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employee of the what?

February 13, 2006 - 05:54 PM [ life ]

um. hello are you people serious? running out of candidates or something? because it's awesome and all, but really am i honestly worthy of EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH.???!?!?! i kinda feel not. it makes me feel guilty.

eduardo tells me it's like on office space once that guy stops caring everyone is like YES THEY ARE AWESOME. because i kinda stopped caring as much as i used to. don't get me wrong, i get all my work done, i'm just trying not to stay late to get it done and i'm getting here closer and closer to 10am everyday. and my heart's just not in it. but i guess my 40% devotion is still seen as eotmonth caliber. bizarre.

i mean today i got in and stacey said to me, "sorry to bother you right when you get in, but i have a meeting at 10"...oh i guess it was almost 10. hello you guys have been here for almost an hour longer. and we're going to leave at the same time. hello doesn't that bother you? is that really worth employee of the month... do you really want your employee of the month to put more importance on style channel's top 10 beauty tips of 2006 than they do in punctuality?? i mean, i couldn't leave the house before knowing that bold lips are in. so is brown eyeshadow. so is "rough hair" and also a sleek military ponytail. and also big eyebrows. but none of this at once.

sidenote: guess i better stick with the big eyebrows. it's about time something of mine was in.

sidenote2: here's my glowing blurb. it's all true, so maybe i deserve some recognition, but seriously tell someone else deserves congrats first, how can you be eotm when your heart doesn't care anymore?? "In addition to always seeming to know "the word on the street," [means i always know the office gossip] she has a major impact on just about everything we do online. [She] designs and develops all the graphics for our email campaigns, printed materials, and website. She is also an integral part of the site release process as she creates mockups that maintain our site graphics standards, consider customer ease of use, and provide a basis for the tech team to start development. In addition, in January, [she] was called on for several additional graphics needs and did a tremendous job in delivering what was needed in very short time frames."

gwah seriously. this makes me feel really guilty and somewhat ill. i don't even remember doing anything important in january.

Posted by pocketpig at February 13, 2006 05:54 PM


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