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le lunchbreak

January 03, 2006 - 04:36 PM [ life ]
in case you haven't noticed. today is a waste of a work day. i have very little to do right now (got a ton of stuff done this morning) and it's a bit frustrating. there are a few projects due soon, but i haven't received any specs, so i can't really do anything. and i know they're all going to arrive on my desk at the same time and i'll have to bust my butt to get them done in time. and i'll get really stressed and then have to stay late every day like i've done for the last month.

at lunch time i couldn't take the idling any longer and called juju to see if she'd had lunch. i told her that i just wanted to get out of the office for a bit (i think things are turning poison around here, it's weird feeling). so i met up at her new office which is in a victorian downtown. it was so ridiculously cute (that's it on the corner). then we went to olipom and le fun. there were some really cute dresses, but i ended up not getting anything.

leftovers a la baoafter about an hour we parted ways and i went back to work where i ate lunch. bao had brought me some leftovers the other day. it was pretty good green pepper beef. only i think the green peppers were giant green chili peppers and not regular green peppers. also the meet was a little rubbery/overcooked, but that might have just been the reheating that did that.

i washed it all down with a baby can of diet dr. pepper and then i got the hiccups. cans of diet. dr. pepper always give me hiccups it's weird. eduardo heard me and gave me his technique. you sit up perfectly straight and put two fingers behind your left ear right at the jaw line and inhale/exhale deeply. it worked for me. i'll have to remember that trick for the future.

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