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beta delta sake

March 21, 2005 - 07:44 PM [ life ]
the world thru my drunk eyes oh good god those last two posts are embarrassing.

it has been a very very very long time since i have been that drunk. we're talking like at least 5 years. actually more like 6. i think the last time i was nearly that drunk was my clichéd 21st birthday. this photo is a pretty good representation of how i saw things that evening. you know, fuzzy, hazy and a lot of wtf is going on here?

i am almost too embarrassed to go into detail on what i can remember, but, i feel the need to at least clarify those last two (alice was right blogging under the influence is an awful idea) posts a bit.

okay so a week or so ago katy & camille decided to throw a sushi party. i thought, oh how fun, i've been thinking about having one, but i was also a little sad because i had kinda wanted to host it. so, when katy asked if i could help i was more than thrilled. now i could make sushi for our friends to eat, and i wouldn't have to clean up the mess. what could be better.

so i went over early on saturday to help make the sushi. when people started arriving we hadn't even yet rolled a single roll. and katy decided that before us chefs went back to work we should have a sake-bomb first.

oh shit. sake-bombs.
it had been a while since i had a sake-bomb. and i think there's a reason i don't drink them. back when we went to sho-gun every thursday, fashion (the sushi chef we always sat near) would try and convince us to race him. i never won, but i think i came close a few times. i have, what cindy calls, the magical sake-bomb hatch. it is pretty magical, it's like i should have been in a frat or something. i just take the beer, drop the sake in it and SWOOSH. less than three seconds later it is gone.

so when katy suggested sake-bombs, my face froze, i thought perhaps it would be a bad idea. sharps knives and sake-bombs. but then i figured, WHAT THE HELL. WHY NOT. and 2.5 seconds later i was on my way to becoming totally shitfaced drunk.

now had i stopped here i would have been fine. but i didn't. i had another a little while later. had i stopped there i also might have been okay. but no, at that point people had learned of the magic sakebomb trap and they wanted to see it in action. and really, who am i to disappoint? also, funny thing happens once people know you're fast, they want to race. dan and heather actually timed it once. i think they said it was about 2.5 seconds. maybe i'll just start my own frat.

anyways, so the drinking took place over several hours. between drinks camille and i made all the sushi rolls and we managed to keep all of our fingers too. we had veggie rolls, tuna rolls, salmon rolls, inari and more.

after the eating we drank more and hung out in the living room with the rest of the party. at some point i realized that there were only 5 of us girls left (where did the boys all go? i guess we're too much for them. randall left way early in the evening, and hours later the rest of them followed suit).

that's when someone decided that a hottub in a nearby apartment complex would be fun to go to. camille changed herself into a funny "i'm not gonna be nakedish around you gals" outfit. but before she got dressed she lifted her shirt up and showed us her bra. she says it's slander, but i'm pretty sure i saw that.

then alice, who was sober enough to drive, (although now that i think about it, was she really sober enough to drive? this whole thing was maybe not such a good idea) drove us over the hottub. but we were locked out and the fence was too high and too slippery (it was drizzling) to climb. camille kept saying it was a bad idea (which i, in hindsight, completely agree with) and could we go home. but we went to the golden bear to find jay to see if they could let us in.

i think this is where i demanded we pull over so i could vomit.
someone had given me goat cheese a few minutes before we left, and man, was that a bad idea.

they never found jay, so they headed back to the apartment where i walked over to the tree area and vomited again. that's when i realized that i could barely stand. alice had to go upstairs to get my purse for me, i think i would have fallen down the stairs had i tried to do it myself. and you know what, it wasn't just the goat cheese making me get rid of everything inside my body.

then i called randall, and talked way too loud to katy while waiting for him. he was a dear and picked me up, where i apparently told him how much i loved him and then opened the door and vomited again. he said he was glad i opened the door and didn't vomit in the car. i think he wasn't going to love me back if i did.

when i got home i apparently threw my clothes off in a pile (they were sitting in front of the bedroom door) and then passed out on the bed. a few minutes later i had to run to the bathroom and get cozy with the toilet. luckily it was clean, but unfortunately it had one of those bleach tablets in it and that smell was making me feel worse. (for some reason when i'm sick, my sense of smell is ridiculously heightened)

i woke up about 6 times during the evening to purge myself of everything i had eaten, drunk or even thought of putting inside my stomach. i had nothing left to give, so really, in fact, i was purging myself of stuff that probably wasn't supposed to leave my body.

the next morning was the worst. i couldn't keep anything down. i tried toast, nope the smell made me gag. cranberry juice? nope too sweet. wheat crackers? nope. v8? nope. water? nope. nothing was staying down and by this point my RIBS WERE FEELING MIGHT BRUISED.

randall tried to help me out, but there wasn't much he could do. i couldn't even keep water down. once that stayed down he decided to go and get me some chicken broth, he read that that might help. he also suggested i eat a banana, but i told him that sounded revolting. but after he left i was looking around for something that might help and the banana didn't look so bad after all. so i ate it with some buttery crackers and water.

and for some reason this combination worked.
and a bunch of seinfeld episodes and practically a whole box of chicken broth later i felt good enough to at least shower.

god. sushi party always gets me.
i'm totally starting my own frat.

Posted by pocketpig at March 21, 2005 07:44 PM


i'm a horrible influence.

but, i just might borrow the term "beta delta sake" to describe the night.

wha happen?

Posted by: katy at March 22, 2005 12:56 AM

ladies and gentleman, she has arrived.

Posted by: ju at March 22, 2005 08:34 AM

Sabrina - you were perfectly fun and adorably drunk!

Posted by: Niki at March 22, 2005 09:33 AM

oh sabrina!
this makes me feel so much better...as if you were describing my own morning. durn sake bombs! - i remain in awe of your prowess.

Posted by: heather at March 22, 2005 03:38 PM

I am glad we didn't end up in the drunk tank puking up goat cheese.

Posted by: camille at March 23, 2005 04:05 PM

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