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like i needed something to waste time on

October 22, 2005 - 08:28 AM [ links ]

yesterday bao sent me a link to this game called notpron. it's this myst like game where you have to get thru all the levels. the point is to look at the picture figure out the clue get the password and move on.

i really didn't need something to waste time, but now i'm hooked.

if you check it out you should be sure to start "view> source" when you're stuck. also the address bar is a good place to look. and google.

anyway. i'm only on level 10, i have a bajillion more levels to go.
only 70 of 5.5+ million have solved it and i want to be 71.

Posted by pocketpig at October 22, 2005 08:28 AM


Please help for level 10

Posted by: megan at January 9, 2006 02:31 PM

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