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Illegal sparklers and 27 years

July 06, 2005 - 09:59 AM [ life ]
yesterday was katy's birthday. i text messaged her early in the day to say happy birthday. she wrote back saying that she was going to go to dinner with camille. i told her to give me a holler if she had room for dessert or booty shakin' later. she told me to just come along to dinner.
so around 8 camille, katy and i went to ernesto's for a birthday celebration. i had the carnitas enchilada and carnitas taco plate. the carnitas there are so tasty. i ate the whole thing. little piggy my clothes didn't want to fit afterwards.

there seemed to be a lot of birthdays going on at ernesto's. lots of singing and hoopla. camille asked katy if she wanted the hoopla. katy, blushed and childlike smiled a yes. so there was singing and birthday flan (which camille did not like the top of and can i just say the top was the best part? all the juices and cinnamon all soaked in). stuck into the birthday flan was a sparkler.

HELLO THIS IS THE ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA BANNED SEVERAL YEARS AGO SPARKLER. total contraband. which is too bad, these are the good kinds that really sparkle.

afterwards we headed over to suresh's house to say hello to the frenchmen, alice and suresh. but the frenchmen were gone so we chatted with alice and suresh for a while. we tried to convince them to go to lipstick but alice was too sleepy. suresh, however joined us for a while. i don't know him so well, but he seems like a really nice guy (sidenote: he went to ucsc too. only we didn't know each other then).

lipstick was sort of a bust. it was really dead when we got there at 10:30. we left around 12 and it still wasn't that full. also i wasn't enjoying the music and especially not enjoying the segues. i dunno. is it over?

oh funny, where is my brain anecdote. at one point suresh said he was turning 29. i said, "oh like me." chorus of "you're 29?" me: "wait, no, i'm lying. i'm not 29. i have no idea why i said that. wait i'm 28. no wait...i dunno how old i am. this is quite embarrassing..." we had to do the math. katy was born the same year as me, she just turned 27. apparently i also turned 27 this year.

how did i not know that?

Posted by pocketpig at July 6, 2005 09:59 AM


i was the same way at 27. total forgot how old i was all the time. what does it matter after 21 anyway? i mean, it's not like you're 30!

Posted by: juju at July 6, 2005 02:51 PM

what? i thought you were 40!

Posted by: Katy at July 6, 2005 03:57 PM

Apparently senility kicks in around 27...

Posted by: camille at July 7, 2005 03:36 PM

What, you're only 27? I thought you were a class of 95-er like me. You must be one of those grade skippers then.

Posted by: Niki at July 11, 2005 10:09 AM

i didn't go to kindergarten.

Posted by: pocketpig at July 11, 2005 10:14 AM

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