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February 16, 2005

shake a stick at it.

20050215b.jpg tuesday was kind of a bleh day at work. although, who am i kidding, it seems that these days everyday is a bleh day at work. so at lunch time i called up carolyn to see if she wanted to go have lunch. i just couldn't stand to be in the office any longer.

so we headed down to amarin where we split the pineapple surprise (which was pineapple fried rice with shrimp, chinese sausage and chicken) and some yellow curry (carolyn's not one for the spice!). we stayed as long as we could, you know up until the guilt, shit i have too much to do factor kicked in... and then back to blehsville we went.

after work i decided to call up juju.

i'm pretty sure tuesday is wes's school night, so i wanted to see if she wanted to get together to do crafts and stuff. she answered right away but said she was driving with her nieces in the car. it had just started to rain so i told her to concentrate on driving and to call me back later. but she never did.

so i went home and did some laundry. it had been about a thousand years since i did any laundry, so i figured i might as well take the time to do it. it was turning into a quiet evening alone and i was about to resign myself to a night in (you know a hot bath followed by hair in curlers) when katy called. it was 9:45pm. she immediately apologized for calling so late and then asked if i wanted to go to lipstick.

after about 2 milliseconds i said "sure. let me wait for this load of laundry to finish and i'll head on over." part of me (the part that was imagining bubble bath and books) went "WHAT! ARE YOU CRAZY? it's 10pm!" but the spontaneous side took over and soon i was showered in fresh clothes and on my way to lipstick.

when we got there i learned that shaun was in new york and roger would be the only dj. at first i was excited, and then i was a little dissapointed. i prefer roger's style, but he has this tendency to play all the hits, so it gets a little..obvious?

bonus sidenote: when we walked in roger happened to be playing joy division (transmission), when we left he played more joy division (love will tear us apart). that was kind of nice, but see what i mean? obvious.

oh and one more thing, in the bathroom i bumped into some girl in an interpol shirt. i asked if she got it at the show last night. she said yes. so i asked if they played take you on a cruise. wouldn't you know it, she said yes. feck. go figure.

written: feb 21, 2002 8:15pm
ps: yes i know, these lowlight camera phone images are crap.



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