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friday night primer

June 06, 2005 - 09:35 AM [ life ]
primer movie okay so this weekend was a little on the lazy side. friday night started with the obligatory "what do you want to do tonite? i dunno. what do you want to do tonite?" questions. nothing sounded particularly interesting, we thought about going to the movies, but couldn't muster up the strength for that either. the what do you want to do questions were quickly followed by "what do you want to eat for dinner? i dunno, what do you want to eat for dinner?" questions.

eventually we decided that sandwiches sounded like a great idea. so we went to the grocery store and bought some dark rye bread, some cheese, tomatoes and roast beast.

oh and right before we went to the store we saw this recipe for this tequila/orange/tomato drink. it sounded pretty good, and since we couldn't figure out what we wanted to do, we decided to pick up the tequila and stay home and drink.

but when we got back from the store, we realized we forgot to get the other parts of the drink. so randall ran back to the store while i made sandwiches.

afterwards we ended up watching this movie called primer. it had a lot of potential, but ended up being really dry and confusing. basic plot, two guys build a time machine on accident. and we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how many times they go back in time. all that time travel headache, how is that possible, you're there and then you're there and then you're there. combined with tequila drinks, didn't make that much sense.

and i wanted to really like it.
it had a lot of neat looking shots and had a nice feel. there was just too much excess and not enough plot development.

Posted by pocketpig at June 6, 2005 09:35 AM


not to mention some nice looking young blokes...

Posted by: juju at June 6, 2005 10:00 AM

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