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that's what i said

February 25, 2006 - 05:09 PM [ life ]

some things i meant to post last week.

last week i went and grabbed a burrito at lunch. chicken with all sorts, like everything behind the counter in it. when i brought it back to work, eduardo had me weigh it. it was almost 2 pounds. that is ridiculous

this thursday night katy and i went to see the goonies at the ua arden. they're doing a flashback movie each week. she'd never seen it on the big screen and my oh my the truffle shuffle just isn't as amazing unless it's on a big screen. you really get the full shuffle/jiggle effect. sidenote: i expected the crowd to be rowdier. boo on you crowd. you should have yalped and cheered more.

this is scottel via webcam. the portland weather and his hermit tendencies have kept him indoors for too long. his hair is going wild and his face is growing something odd. i think he thinks it's johnny depp pirate like, but really it's more orlando bloom rat like. har har har. sidenote: he just got a new puppy named jet. she has the cutest raccoon/panda eyes. i should have photographed that.

last friday night samshrew, jorn, randall and i went to pho'y for dinner. it's a pho place that we've never been too even tho it's really near our house in san jose. when we walked in the place smelled like amazing basil extravaganza. i thought that it was a good sign, but when we sat down and got the menu, even more AMAZING good sign. on the back of the menu was a flowchart algorithm of pho service (aka how to eat pho. WAH!! only in san jose. such nerdsor detail. i hearted it.

last thursday i went to mary's with kari, jeff and stacey. it was more work work talk talk, also the first time for momma to leave baby at home and go out. afterwards i cut out and headed over to liquid to meet up with carolyn and her drunks. one of them was dressed as a clown. a relatively drunk clown at that. he was trying to come up with a word like essence or epitome, but neither of those worked. he then gave me a very serious mission. i am to obtain the oldest dustiest thesauraus i can find and send him an email with all the synonyms for epitome. he's hoping i'll find his word.

Posted by pocketpig at February 25, 2006 05:09 PM


Scottel, you are dirty! when did your hair get so dark?

Posted by: randallmeyer [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 26, 2006 09:11 PM

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