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February 27, 2005

This is baking illustrated

this evening randall and i decided to turn on the oven and do some baking. a month or so ago scottelbot sent us the baking illustrated book as repayment for a favor (one that i haven't actually finished yet, maybe it's an incentive, like a bribe of some sort). i've been reading it, but i hadn't made anything yet. so today we decided to have a bake off.

actually what happened was that we were glancing thru the book and decided that calzones sounded fantastic. so we decided on a ricotta cheese based filling with basil.

the dough we made came out okay, i don't think it was rolled thin enough though. the bottom came out kind of thick, but overall it wasn't too bad. once we had them in the oven i started talking about what we could make later this week with the leftover ricotta cheese. that's when randall looked at me funny and said, "ricotta cheese!?" it was sort of a surprising response so i asked him if he used it all (instead of half of the container). he said no, and i said "oh good, i thought maybe you forgot to half the recipe." that's when he said, "no i just forgot to use the ricotta cheese."

so i guess we ended up making a non-ricotta cheese based stuffed calzone instead.

besides making calzones, i also decided to bake up a storm. i tried the two different baking illustrated recipes for chocolate chip cookies. i didn't really like either of them though. one was supposed to be thick & chewy but they turned out really thin and crispy. i think i messed up with the butter. it was supposed to be melted, but it didn't say "how melted" and i ended up with butter soup. not a good choice.

i also tried making brownies, but then i realized we didn't have the right sized pan. so i made them in muffin tins instead (a tip from the book). but i overfilled the pans, so they came out perfect on the outside but gooey in the middle.

a bit sad, i was expecting them to be amazing. now it looks like randall gets to take some sad baked goods to his office (i'm not bringing them to my work until they're perfect. i mean come on, they think i'm perfect right now and i'm trying to keep up the facade).

oh and also, i guess i won't quit my job to become a pastry chef afterall.

which is really sort of sad.

Posted by pocketpig at February 27, 2005 11:07 PM


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