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February 27, 2005

a person's a person no matter how small

seussical last night randall and i took my dad out for a night on the town.

okay well we didn't really "hit the town" so to speak, but we had a pretty nice evening. yilin (my mom's friend's daughter, who i've known since high school, but really don't know her at all - i mean come on i see her twice a year, maybe three times, during social functions our mom's are involved in) is in a local production of seussical the musical.

she told me about during one of awkward bi-annual "oh hey how have you been doing, lately?" meetings. so i told her that randall and i would try to make it. i don't know if she believed me, but i'm (usually) a gal of my word. if i say i'll try and make it. i'll try.

so at 6 oclock we met by dad at the rubicon brewing co for some pre-seussical grub.

we got there a little bit before him, so we decided to wait on the corner to see if we could see him. parking around there is sometimes difficult (there are several restaurants on that corner) so i wanted to help direct him to a spot (besides, he wasn't familiar with the area at all).

while we were waiting a guy with a cute dog passed us and said, "i wouldn't stand in one place too long if i were you" and he pointed upwards. there were a bajillion crows in the tree above us and glancing around i noticed that corner was covered in bird crap. so we thanked him and waited in a safer location.

a few minutes later my dad arrived and we went inside for some food.

now i've only been to the rubicon once. it was for lunch and it was about 2 and a half years ago. so i couldn't remember what was on the menu. but i figured, hey it's a brewery, it's gotta have those brewery staples right. meats and meats on buns. ribs, chicken, that kind of stuff. but it didn't. it was mostly just sandwiches, sandwiches, hot sandwiches, and more sandwiches.

i ended up having the chicken fajitas (which were okay, but not reallly worth mentioning). my dad however, had the philly cheesesteak. but there was very little cheese and a lot of a red sauce. now forgive me if i'm wrong, but i'm pretty sure that a traditional philly cheesesteak has cheese in it. not red sauce (note: i just googled recipes for philly cheesesteaks, seems like some recipes call for 1 cup of marinara sauce. just seems wrong to me). now the menu description was pretty detailed, but said nothing of red sauce. my dad (who's not a redsauce on his cheesesteak kind of guy) was pretty dissapointed. but they did have good beer there, so hey i guess it was alright. rubicon food

drinks at cafe melangeafter dinner we had about 30 minutes to kill before the play would begin seating. so we decided to get a cup of coffee at cafe melange (since it's practically across the street from sierra 2 where the play is). when we got there randall ordered a mocha while my dad and i ordered ice cream drinks. i had a "black jane" (which was really an affrogato - espresso over a scoop of vanilla ice cream) and my dad had a grasshopper (which was like the blended alcoholic girly drink, only without the alcohol). the girl was really friendly and went to some trouble to make our drinks, but when i paid i forgot to tip her. we went outside and sat down when i remembered that. so i went back in and put some money in the jar, but she didn't see me. so i felt like a bitch. hey cafe melange girl, i did tip you last night. honest.

once we finished our drinks (and got hit up by a homeless guy for some change) we walked over to sierra 2. when we walked inside rungfong aiyi was standing there behind the concession stand with yilin. i was pretty confused, didn't yilin have to be on stage in a few minutes? shouldn't she be getting ready? that's when rungfong aiya saw me and told us that yilin was in this play and i told her, yah that's the reason we came. she seemed pretty surprised. i guess i would be too. i mean like i said, i barely know her daughter. sidenote: it was yilin's twin sister behind the concession stand, i guess she flew up from southern california to see the show. i knew yilin had a twin, but i didn't think she'd be there, that's why i was so confused.

the show itself was interesting. not really what i was expecting. i mean i knew it was a musical and i knew it was about dr. seuss's stories. so i knew it would be geared towards children with lots of singing and rhyming. but i guess i didn't expect it to be so...well i'm not really sure i can't describe it.

however i was entertained, and yilin does sing really well (even if i felt she showboated during her scenes, although i think her character is supposed to be that way). i think she wanted to be on american idol but was too old. i think they upped the age range this year, i wonder if she knew...

the only thing about the production that sucked was the kid sitting behind us. she kept wanting to know when auntie kari would be on stage and how come auntie kari was leaving the stage. and no exaggeration here, there was one point when the girl was louder than the stage. i know the people in the front had to have heard her too. now i don't mind children at plays. i mean there were like 5000 of them there last night. i only mind it when children can't stop talking. a few words here and there fine. talking nonstop not paying attention...ugh, please take them home.

afterwards the cast was outside saying hello and goodbye to all the patrons. i had caught yilin's eye when she was dancing in the aisle at the end, so that was good enough for me. i was hoping to just sneak out afterwards, but rungfong aiyi saw me and asked me what i thought. i said it was pretty fun and she just gave me the disgust face and pretty much said that she didn't really like it, but hey wasn't her daughter great? then told me to come say hello to yilin. i tried to say that i did and that we had to go, but she grabbed my hand with a death grip (who knew a small little asian lady could be so powerful!) and dragged me over. we said some awkward hellos, congrats and hope the rest of the shows go well and then we went on our way.

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