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lunchtime tolcher

June 08, 2005 - 01:32 PM [ life ]
michael tolcher today at 12:30 i headed over to the main building. michael tolcher was playing our conference room. it's not really the sound i'm in to, and to be honest, i was there for the free lunch.

i know i shouldn't be so snotty. not everyone gets live music in their conference room. (nickel creek was here last week. i tried to post about it, but broken phone...)

but it's always just so awkward. we walk over to the conference room, the band is usually in the lobby waiting. i never know whether or not to make eye contact, or say anything. i know i should just say hi. it's their job to play music for us, they probably get bored travelling around playing conference room after conference room and maybe it's neat to talk to different people (i think i would find that part fascinating). but i don't know them, so why would i say hi? and i'm not a fan (i'm just here for the food) so i would feel guilty saying hi. and if i was a fan, then i would probably feel too lame to say hi.

so i just say nothing and walk into the room. grab my food. sit down. and then pretend to enjoy the show.

he wasn't so bad.
but jeff put it best, "um, did that seem like acoustic jesus rock without the jesus?"
and i would have to agree.
sweet and nice sounding, but it just rubs you the wrong way and makes you feel like, god am i such an awful person that i can't get behind this sound? like at all?

also, it's funny-bittersweet, i think there was once a time in my life where i would have said hi regardless of whether i knew them, or if i was a fan or not. just you're a person, i'm a talker. hello hello. let's make friends.

but i've noticed this trend lately:

i've either become shy or snobby.

i can't tell the difference anymore.

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