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stories for boys

April 11, 2005 - 11:58 PM [ lifephotos ]
u2 april 10, 2005 went to see u2 this last weekend. twice.

(the live posts were bust so i didn't update there. when the live posts are bust updating is a hassle.)

but yah,dirty little secret for your heckling enjoyment: in high school i listened to achtung baby every single day. i even watched videos of the zoo tv tour almost every day while i got ready for school and while i posted online to my U2 friends on Prodigy...(which sounds totally lame, but really it's no different than an Yahoo group). i was gaga for that album. i also think it's where they peaked. they were so relevant to the times and the underlying social commentary about the end of the cold war, the beginning of the new technological 21st century. just an amaze of an album. it's also the first album i say when i try to list desert island discs, which, btw, always seems to shock people for whatever reason...

(sidenote: i never actually saw the zoo tv tour even though sonny had tix for me near the front. thanks anyway sonny, no thanks to my morm, who as a sidenote felt guilty a few years later and went and stood in line for me for a midnight zooropa cd sale in order to get a free vinyl numb 12". not quite the same, but i guess it was a nice gesture).

but somedays i have a hard time deciding between that album and boy. i love the raw sound and inexperience in boy. i go total gaga for it. des'y once also sent me a tape full of rare boy era bsides and rare bits that tape still works, but i think the pitch is a bit degraded. i still pull it out every once in a while and dance around the living room to U23 (which i've since bought on vinyl, but there's something about the tape)...yah, i'm like tom cruise in that one movie. in fact, i did it just now....

anways having set that up, these were two of the highlights of the show(s):
during vertigo (a song i only remotely enjoy. i hated it at first but now i've heard it so much it's grown on me with all of it's "hello hellos!") there was a slight shift/pause and then a few verses of stories for boys! bono turned the hello hello from stories for boys (as in, "sometimes i don't let go, hello hello") into the hello hellos of vertigo. that was pretty awesome. and then when they performed electric co i also squealed.

how about the achtung baby stuff you ask? i dunno. zoo station was muddy for some reason and the fly was a little lackluster. one however was (and always is) rather nice. it now makes me emotional for whatever reason. i turn into a gushy girl and my eyes get teary, not cry face, just a bit teary eyed...but i like to think that that's a side effect from the pill, not me getting soft as i get older.

oh and the show is pretty diverse and really spans their career, but if i had my choice, here are a few songs i'd suggest they play the next time they're in town (which happens to be in november, and i happen to not have tickets. got one to sell me?):

unforgettable fire
out of control
love is blindness
ground beneath her feet
until the end of the world
all i want is you
your blue room
trash trampoline & the party girl

Posted by pocketpig at April 11, 2005 11:58 PM


Can't get tickets for Manchester. I am so jealous!

Posted by: Papa Bear at April 12, 2005 02:55 AM

I get weepy everytime i hear 'one' and i'm not even on the pill! I'm such a FREAKIN' IDIOT for missing u2 this last weekend. dang.

Posted by: little b at April 12, 2005 10:35 AM

OMG, I can't believe you own U23!

Shadows & Tall Trees! I love "Boy!"

Posted by: basic a at April 13, 2005 07:59 PM

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