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February 14, 2005

IM me

so today is valentine's day. i've never been a huge fan of it. when i was a kid i hated the color pink and then i spent most of my life being the cute girl's sidekick (you know, the boyless one). but in high school i had a boyfriend (hi max. funny way to talk to you after over a year, but i'm probably never going to write you back because i'm not sure why, but that's just how it's going to be) and i'm sure those were nice valentine's days and i probably even liked it at the time because i was probably stuck in my brain with the "OMG! somebody likes me for me!!!" but my brain contains such an awful memory (something to do with a large card with snoopy on it? or was that some xmas...come on, i can't remember valentine's day last year let alone 10 years ago...sidenote: shit, has it been 10 years? god i'm getting old, no wonder i can't remember things).

at anyrate. valentine's day is pretty contrived.

and that's why a while back, randall and i decided that valentine's day should be funny, romantic if possible, but mostly just goofy (for example, i once got him a giant pikachu pinata, and one year it was hot sauce of the month club). in fact we've even coined the term "romanty" for romantic funny/goofy. but this year i forgot and got stressed out about it and i didn't know what to get (he kept dropping hints about something at williams and sonoma. and HELLO. that is a store with a lot of stuff and i had no idea what he was talking about). as i was telling this dilemma to juju she said, "it's not like it's a second christmas." and only THEN did i remember. oh yah, it's just supposed to be romanty. not stressful.

so i ordered this shirt for randall. i thought it was sort of fun, and he is a total nerd berd anyway.

he ended up giving me a standalone tetris game (you know the kind you plug into the tv). although maybe this is not a great idea. i get really competitive at tetris and he has a tendency to kick my ass. so now we will fight and i will probably scream "ARRRGH!" and then throw the controller...but i guess that's what makes it romanty.

now onto the subject of valentine's day. i mean hello. it is so contrived. girls at work getting flowers and candy. i'd rather get flowers and candy some other day just because i'm worth it. not because society says you had to get it. don't you think? it seems so lamers to get a sappy gift. i hope i never wake up on feb. 14 expecting jewelry and some roses. i mean hell. i don't even really like roses.

BUT, don't get me completely wrong. at some point in my life i turned to hearting pink. pink and reds. so cute! and i think valentine's day is a fun excuse to wear pinks and reds and your heart on your sleeve. but you should do that everyday. send yer girl or boy stuff on feb 15 or mar 10. who cares.

oh and another thing, what's with these candy hearts? you know the ones that taste like chalk?? why do we still buy/give these things? but better question is why did i just eat a small bag of them? they taste terrible. there was one that i thought said "I'm me", but then i realized it was IM me. i'm surprised i didn't get a TEXT ME. or a MMS ME.

i mean, if you loved me you would.
happy hearts day.

update 12:56pm:
MMS nerd berd = love!


Posted by pocketpig at February 14, 2005 10:33 AM


somebody.........please im me !!!! im so bored . i wish people e-mailed me !!! my address is; ursatiy6@aol.com
so ...yeah im waiting.....hurry up........i mean it!!!!

Posted by: lana at December 30, 2005 02:57 PM

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