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lazy pigs

June 06, 2005 - 09:15 PM [ life ]

it's 9:30 right now and we've broken the plan.
the plan was this:
step 1: come home from work
step 2: make dinner
(a lime sauce chicken which came out too sweet, almost like a jam coating instead of a crunchy lime/brownsugar tastiness- yuck)
step 3: eat dinner relax a bit
step 4: randall finishes homework, i finish some freelance & start editing icleand photos
step 5: go the gym (which is desprately needed, i've been feeling a bit of a fat cow lately, i think my skin is rolling in places it's not supposed to be)

only now it's 9:30 and we're stuck on step 4.
he says he's not doing in on purpose and i guess i believe him, but homework sure does seem like a good excuse to get out of going to the gym, don't you think?

oh well guess it gives me time to get the photos edited (we took 2800+).

and speaking of photos. my baby digital camera broke.
it will cost 150 to fix, that hardly seems worth it.

and the phone still won't send MMS messages to the internet.
stupid technology.
how i love you so.

Posted by pocketpig at June 6, 2005 09:15 PM


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