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taqueria garita

June 07, 2005 - 01:22 PM [ life ]
taqueriagarita.jpg carolyn called me around 10:30 to see if i wanted to get lunch later today. i told her that i had an 11 that would probably run until 12:30 and then a 1o'clock afterwards. she told me to call her when i got out of my 11 to see if i would have time anyway. she thought perhaps we could have a quick lunch at potbelly.
i told her sure, why not, i'd give her a call. she sounded a bit frantic, like she had something important to say. turns out she just needed to get out of the office for a little while. a little venting is always good.

at 12:30 i got out of my meeting and discovered that the 1o'clock had been cancelled. so i called up carolyn and told her i would drive. we stopped at the gas station and then decided to try some place new.

yesterday, when driving to the rivers house to swap cars, i saw a taqueria i hadn't noticed before. so we went there. super taqueria garita.

it was better than the other taqueria we went to in west sac, but it wasn't super.

i had the carnitas quesadilla and a guava jarittos (they get bonus points for having that flavor on hand). and sad me didn't notice the salsa bar until we were leaving. that would have probably helped some.

i don't know if it would have made it super, but it would have made it spicier. the carnitas were a bit bland, more like cooked pork, not cooked pork in tasty flavor.

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