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5000 miles for this shit

March 16, 2005 - 02:16 AM [ lifephotos ]
ian brown OMG. i have just returned from what is probably my favorite gig ever. ian brown is an unbelievable man. friggin' genius or a crazy man. whatever it is. i am completely enthralled and caught under his spell. even when he is KICKING A SECURITY GUARD i am gaga for him (and it's mentally not physically, because 1- he is like a monkey king, and 2- he weighs like what, 4 pounds?)

at anyrate this show started off amazingly and took a big dive in the middle and then went back to a euphoric high. let me explain.

UPDATE: 4:15am looks like mean brown actually got ARRESTED for the ordeal. oh and if you're looking for the other photos of the ordeal that were here, they're gone until march 26. i'm SELLING THEM TO NME. how ridiculously weird is that??

We were right at the front. I was like 2 feet from the man. He seemed like he was in a good mood, opened with "Destiny or Circumstance" off of the new album, and then noticed someone on the phone and even stopped, grabbed the phone from them, and chatted to their friend for a while. He was also grabbing cameras and taking photos of himself. He also knocked the sound system saying that he didn't fly "5000 miles" for this "transistor radio."

I could tell just from the first three minutes that this was going to be a great show. (Even though i've seen him live before, and don't actually think he sounds that great live....i suppose it's the facial nuances. the jokey jokes. the my god you're an egotistical ham sort of personality that does it for me...)

However, everything was not going to go smoothly. Three songs into the show, Ian decided the sound system was crap, and he restarted 'Made of Stone' three times! Finally he got the sound people to change some things and he seemed (remotely) satisfied. So he started up, proceeded to 'Love Like a Fountain' when WHAM. some crazy guy jumped on stage. And that is where the fun begins...

Not only did this guy jump on stage, but he completely tackled Ian Brown too. I thought perhaps it was someone he knew (the way there were no security people on stage). But then Ian got up faster than the guy and started kicking him (bridget is going to be so jealous i bet she'd have thought it was hot. a gaunt manchester boy kicking the shit out of someone). That's when security rushed on to grab the guy. But ian apparently has a temper because he would not stop. So another security guy rushed out and tried to grab ian.

he obviously did not get the memo.
you do not grab ridiculously genius, highly erratic, probably irrational and moody, mancs!
and well. he learned his lesson.

ian turned to get the security guy off of him, but security guy was having an I'm bigger, tougher and better than you moment, and he struggled on. Next thing we knew, ian's band was joining in, trying to break it up. But the security guy was all RAAAR! i'm the hulk! and wouldn't back down.

well actually i'm not sure exactly what happened (it happened so quickly), but the band members were all around, and the rest of the security came to help and the next thing i knew, the security guard in question was in the middle of the stage. Ian and his band beating him up and the security people trying to stop it. A guy i met in the front (his name was gonzo. honestly gonzo) also joined in on the fist fight action. There was a SPRAY OF BLOOD. and then it was over. ian and his band walked off stage. and the security guard stood up. i tried to figure out why anyone would dye their hair pink in a weird patch on the back of their head when i realized. DUH. he's bleeding. that's a big old gash in his head... (sidenote: i heard after the show that the guy was taken to the hospital, but he should be okay).

i for sure thought the show was going to end there.
a dissapointing $30 bucks for 3.2 songs.
i mean, why wouldn't it end? who gets to beat the shit out of a STAFF MEMBER and THEN come back and finish the show?

during the pause there was a young staff/security/roadie guy on stage looking really frightened. i think he thought the crowd was going to riot. and well he's probably right. we had tasted blood, now we wanted more music or else!

but a few minutes later the roadie guys came onto the stage and started picking up toppled instruments and retuning. so the crowd stopped chanting and went about waiting. about 10 minutes later, ian and his band came back on stage. ian asked if anyone wanted to have a fight. and that if we did, we should join him on stage now so that we could get it over with and they could start playing.

The show went on for another 12 songs. I enjoyed every minute (even with the weak sound system) especially when ian locked eyes with me during F.E.A.R. i thought i was going to melt. i felt like (and i know i am) such a dork...

After the show I grabbed a setlist.
I'm pretty sure this is the order they played stuff in and that everything is covered. Sadly they didn't do dolphins (like they were going to), but my god I wanna be adored was amazing live. (oh and trevor, i thought of you. you probably don't even remember that adored is our song. you know when you wanted our makebelieve relationship to be mended?)

The Setlist:
Sally Cinnamon
Made of Stone
Golden Gaze
Sweet Fantastic
4ever & A Day
She Bangs The...
Keep What Ya Got

also, It's sort of sad really, the great american is my favorite venue. but the sound was a little lacking (i noticed during the opening act as well), and also maybe now they'll beef up their security (which kind of sucks). it's gorgeous insides and laidback setting that makes it such a nice place. sucks if it changes.

oh and do i condone mr. monkey manc's behaviour? um. no, not really. don't get me wrong. i'm not the ultraviolent type. i'm just captured under his spell. i heart him and i have no control. was he out of line? yes. did he go to far? yes. should he have been arrested? yes. (i'd probably press charges if i was that security guard). is he crazy? yes. highly unstable? probably. a bit of a prima donna? probably. but don't fool yourselves, that's why we like him, now inn't it?

Posted by pocketpig at March 16, 2005 02:16 AM


OMG it is a pig bath in blood with apes and NME is calling!? has she died and gone to heaven?

Posted by: juju at March 16, 2005 07:50 AM

ooh my goodness it's like a dream! skinny mancunian ape king! blood! violence! britpop! NME caliber photography!! sooooo HOT!

Posted by: b at March 16, 2005 02:27 PM

That picture is kinda freaky. Maybe it's just my eyes, but dude looks like he's moving from the corner of my eye while I'm reading your post. Kookie!

Posted by: lele at March 16, 2005 04:30 PM

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