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January 08, 2005

healthy bodies

health fairjanuary 8, 2005

this morning i really wanted to go to ikea. i'm obsessing over curtains. curtains and a tablecloth that probalby no one will ever see. but the weather was pretty shit (have you see the amount of rain and snow coming down here in northern cal?) and randall didn't really want to go. and i didn't really need to go. and somehow randall convinced me that a health fair would be fun.

they've been advertising this health fair on the news all week. and i guess randall fell under the spell. and i guess he put me under it too, because i honestly thought it could be fun. and the saddest part was that it almost was. we had our spines scanned, determined how fast our reaction time was, how fast we could hit a tennis ball, and randall jumped really high.

but the best part was the pups.

the aspca was there doing adoptions and i nearly melted. there was one pup, a total mutt, maybe part corgie mix. short legs and huge smile. i wanted to take him home (sorry no photo of him, it would have been too sad to look at later), but we've made a stupid no pats rule. it just wouldn't be fair to them. we're never home. so someday. maybe when we live in one house instead of two. or at least one city...

metal worksafterwards we headed home to freshen up so that we could head out again (see i told you, we're never home).

today was art 2nd saturday (on the 2nd saturday of every month, all the art galleries stay open late and have gallery openings. it's usually a lot of fun) and we were meeting up with carolyn and her friends. we started at a small gallery on the northskirts of downtown and then headed to deep (sonny's wife's new art gallery/yoga place). there were these great animal paintings i wanted, but they were already sold (again, i don't know why i didn't think to take a photo...). next we went over to the foundry building to see the bronze casting demonstration (shown in the horribly photo to the right) and then made some monotypes upstairs. afterwards we headed to 20th street to hit a few more galleries.

pho on broadwaywhen we were done looking we thought that we'd maybe go grab a coffee, but we couldn't make up our minds and it was way too cold to stand outside figuring things out. so we said farewell to carolyn and co. and decided to get something to eat. it took a few minutes to decide, but eventually randall and i settled on pho. it was cold outside and soup just sounded great, so we headed to this place on broadway. randall was hoping to be the only white guy in the place, just because that seems to be the trend lately, but it didn't happen that way. i think it's because it's the only pho place not on southside, so naturally the clientele is going to be diverse...

written 11:35pm january 20, 2005

Posted by pocketpig at January 8, 2005 10:59 PM


if ever you feel like heading to IKEA, i'm down. no questions asked.

man, we are bad for eachother....

Posted by: katy at January 22, 2005 01:47 AM

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