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This is not a sandwich

January 03, 2006 - 12:00 PM [ life ]
Friday was a half day. Matt strolled in at around 10, he didn't know. I thought to myself how nice that would be to think you had to go in for a whole day and then surprise! you get to go home at 12. but then i don't think i'd ever forget it was a half day. i mean if you can leave work early how can you forget? i mark that on my calendar as soon as i learn!
when i got home randall and i decided to get something to eat. i felt like sandwiches, but wasn't sure where to go. randall felt like soup and also wasn't sure where to go. randall ended up suggesting selland's. i thought maybe we could go try that other fancy pants cafe market in the pavillion's shopping center, but i couldn't remember what it was called and randall had no idea what i was talking about, so we ended up at selland's.

selland's is a fancy pants cafe market wine shop eatery. i've been there a few times and for some reason i can't find it on this site when i do a search, but i swear i've mentioned it before. the first time i went was with sue. we must have looked hopeless pathetic as they let us sample a trillion things. i had the carnitas sandwich then but totally eyeballed the chicken terriyaki thighs. the next time i had a different sandwich, but again eyeballed the chicken thighs. so this time, i had the chicken thighs. and they were tasty and juicy and exactly what i thought they would be like. they came with a side of perfectly golden and tasty butternut squash and a side of mac & cheese with fontina and parmesan. i totally heart fancy pants mac & cheese. even randall said it was good which is surprising, because even though he's a food snob, he hearts hearts hearts box mac & cheese.

snopswe grabbed the only empty table inside and ended up sitting next to these people. i think she said 3 words the entire time. he seemed like a total cliche. i was trying not to eavesdrop, but it was difficult as i could hear him as soon as i walked into the place, so once we sat down it was as if he was talking at us also. he went on and on about his masters and travelling and some baptism in a small italian village in the old country. okay, so maybe he didn't use the word old country, but i felt like he should have. he seemed the type if you know what i mean.

sidenote: go figure, we learned about a new soup/sandwich place downtown AFTER we ate lunch.

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