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audio books, enlightenment, gnocchi and more

January 18, 2006 - 09:08 PM [ life ]
today i went home from work early. i've been getting these ridiculous headaches where it feels like the right part of my brain is gonna burst out. dr says it's tension/stress headaches. i say they suck.

after i left work i headed to the post office to drop off a package. then i went to the library to pick up some books on CD that i'd ordered. eduardo gave me the da vinci code a month or so ago (i don't think i'd have bothered to read it, but on audio it was fantastic) and now i'm hooked on audio books (just finished girl with pearl earring, now i want to see the movie). i always thought i'd be a snob and a reading purist, but i've changed my mind. audio books are awesome. and they're just in time as i've mostly run out of this american life episodes.

after the 3 minutes at the libary, i went to jamba juice for some enlightened smoothie passionfruit thing. i used to think they tasted weird (they being the enlightened kind) but then i found out today that the one i got was only 150 calories. that is 300 calories less than most of the other jamba juices. so hey for 300 calories i'll deal with not nearly as nice.

afterwords i went home, decided it was too cold for jamba juice (so i put in the fridge), ate some sweet potato bisque (from trader joe's i don't recommend it, it's way way way way way too sweet) and then napped for at least 3 hours.

when i woke up i talked to randall. his company just got bought by another. he survived the regime change layoffs and now he might be going to england for a week. if so he'll leave on sunday. what?!? LUCKY. funniest part is, he'll be headed to cambridge (where i used to live). double lucky. worst part is (well besides the fact that i can't go) is that i can't even think of anything i want him to bring back for me.

after talking to randall i ate some gorgonzola gnocchi (also from trader joes and very tasty, except that i used too much oil) and watched lost. HELLO. who are these people!? that's all i'll say for those of you still behind. WHAT WHAT? how can they give away so much and yet give away nothing at all. also jack's back story bores me.

and now a total sidenote: my number one choice for dogs has been chow chow (i will name him general tsao) for so long now, but i think corgis with their stunted legs have recently won me over.

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