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the machinist

June 10, 2005 - 04:00 PM [ life ]
machinist.jpg today is the slowest day ever. i swear to you, the clocks are going backwards. just like they did in that one scene in the machinist. back and forth and back and forth. we watched that movie last night. it was pretty good. definitely worth seeing. also christian bale, my god he lost 65 pounds for the role. he is holocaust crazy skinny. but i won't say much else about it. wouldn't want to give anything away.

anyways, it has been in the 3o'clock hour for over 105 minutes. i know, because i've been counting them.

at lunch the art dept. went to the spaghetti factory for michelle's birthday. i know i should've gone (especially now that the day is DRAGGING), but i just wasn't feeling up to. besides, i hate paying for the spaghetti factory. i just don't see the point. so i stayed in the office and had lunch at my desk. depressing, yes, but i figure this way i can leave just a little bit earlier and not feel guilty.

at around 3 (which was at least 4 hours ago), heather asked if i wanted to go for a walk. i'm wearing the worst shoes for walking (tiny heeled sandals) but i said sure, why not. at least i'll get out of the office for a little while.

the moment i stepped outside i regretted having said yes. it was hot, muggy and the shoes were not meant for walking. i only wear them to work so that i can kick them off under my desk. they're not really good for much of anything.

oh, well wouldn't you know, it's finally 4pm.
maybe now time will resume back to normal.

Posted by pocketpig at June 10, 2005 04:00 PM


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