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a little word about cleaning

July 01, 2005 - 11:31 AM [ life ]

okay, so we're moving.

i've been purposely not talking about it because i think i'm truly upset about it. sometimes excited. sometimes uncertain. a little frustrated. a tiny bit nervous. a tiny bit thrilled. sometimes strangely happy. but always lots of knots in my tummy when i have to think about it. it would make it a smidgen easier if i didn't like it here so much. and it would make it a LOT easier if the fruit would come a'calling.

so we're putting our house on the market today.
if you'd like to buy a 4 bedroom/3.5 bath in loverly Natomas (North Sacramento) just send me an email okay. it's pricey (as all real estate in the area has become). somewhere between 450 and 485. not exactly sure yet...but hey, BONUS! you could live in MY house.

anyways, so the last three nights i've been getting it ready - cleaning and scrubbing total thorough. on hands and knees - baseboards, floors, closets, cupboards, sinks, tubs etc. etc. i even gave away 4 giant bags of clothes and stuffs. and it's been exhausting. and i've mostly been doing it by myself.

last night i tackled the kitchen. it took forever to get the floor to sparkle. i think i wait too long between scrubs.

randall came home around 9:30. we were going to go to q-cup for q-pop chicken and ice cream crepes, but i didn't get around to calling juju and there was a miscommunicate. so that made me sad and i decided i didn't want to get dressed to go across town so they could watch us eat. because it seemed stupid. also i was filth from hands/knees scrubbing. and slightly grumpy from cleaning. and sick and tired of inhaling bleach for the third day straight.

so randall made us dinner. i was really hesitant. he's known in these parts as "the messy chef" and i had just gotten my kitchen to SPARKLE. so i kind of didn't want him to use it. but i also didn't want to go anywhere. and i didn't know what i wanted him to bring home. he tried panda express since it would be fast, but they had just closed.

so he made us pasta. and i stressed how i needed the kitchen to stay clean. while he was serving it out, he dropped a red-sauce-covered-spaghetti noodle on the sparkly lemon fresh floor. he didn't even have a chance to realize he dropped it let alone a chance to clean it before i freaked and went "GAAAH! i told you we have to keep the house clean!!!" and demanded he clean it that second.

after he picked it up he looked at me and mostly nice & calm like said, "i know, but you're going to have to calm down about this keep the house clean thing. we still have to live here."

i just looked at him and burst into tears.

Posted by pocketpig at July 1, 2005 11:31 AM



so sad.

Posted by: lucas at July 3, 2005 09:55 AM

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