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Yummy guide

January 02, 2005 - 05:14 PM [ on the run ]
the rain was coming down pretty hard this morning. i really didn´t feel like doing anything this morning or afternoon. it was a stay inside and curl up sort of day.

sadly, we had some errands to run. that and it's probably bad to sit in the house doing nothing all day. so we decided to make snack/lunch plans and then head to target. we weren't sure what we wanted to eat and then randall suggest q-cup. so we called up wes & juju (their house is right near there) and said, "hey! we're going to q-cup, you should join us!" but they had just eaten and were busy getting ready to dj on kdvs, so they declined.

that's when randall remembered the new chinese boba-tea looking place that opened a few blocks from there.

so we went there instead. it was called the yummy cafe. their menus were pretty fun. they were in plastic asian children's binders. mine had moshimoro on it and randall's had winnie the pooh. i ended up ordering the pork macaroni (which turned out to be a soup with two thin porkins chops) and i couldn't resist, i had to order the seasame dumplings in red bean "tea". which was amazing black sesame filled mochi swimming inside a red bean paste soup. i really didn't need both the soup and the dumplings. but i wanted them.

after a little while wes & juju called, they wanted to know where we were at. i guess they decided to go to q-cup afterall. oops. we haven't been communicating very well with them lately. i wonder why...

after a minute of confusion clarity, they decided to join us at yummy. when they got there wes ordered french fries and chicken skewers, but it took like a thousands years for their food to arrive. sad sad. and then they had to leave for the radio show.

sidenote: juju was highly colorful today, i should've photo-ed that instead. her new knits are so cute!

sidenote: it's too bad their food took so long, i was going to sing the praises of yummy. but slow service man, when the place is not busy and the service is slow, that's no excuse...but sesame dumplings. so yum.

Posted by pocketpig at January 2, 2005 05:14 PM


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