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January 25, 2005

strawberry fields forever

strawberry hat
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this weekend i ended up going to san jose. we try to spend at least one weekend a month there. it's getting to be ridiculous this two house thing.

orginally the plan was to go there and hang out with amy (i thought maybe we could go see her on saturday night). but on saturday morning i woke up way too early. earlier than i wake up on workdays (why is that???) and apparently randall had booked our afternoon with grant & heidi and that baby. i didn't mind. they're also like family
and their baby is way too cute for its own good.

so we went over to their house and chatted for a while before heading to lucy's for lunch.

lucy's is a tea house in mountain view. i have no idea how they found it, it's off an alley off the main street. it's a little chinese tea house that serves mostly flavored teas and 3 dishes (meat special, vegetable special or sandwich). i had the meat special (which was pork) and a "purple violet" tea. it was a surprisingly amazing lunch. this little old lady came out and took our order and brought us food. i kept thinking maybe this is what my grandma would be like.

then she brought us the food. and it was a good thing i wasn't all crazy emotional for no reason, else i would have probably cried. it was the soysauce tea egg with pork and ground beef sauce on the rice. i can't explain it, except that it's something my mom made ALL the time when were kids (i swear it was like every other week at least). and i really can't believe i don't know how to make it...

afterwards we went back to grant's house and walked the dog. i think grant is trying to get us to move to his neighborhood. could you imagine?

once we said goodbye to them i made randall drive to uncommon threads in los altos. earlier in the week i'd decided i was going to knit that baby a hat, i just didn't know what size and didn't want to ask, so i had to wait until i saw her in person...and this was the closest store and i wanted to start right away.

the store was only open for a few more minutes and i hastily made a purchase of size 6 circular needles. only stupid me bought the 23" instead of the 16". the whole reason i bought circular needles was to make it easier on myself. the store was closed by the time i realized it, and so i ended up using the doublepointed ones instead. which pissed me off since i now have a 23" size 6 needle that i will probably never use in my life. i am going to have to force myself to learn something that needs to be made on that size...

we were going to go to santa cruz that evening, but i was too tired (having had woken up so early) so we stayed home and started 24 season 1 (randall hasn't seen them before -- i have--but he noticed that there are a million names that are from NPR in it. nina, terry, carl, ira...isn't that weird?) oh and bonus surprise, autotomy by THE DEARS appears in one of the first episodes. amazing.

while he and jorn and samshrew watched, i knitted for way too long. i mean way too long. the next morning i woke up and knitted some more. pretty soon i was done with this hat. it was loosely based off of this lion brand strawberry cap. only i used size 6dpn and totally different yarn. and i added the leaf. that was jorn's idea. see, he is smart. and really if i may say so (maybe it's the colors), i just like mine better. and i'm ridiculously proud of it.

like, ridiculously proud.

strawberry hat other side

Posted by pocketpig at January 25, 2005 01:13 AM


that hat is truly perfect!! so adorable. i knit too, but haven't braved circular needles let alone double pointed yet! i have some size 5 dpn's and i put point protectors on the ends and use them as straight needles but i'm so limited with the patterns...i have to brave both ends! i googled your dilemma with the 23" size 6's and only came up with one pattern - a very ugly patchwork jacket - good luck! you're very talented and i enjoy reading your site immensely!i check for updates everyday at work! and your love flag is so romantic! i'm trying to get my hubby to make one with me then we can claim some uncharted land out there for ourselves! teeee! love forever, timber

Posted by: timberlubaby at January 25, 2005 08:34 AM

GAH!!! my heart they BIG!!! aw! and the leaf is such the nice surprise - it's like it's a real baby being plucked from the ground who's gonna wear that hat! LUCKY! snaps, props, and dpns 2 u! ps it looks great on the lil pig... hrm. wonder if it's a sign?

Posted by: juju at January 25, 2005 09:33 AM

oh man! that hat is precious!

Posted by: katy at January 26, 2005 11:29 PM

Where can I purchase this pattern and do you have a sweater pattern to go with this.

I have a new granddaughter on the way, I hope

Posted by: Ellen at January 27, 2005 02:51 PM

I used to go to Lucy's all the time. The first time I went, my friend told me to meet her there, but I was half an hour late because I couldn't find the place.

Posted by: alejandra at January 28, 2005 10:53 PM

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