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bittersweet bundle of misery

March 21, 2005 - 09:10 PM [ lifephotos ]
graham coxon after being sick all day, the last thing i wanted to do was drive to the city. but graham coxon was playing at popscene and i wanted to go.

besides, i had everyone's tickets. so i couldn't NOT go.

so i cleaned my act up, took a nap and drove out there. the doors were at 9 and the show didn't start til 10. talk about misery.

cindy was waiting in line when i got there, and bridget arrived a few minutes later. chuckles (who just found out about the gig after randall cancelled) was still on his way, so i let cindy and bridget go in while i waited for chuckles outside. a few minutes later he arrived and we went in.

graham coxon
i wiggled myself into a spot in the front to take some photos. there was another girl standing next to me taking lots of photos and one point, she set a glass on the stage. the stage roadie guy tried to give it back to her, but she didn't see, so he got upset and THREW IT OVER MY HEAD (i was sitting on the corner of the stage) and just missed me. the glass shattered into a billion pieces at our feet. i thought, hrmm.. how nice. (i think i secretly wanted another fight to break out though. just to have it two for two...and then another reason to sell photos to someone.)

anyways, it was a great show, lots of good energy and i got some great snaps. but i kinda wonder, would i enjoy this band if it wasn't for the fact that it's fronted by graham coxon? probably not. funny how that works out, isn't it? but also, the mods dancing in the back and the front to this. would they normall enjoy this stuff? i feel like no. but hey graham coxon. you can't deny that.

graham coxon
i also wondered if it's weird for graham to play this tiny club of 300 people. i'm pretty sure the last time he played san francisco it was probably at the warfield when he was still with blur. and also the fact that he was at a club called popscene (named after a blur song) and there flyers for this other britpop club called leisure (also named after a blur song). i bet that must be surreal. at least a little bit.

after the show (which ended at 1am) i drove the kiddoes to a better taxi station, mentioned how i thought graham looked a little bit like buster on arrested development and then drove home.

talk about ridiculous. i got home at 2:30am and i was STARVING. i was going to stop for fast food i was so hungry and strangely craving a hamburger. but mcdonald's seemed to be the only fastfood place along the freeway that was open at that hour. so i said forget it and went home, ate some cereal and stayed up until 4:30 for no real good reason.

Posted by pocketpig at March 21, 2005 09:10 PM


haha, buster. That shirt doesn't help matters much either. Oh, and Buster IS A MONSTER!!!

Posted by: samshrew at March 21, 2005 09:48 PM

oh my goodness my crush on graham is so strong right now. ah for the days of britpop and college and going to popscene every thursday from SC like the maniacs we were and continue to be. I do think that 1. he looks like buster (mmm monster!) and 2. if it wasn't graham i wouldn't be the biggest fan of his solo stuff. but it's graham! how can you not love him with that shy smirk, toussled hair and big nerd glasses? I sure miss him being in blur, but it was nice to see him play the part of rockstar for once.

Posted by: b at March 22, 2005 12:35 PM

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