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saturday != sushi

June 06, 2005 - 11:20 AM [ life ]
pathetically does not open until 4pm on saturdays.
my mom's now the president of the Greater Sacramento Taiwanese Association. she's been heavily involved with these sort of things for years and years and years. usually we get suckered into going to some of the events, but not all of them. one of the ones we usually get a pass on is the annual summer picnic.
however, since she's president and running the show (so i believe), i figured it would be nice if we stopped by for just a little while. so around 1 randall and i headed down to the park.

when we got there, i saw some chinese organization having a picnic, but i didn't recognize any of the faces. so i called my mom to see what was up. apparently i was at the rival organization's picnic. hers was tomorrow.

oops. well i guess we've got time for lunch now.

so we got back in the car and decided to go get some sushi. this new place called kru just opened up. it's from the original taka's owner and we figured it sounded awesome so we had to go.

when we got there it was closed.
apparently it opens at 4pm on the weekends.
what? i can't get sushi for lunch? what what?

so we thought we'd drive 30 more blocks down J and go to hana tsubaki. i keep hearing good things, so i figure, alrite let's go there instead.

but when we got there, it was ALSO closed.

what? a gal can't get sushi at 1:30 on a saturday afternoon?

with my tail between my legs and my head hung low in defeat, we decided to hell with it and drove down fair oaks to run some errands. on the way we passed tokyo fro's (which is okay, but we've been there before and wanted something new) and then this place called miyaki where there were two guys eating outside. hurray! sushi had been found. but when we pulled up we saw that the sign said closed. they close from 2-4 on saturday afternoons and it was now 2:03.

talk about defeat.

now i didn't even care what we had for lunch.
so we ran our errands (randall had to pick something up at niello for gramps and i waited in the car for about 30 minutes) and then had lunch at chico's tacos. it's a small chain, and randall said there used to be one near his work that he really liked. but after we got our food, he said it was not the same. still inwardly craving fish, i got the fish burrito and it tasted really fishy. booo.

so then more errands and all day in the sun.
fast forward several more hours and we are finally at home.
the weather cools down a bit and randall notices that for some strange reason there are no kids in front of our house playing basketball (which they normally do every day until like 11pm at night). so we figured might as well get the chores done in peace.

so at 7pm we pulled out the lawn mower, the edger, the weedhound, the mr. clean auto wash and we went to work. the lawn (having been slightly neglected in our iceland absence) needed a haircut, the backyard needed a haircut and a weeding. the ant colony needed to be relocated and the cars needed a bath.

we finished around 9:30 and i totally deserved a slurpee.
only i realized i have no idea where there nearest 7-11 is.

so i decided to forget about the slurpee, went in showered, made a repeat of yesterday's dinner (roast beast sandwich) and made myself a drink involving pineapple starfruit concentrate, vodka and orange juice.

i used the last of the vodka (finally, i swear that bottle's been here for like 2 years at least) and then stupidly sat my glass down on the couch (you see where this is going, right?). in about .2 seconds (that went by in slow motion 2 minutes where my hands couldn't move fast enough even though it felt like 2 minutes) randall plopped down next to me and then SWOOOOOOOOOSH. alcoholic faux slurpee allover the couch.

resigned to a day of oops, i thought it best if we stayed in for the rest of the night. we watched this ridiculous italian film (that had for some reason been dubbed not subbed) from 1997 called "nirvana". it was supposedly "tron meets bladerunner meets the matrix" but i snorted outloud, recalling the naivety of 90's vision of "the web" (remember those articles on avatars and all those type of films where the web is something you can see and people have to plug in to it with their VR goggles?) and also the sometimes bad dub. i also fell asleep thru part of it, but i don't think i missed much. but again, like the previous night's film. i think there were some neat salvagable parts...maybe it was all lost in the translation...

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