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January 31, 2005

i came in for this?

at work i use a mac and a pc.
mostly a mac.
and it's really a sad old one.
ironically there is no money in the budget to buy me a new one.
but somehow i was able to get a new slick PC.
i use to check my email.
and also to chat online with people.
sounds like a good use of budget, no?
that's what i thought too. <-- sarcastic undertone

at anyrate, i finally at least convinced them to get me a larger harddrive. hello graphic designer working with 12 gb harddrive?scratch disk full warning every 2.5 seconds. they only reason they finally even caved (what, harddrives are like $5 now, aren't they? what were they waiting for) is that 1- i nearly broke down and cried when i couldn't save my files and 2- i was like F THAT i am just going to go buy my own and you f'ers can just pay me back.

i guess that did it.
a technical request, TR for short, was sent out.
so i had kinda given up.
but today i come into work and they are waiting for me to arrive so that they can take my computer away. i didn't even get a chance to turn it on. god i hope there's nothing incriminating on that harddrive...

and so now i just sit.
there is literally nothing to do.
all of my work is done on that machine.
god i woke up early for this?

Posted by pocketpig at January 31, 2005 09:26 AM


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