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Different temple this sunday

January 23, 2006 - 10:40 AM [ life ]

yesterday randall went to the san francisco airport and flew to england. yep boys and girls. randar is in england right now. actually he's in cambridge (small world isn't it?). work sent him sorta last minute (he had a few days notice). he'll be there until early friday morning. crazy isn't it? i'm total jealous. so if you live in the cambridge, england drop me a line, i'll pass you on to him.

once randall was shipped off i went over to my morm's house. we were going to temple and then to put up a sign somewhere. when we got to temple we arrived during the "chanting class" so we had to wait in the foyer area for about 15 minutes. the foyer was a little bit awkward as it was really crowded and everyone was praying and following along with the chanting. i tried, but i couldn't understand anything, so i just sat there peacefully.

afterwards i asked my morm what they were saying during the chanting, but she said she didn't know, she just followed along...

once the chanting was done, we went inside and did the usual temple stuff. you can read about it in last year's temple entry (it's at the bottom). i always think i should go more often than once/twice a year. i didn't grow up going to temple, it's something that started when i went to college, but i really like it there. and again this year i felt totally ignorant. someday i should learn more about it.

after temple morm and i headed back to her house to grab the sign, the tools and to change our clothes. i mentioned that i was a bit hungry so she fed me her lunch leftovers. noodles with thinly sliced chicken and stir fried spinach. she handed me the large bowl and told me that i'd have to eat in the car as it was going to be dark soon and we had a sign to put up.

so i got in the car and ate a bowl of noodle soup. yes in the car. i found that amazingly fun and weird. we arrived shortly after i'd finished eating and put up a sign on a piece of property her client is selling. then we drove around a fancy pants neighborhood of custom homes where she pointed out the good and bad feng shui.

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