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Emergency room fiasco

October 25, 2005 - 12:05 PM [ life ]
yesterday around 4:30 i got a disturbing call from my dad. he wanted to know if i'd talked to my morm today. i asked him no and then asked why. he said that he had just talked to her 20 minutes ago, and that she thought she'd had a mild stroke, went to get an mri and was driving back to her doctor's office even though the doctor told her not to drive.

so he was panicking because he went to meet her at the drs' office (even though she said, "aiya. it's a nuthing. i see you later.") and her car wasn't there. and last he heard she was just "getting off the freeway." so he checked all the freeway exits near her drs' office and nothing. and now she wasn't answering her phone. so yes, had i heard from her and what should we do?

so naturally i panicked too.

then we got smart and i called her drs' office. they'd said that she'd been in that morning for an appt. and some tests but that she hadn't been back there. so that was also worrisome. what in the world was going on and where was my morm?

i left work immediately. my dad sounded a wreck. i didn't really know what to do, but i figured i could go figure it out with him. so i got in the car and i drove towards her dr's office and my dad drove towards their house to see if maybe she just hadn't gone home (she's stubborn). we also joked that knowing my morm she was probably at the asian grocery store near the drs' office.

when i got about 2/3 the way to their house, my morm finally picked up her phone. she was at the ER back downtown. i told her that we were worried about her and she said, "aiya. no one needs to worry." and i told her it was my job to worry and that i was coming down to the ER. then she told me not to bother because she was ah-oh-kay.

so i got off the freeway and turned the car around (also now is a good time to add that i am driving on a nearly flat tire with a nail stuck thru it, i was going to go get new tires after work today, the mini has no spare). i got to the er and found her sitting in the waiting room. she looked a little broken. mostly tired. but her face muscles didn't look off or anything and she was talking and was normal.

i asked her to explain what happened and why she didn't answer her phone and what was she doing at the ER when dad said she was going to her regular doctor?

long story: she didn't feel good, made an appt, went to the dr, dr was afraid it was mild stroke and sent her to er (told her not to drive and not to leave dr's office until she had a ride, but my mom apparently just bounced as soon as the dr. left the room and then drove herself to the er because she is STUBBORN), at the er they misinterpreted the dr's note - thought dr wanted an mri, went to get mri, waited, got some help from a friend she ran into, got the mri, waited somewhere, test results back, they sent her to go back to the dr with the results, she drove to dr's office, talked to my dad (this is where we lost her), dr called her back and said WTF? why are you driving and WTF? who authorized an mri? and WTF? why didn't you go to the emergency room? WTF?! why are you driving?? go back to the emergency room!! so she went back to the emergency room and they ask you to turn your cellphone off, so she did. and that is why we could not get a hold of her.

at the emergency room we waited and waited and waited and waited.
she wanted to leave ("eh! i don't even hurt anymore. i wanna go home."), but i wouldn't let her.

turns out in the end it was no big deal.
mri came out super clean. her brain is healthy despite her ridiculousness. they say she better get a better pillow and see a physical therapist. they think it's some huge knotted neckmuscle that could be pinching a nerve.

afterwards she told me "eh, you know, you gonna usea this story in a movie someday, okay?"


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