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quitters never get free cookies

June 09, 2005 - 02:41 PM [ life ]

here's a few more ways in which my job is cooler than yours.
(it's also the reason why my belly is larger than yours).

this morning kari brought in donuts. i had two.
a sugar cinnamon & a regular with chocolate glaze.

went to a meeting across the street where i walked in thru the junk room instead of going all the way around. scored myself a ridiculous 3 foot tall U2 saleboard thing. (i know, you don't think u2 is that cool, so just pretend it's some band you get nostalgic yeah! for, that's who i found in the junk room and took back to my desk).

went back across the street for a meeting with warner bros. they showed us the super secret (even no one at mtv has seen it yet) video for the next green day single. we also got to see some other videos while we ate (including one for some guy named darrin powder or something like that, i don't remember his name, his song was mediocre, but the video was cute and had some chick from the OC in it). for lunch they brought us in the tiny bottles of soda and water, deli wraps and mini crossaint sandwiches and cookies and chips. oh and fruit. i ate 4 pieces of the pineapple. i should have eaten more of that instead of an extra cookie. it was really tasty pineapple.

oh and during the meeting one guy from warner kept joking about the size of the online group (there were 4 of us there, sadly that is all of us). he kept saying there were too many. the thing is, all the budget cost-cutting guys were in there, so what if they were thinking, hhrrrrmm...maybe this random dude is right? maybe we have too many online people? which is ridiculous because we are about 6 people short of running at a full steam.

so at 2pm the four of us left.
okay, so we had another meeting, but still, i think it was kinda funny. we walked back over to our building where harmonia mundi was waiting for us. he brought us ice cream bars. when kari wrote him last week (when it was hot and not raining) she jokingly told him to bring ice cream. so he did. so i sat in the freezing conference room, listened to some world village music and ate ice cream. now i definitely need to go to the gym...

and now, now i get to sit here and listen to the rest of the american life internet show, slap some logos on some graphics, push some more pixels around and then call it a day.

sounds pretty good huh?

but i do need to point out, today is not a typical work day.
however if put all cynicism aside, it's a pretty decent place to work.

so now tell me,
why do i want to quit?
why do i want to walk into my boss's office and say
"Okay. enough. you win.

i quit."

Posted by pocketpig at June 9, 2005 02:41 PM


that makes me miss valley. "label lunches" are the best. and taking "lunch" after spending "lunch" watching a band play? even better. too bad they have no job for me. :(

ps i remember my first email. it was at tower! i also remember w scolding me for writing in ALL CAPS. e me!

Posted by: ju at June 9, 2005 03:26 PM

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