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animal dissapointment

March 05, 2006 - 04:51 PM [ life ]
meatplate.jpg last night we ended up heading out to the library (a bar/venue) for the animal collective show. the library is a tiny venue so it was a big deal. first of all a big deal that a relatively known band is playing sacramento. secondly a big deal because apparently this is the smallest venue on their tour (i'm pretty sure they're playing fillmore tonight).

the show was overcrowded and sold out. it was like a who's who of the sacto scene with special appearance from sf dave (last known sighting: july 2005).

i had been on the fence on whether or not i wanted to go to the show. when i first heard about it, i wanted to. then a bunch of time went by and i wasn't sure i wanted to. i was afraid it was going to be crowded and boring (in that way that even though i like the music a lot, seeing it live bores me, such as stereolab, modest mouse, broadcast, etc). then i heard that they were a really good live show so i figured why not. then i heard it was sold out so i figured oh well. then we found out they "came into a few more tickets" so we said sure why not.

and that's how we ended up at the library.

and sadly my gut reaction was right. the show ended up being lackluster and dull. more than just a little dissapointing. the kids up in front (and i say kids because they looked little like 13 or so) seemed to have a good time. apparently there was a mosh pit and crowd surfers. what?? i'm too old to be at a show with a freeking pit. but i'm not sure how pit like it was, we didn't see it. we were in the back in the window area at the bar. it was a good view until rosie perez & her short friend stood on a trunk and blocked our view. oh and the sound kept cutting in and out. i know they have an odd sound, but i don't think that was quite intentional. especially judging by the dumbfounded looks on the sound guys.

Posted by pocketpig at March 5, 2006 04:51 PM


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