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life is too short for sadness

August 02, 2005 - 10:31 AM [ life ]

this morning the bossman's boss called all the managers into an office, they chatted, then solemn faces came out and rounded up all the staff. with all the whatsits and rumors going on we all had to wonder what hushed voices and solemn faces had to say. is the place closing down? are we all fired? are we getting new bosses? what is this unprecedented (they never shut the phones down) round up for?

a few minutes later we found it. it was nothing like that. nothing so trivial. instead we received tragic news about co-worker casey (who is one of the sweetest hands down nicest guys i've ever met, even if he always seemed to have a hidden sad streak).

his wife passed away yesterday. no details were told out of respect. but it's really sad, they're really young. i'm pretty sure they're early 30s. and they've got a 4 year old (at least i think that's how old, could be younger). also i'm pretty sure she was a stay at home mom, i hope he has a big enough support group to pull thru. he always seems like the kind of guy that given the wrong kind of news could topple into a downward spiral of depression and drinking.

i hope i'm wrong.

after we were given the news (which i thought was really nice and on the up & up for bossman's boss to deliver the news the way he did, along with counseling #s if needed), four kinds of people walked out of the room. you were either so sad and teary eyed, unaffected because you didn't really know them, shellshocked but life goes on, or like me - shellshocked but sad enough to not want to go on with work, but not so sad that i'm bursting in tears. i'm more of the i have kleenex here take some, and have this hug too, you need it.

but, no matter which camp you were in, you have to admit, it sort of makes work look pointless.

Posted by pocketpig at August 2, 2005 10:31 AM


i get kind of shell shocked by that stuff too. when i get bad news at work it makes me sad but i can't really cry. but i can't focus on anything either. i'm sort of like a zombie.

Posted by: alice at August 4, 2005 11:40 AM

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