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January 13, 2005

thursday drunks

thursday drunks at icon every thursday for the last 2 and a half years, carolyn and her friends have met up for drinks and/or dinner. she's invited me to join them for some time now, but i was never free on thursday. however, my chinese class is over and tonite i finally got to join them.

at around 7pm i picked up carolyn at her apartment and then we headed over to icon. icon just opened a few weeks ago. it's in the place where sammy chu's was (in fact some of the signage still says sammy chu's). it's a new trendy night spot bar/restaurant. those seem to be popping up all over town.

for some reason i was not prepared for this outing.

when carolyn had told me that a bunch of her "thursday drunks" were getting together, i for some reason imagined 4 or 5 galpals getting together at various bars and drinking. very sex and the city style. but instead it was like 15 people gathered around a very large dinner table ready to chow down and drink.

my god i felt like i was on tv.

i mean that in a good way though.

the thursday drunks are a group of friends who have been meeting up every thursday night for 2 and a half years. they've developed a bunch of traditions during that time.

sitting in the middle of the table was a large glass jug with a post-it note reading $308 stuck to it. every time they meet up each "official thursday drunk" in attendance sticks a dollar in the jug. and sometimes they wander around the bar getting strangers to contribute as well. they're going to use this money to rent a cabin at the beach this summer. i was slightly jealous.

also on the table was this little stuffed monkey with a clothespin stuck to him. attached to the clothespin were a bunch of dollar bills and lottery tickets. every week each official thursday drunk also contributes to the lottery monkey. about halfway thru the meal i noticed that the monkey only had dollars stuck to it, all the lotto tickets had been claimed. that's when someone yelled "not it!" and a chrorus of "not its!" went around the table. last one to say it had to take the monkey. they get to buy next week's lotto tickets. someday they are going to win and again i will be jealous.

but the thing that just pushed them over the top was the journal. they have been chronicling every place they have ever been. they're only journal number 3 right now. each place gets drawings, notes, quotes, autographs, napkins, everything. everything you can think of shoved into it. they say they're going to make a website one day. but apparently they're all too lazy. they made me sign it to. i felt really pressured to make it fantastic, witty and memorable. but i'm sure it came out really lamers...

overall i had a really fun time (even it felt like we were being taped for some tv show) and would like to join the drunks again. and the food at icon was pretty good too. i'd like to go again in a smaller group to see what the service is really like though. i think they're different to a roudy group of hooligans, especially when one of them will eat the entire chunk of fat off the steak in one bite. (seriously that happened. it was like a quarter pound of pure steak fat).

oh and afterwards carolyn and i went to the toyroom gallery to check out their monthly exhibit. carolyn ended up buying one of aaron's prints.

sidenote: i'm totally stealing the journal idea. don't think i won't do it.

written on january 31, 2005 9:56am

Posted by pocketpig at January 13, 2005 11:10 PM


yo, crazy!

i avoided that show so as not to have to see Aaron's prints.

Posted by: katy at February 1, 2005 09:47 PM

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