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March 04, 2005

yan can cook, but i can't

I haven't slept much this week. so i felt really shit last night. i got off of work, went to the grocery store (i had told myself i wanted to cook dinner), and went home. i put away the groceries, started to unload the dishes and said, "forget it." and i took a shower instead. i had this headache from the future (you know super powerful it could only have been made by genius robots). afterwards i felt better, even though i still felt like i was walking thru molasses. everything i did was just slow.

I don't know why i do it to myself either.
on tuesday night (after girl band in n' out burger fun) i ended up staying up working on junk until 5:15. yah that's right 5:15 AM. and then the next night i stayed up until 3am working on more junk. i do it to myself too.

i'm doing some freelance work and i'm getting paid for a few hours work, not a jillion hours. but i get crazy and the perfectionist in me comes out. and i print stuff out and examine it. not good enough. needs to be a few pixels to the left. rexamine. no, the text is wrong. let's try that. i mean honestly this is stuff that NO ONE IS GOING TO NOTICE. but somehow my brain thinks it's fun. and worth not sleeping over. oh well, it's over now (this project btw, is about a year overdue, maybe that's why i'm staying up late. i feel guilty and wanted to just finish it).

anyways, so i tried to make dinner (a basil variation of martin yan's jade chicken recipe). but it wasn't going so well. and i started cooking before i'd finished getting everything ready. so the oil was hot and the garlic was burning, and the chile peppers weren't even cut up yet.

randall came home and was all cuteylovey hands around the waist while i stood in front of the stove. but i was more irritated than anything else. he told me i shouldn't stress about making him dinner (i usually don't, sometimes i'm not even home when he gets here). but i was just "GAAAAR! i'm not stressing over making you dinner! BAH! i'm just angry that i'm not prepared!!!"

but this is nothing new. i never prepare things before i start cooking. maybe that's why i prefer baking. you can't really start baking until all the ingredients are put together. whereas cooking, you can put stuff onto the stove even though your ingredients are still in the fridge. a disaster for the unorganized.

anyways, randall helped out at the end with the ingredients i hadn't yet measured out but needed right away (stir fry is always too fast! do yourself a favor and PREPARE FIRST!). the chicken was coming out amazingly (even though the chunks were a bit too big and i had forgotten some of the ingredients at the store, like the mint for the mint chicken). the last ingredients were sesame oil and some fresh basil (which we used in lieu of mint). when randall poured the oil over it, i thought to myself "DAMN. this dish is not healthy. that is a LOT of oil." i was about to say something when randall looked at the recipe and then looked at me and said. "oops. 2 teaspoons, not tablespoons"


it tasted pretty good though (even though we had to soak the oil off of the chicken). i'd recommend this recipe. it was good with basil, and would probably be even better with martin yan's recommendation of mint instead...

oh and afterwards, i did some last minute computer stuff and then got ready for bed. i was under the covers before 11pm even. that's like a world record for me.

oh and YES. i know this picture looks gross. this is ALL THAT EXTRA OIL.

Posted by pocketpig at March 4, 2005 01:17 PM


and it looks so purdy! (the project, not the oils. ew)

Posted by: juju at March 4, 2005 06:29 PM

woo, i hope you're feeling better. and thankfully, you're in one piece.

you were referred to as my electronic genius friends this weekend.

Posted by: katy at March 6, 2005 08:32 PM

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