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the nights before christmas

December 27, 2005 - 10:40 AM [ life ]

last monday started with a halfday at work, a good phone conversation (i'll hopefully tell you more about it in the future) and then some mall shopping. the mall was frightening on monday afternoon at 3pm. i think we would have hurt someone if we went there during the weekend.

getting so fattuesday-thursday are a big work blur. i think i hate working in e-tail during the holidays. i never used to think that, but this year has been a nightmare. our numbers our up and things are going well, but the number of hours put into work are up and stress levels are up. they fed us on wednesday though. it's there way of saying thank you. it's a nice gesture, but i think i realized what's happening. they want us to get so fat we won't be able to get out of the doors. there was a full sandwich spread, cookies, salad, sodas, chips, a platter of homemade fudge and a cake.

after a week of hell at work (NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS need to be up! SELL SELL SELL!") i ended up taking friday off (we were getting a half day anyway). so on thursday night randall and i went to san jose. we arrived around 9:30 and randall asked if i wanted to go to the mall. we had a couple of stores we wanted to go to there and were planning on waking up early friday to go. the mall closed at 11, so we figured, hey let's go now, i bet it's not nearly as busy. WE WERE WRONG. there were a ton of cars there and a lot of people arriving. luckily we found parking right away, but when we went inside it was PACKED. we passed thru the food court and every seat was full.

shop til you drop when i was checking out at banana republic (randall needed another uniform shirt and i got a new black cardigan to live in for 10 bucks!) this girl fainted and hit her head crazy hard on the wooden floor. everyone surrounded her and shouts of "I KNOW CPR!" wrang out thru the store. i thought OH Dang! so do i! but then i also thought, wait, she's breathing and moving around and sort of talking, no one needs to use CPR here. they carried her over to the couch (she fainted again on the way there) and propped her up. i thought her neck looked all wrong angle on the couch and that they should position her differently. but there were too many people dealing with it already. and banana was just wanting to ring people up and get them out of their store. so we paid for the purchases and left the mall. randall found out his laptop was ready at the apple store, but he had to pick it up tomorrow. so much for not going to the mall tomorrow... oh, when we pulled out of the parking garage i saw an ambulance, the girl who fainted was inside.

mr lee'sthe next morning randall and i got up and got ready to go out (after watching a saved episode of this season's curb your enthusiasm first). we had a bunch of errands to run. first half of the day was going to be for fun and the second half was going to be errands to run. there was nothing to eat for breakfast at that house so we ended up deciding to eat out for breakfast. we were trying to figure out what we felt like when i suggested mr. lee's. lee's sandwiches (as i mentioned before) are the tastiest sandwiches and oh so cheap. randall had a grilled chicken sandwich (with no sour vegetables) and i ended up having soymilk and yotiao (a chinese pastry of fried dough. you dip it in the soymilk, but man it's greasy). sidenote: there's apparently a "curious brain protien" named after it. weird...

gamerz after breakfast randall and i headed to the tech museum downtown. there's an exhibit we've been meaning to see called "Game On." it ends on Jan. 2 so we had to go before then. pretty much it's an awesome interactive exhibit about videogames and culture. it's pretty much my idea of a great date. tons of games to play. music from games (i wish we could buy the cds, i think they would have made great christmas presents for some people). i know it had a lot of stuff in it, but really i never wanted it to end. i wish all 3 floors of the museum was dedicated to this. i heart old video games. scottel once took us to a place in portland of all vintage video games. i wanted to go back every single day. oh and for some reason i think this scene (shown in picture) is amazing. youth and video games. i heart the future.

after the museum we strolled around downtown san jose (they decorate it up for the holidays every year, but during a rainy daytime everything just looked soggy and sad), then we went to visit grant and family. we were served tea and cinnamon rolls. i remarked to randall that someday i want to be as cute as they are and happen to have cinnamon rolls or baked goods on hand in case guests arrive. right now i don't even have mugs to serve the tea in let alone the tea.

after a few hours of visiting we headed back to the mall area. there are actually two malls one is outdoors and the other is a HUGE traditional indoor mall. they're across the street from each other. randall's eye place is in the outdoor mall and he wanted to pick out new glasses before the end of the year (insurance stuffs). so we went there and he tried on a trillion pairs. he finally settled on these fancy hand lasered wood frames. they're awesome looking, but i'm a little afraid that they'll get sat upon and snap.

afterwards we hit a few of those shops and then walked across the street to the regular mall. randall had to pick up his laptop from the apple store. he had to wait at the genius bar for a while because it seemed like there was only one genius on duty. i went and bought some ridiculous junk jewelry earrings a few stores down. when we were done with that we left the mall and head back home.

once again, exhausted.

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