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weddings and weekends

June 14, 2005 - 08:14 AM [ life ]

this weekend was busy-bee.
so busy-bee that on sunday randall couldn't even remember what we did on saturday night. i reminded him, "um, your sister's wedding."

"oh yah."

that's right, his baby sister beat him to the wedding punch. for the record we were engaged first, but once she got engaged she called to tell us and to ask "so have you guys set a date yet?" that's when we told her, "just plan yours we're never going to get a plan together."

so she did.

and she had a loverly ceremony out on lake tulloch in copperopolis (where? yah exactly). it was right on the water and originally they wanted to come out in a boat, but they ended up not doing it. i think the groom's mom won that decision. too bad, it would have been neat. but it was a nice ceremony. sort of low key, not pretentious. just nice.

i either want mine to be lower key.
or even more pretentious.
i can't decide yet.
(which is part of the reason why we've been engaged for over a year).

randall's family (of which i met half of for the first time at the wedding) was pretty nice. they've got your usual characters. the wacky step-grandpa, the crazy uncle, the no-show cousins. your typical family, i think. it was interesting to see all of them and see, so this is why he turned out the way he did...

at anyrate, the wedding ate up most of saturday. we had time for bagels in the morning (mixed it up with spinach-parmesan with cream cheese and tomatoes), but that was about it.

oh and on friday night we finally made it into kru. we had the sashimi tapas (pretty much 7 different types of sashimi prepared crazy on one neat serving dish) a few rolls and oooh oooh. pomegranate cider. so tasty.

afterwards i was too tipsy to drive straight home so we walked around and ended up at java city for a coffee and shortbread cookie.

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