there. a few miles away they built this brand new gigantic shopping center (the kind you can see from the freeway). i'd heard that it would all be opening in april, but i guess some of it is opening earlier. so now our neighborhood has a target, a costplus and a best buy. according to all the signs we'll soon have an old navy, linens n' things, pier1, sam's club and a bunch of other stores that don't have signs yet. the typical freeway strip mall.

but hey, it's something new, so we decided to go check it out.

while perusing the aisles of target juju called me back. she didn't get my call earlier because she was perusing the aisles of the other target. go figure.

after chatting for a few minutes we decided we'd meet her, wes & tuttle (aka mcd's) at the mayflower. tuttle ordered a pretty delicious bass. and we also partook in the orange spicy chicken (which wasn't that spicy and a bit soggy), walnut shrimp (which was too mayonaise-y), chicken chow mein, sweet & sour tofu, and the included in the meal fried spring rolls, potstickers and hot & sour soup.

while there tuttle told us about his new venture into office life. this means he's now got himself an internet presence and a new phone. yay for tuttut and his entry into the future!

sidenote: the mayflower is a chinese restaurant my mom used to like when i was younger. but later when i told her that's where i went for dinner she made a retching/gagging sound.

Posted by pocketpig at March 11, 2006 08:57 AM


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