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February 25, 2006 - 04:14 PM [ life ]
today i got up early and ran a bunch of errands (library books, returns, etc).

randall is still in san jose and it was weird to have a saturday with nothing planned and no one to ask "so hey whatcha feel like doing today." on one hand it was really nice and on the other it made for a quiet day.

yesterday alexis told me that she was selling bracelets at deep (a yoga studio). they were having a fashion flea market sellout-buyout like thing. i decided it would be neat to check out. so i went down there when they opened. i ended up scoring these two little guys. they're from south america somewhere (i'm too dumb to remember where the lady said they were handmade from) and they hold incense out of the top of their heads. we're not really incense kind of people, but i loved them and i couldn't decide who was cuter, so i took them both home.

afterwards i headed home and decided to have some snax. my cousin visited from taiwan last week (more on that later). she brought us some taiwanese items, including a bag of snacks. one of them was this dehydrated squid stuff that i like. it's like spicy squid jerky. and yes i know that sounds revolting, but bear with me here, this stuff is fantastic.

while eating it, i happened to read the back of the package. it was all in chinese except for the "savory relishes to enjoy" also note that for the "Expiry date" you need to "Please see the sealed place" and for storage instructions, be sure to keep it at "Room temterature."


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