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pros and cons

July 08, 2005 - 04:50 PM [ life ]

a little while ago jeff asked me how depressing it would it be to actually make a list of pros and cons about the job. i said it would probably be depressing to see all those cons. he asked if it would be more or less depressing than old & fat new order. i said it would be more depressing because hey, at least fat new order looks like they're still having fun. and work, well it's not fun anymore.

Now i am going to make the list of pros and cons.
I will be updating this as I think of others.

  1. relaxed schedule (i can stroll in whenever/leave whenever)
  2. relaxed Environment (i can wear whatever i want to)
  3. don't have to prove myself (been here long enough, already proven it)
  4. no one watches over my shoulder
  5. my team members/the people
  6. not being the new girl
  7. the employee discount (especially on books)
  8. the in office shows (hey not my favorite bands or even bands i like, but it's a neat perk most people don't have)
  9. the free CDs/DVDs - even better if it's actually something i like
  10. the industry
  11. the free tickets

  1. the pay (i make about 60% of the "average" salary in my field)
  2. the work load (I do enough work for about 2.5 people)
  3. no other designers to bounce ideas off of
  4. i don't care about the stuff I make anymore - don't find it challenging
  5. relaxed environment (it's a plus yes, but also, I feel you've reached some sort of low when flip-flops to work is a-okay!)
  6. the wishy-washy Do this today, did i say that i meant this way the tasks have been assigned lately
  7. meetings for hours and hours talking in circles contradicting the last meeting
  8. the timelines (work that should take several days is expected in several hours, it would be okay ocassionally, but the "just this once" happens at least once a week)
  9. busting my ass and staying late to meet my deadlines only to have things sit for weeks or months because everyone else is too busy
  10. throwing out all prior strategy just because of someone's daily whim
  11. the antiquated equipment (we apparently have "no budget" for a new computer (i am using one that is 5 years old and just plugs along somehow) however we'll drop 800 bucks on equipment for flavor of the month projects and also a customer care center supervisor gets a total sweet flat screen monitor that i can read text on from forever away --jeff says it's about 90 feet-- and i have a 7 year old monitor with several dead pixels and a line burned across it)
  12. the inability to grow as a worker - i've hit my glass ceiling
  13. the repetitiveness of the tasks. i used to have to think, but lately no more thinking required.

i know, i sound bitter. i don't mean to. but they've broken me. i used to be the give 6000% employee. now i only feel like giving 60. the saddest part is i don't care and that's not like me. i'm usually really passionate about what i do. i want to make it the best thing possible. i want to question how the customer looks at the page, how the customer thinks, what approach they'll take. i want to make things that are up to par and have a lot of thought behind them. now i just want to make things to shut the rest of the department up. that's not healthy for me and it's really not fair for them.

Posted by pocketpig at July 8, 2005 04:50 PM


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