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January 19, 2005

piggy's got a brand new dress.


i know it's been a while since i've last posted anything substantial. but that's because i've been busy having fun. i can't remember the last time my schedule was so packed full of fun. so i'll start with last night and we'll work our way backwards (and probably forwards). i'm a really awful (according to some people) and great (according to others) storyteller. i'll start at point A working towards end point B, but i like to go to destination C, D, E and F along the way. but hey i always pull the train back into the station (well usually, sometimes i'm derailed, but it's usually not my fault, okay?). alrite. enough train metaphors. let's get this party started.

katy and i have been trying to hang out for about a month now. (i still had her graduation present, which was pre-xmas) and finally made a plan for last night.

yesterday i got off of work and headed home. i was going to hang out with katy but we hadn't really made any plans. i tried calling her but we ended up playing telephone tag for a little while. when i finally got a hold of her we decided we'd play it by ear and maybe head out to a fabric store for fun. but before we met up i decided to stop by heather tonevendor's library.

heather tonevendor has been working at the library 4 feet from my house since september, and i have never gone to see it. okay, so it's really like 4 minutes from my house, but you get the idea. it is literally closer to us than the grocery store...and we go to the grocery store all the time. right now, the library is temporarily being housed in the new high school while it's being built (see, when you live in the new suburbs, everything is new, even libraries! maybe it will be all new books too!) i tried to take a photo so you could see how hidden the library is, but it was too dark. no wonder i have never been there, i could barely find the place.

afterwards i drove downtown to meet up with katy. i gave her her presents and was a little sad to know that camille had already given her the nelly movie (but not surprised really, i was sort of expecting it as there are only like 5 jillion copies lying around work). then we got in the car and drove to jo-anns to look at fabric. i was there for some yarn the other day, but they were picked over, they were STILL picked over (don't those people under stand the concept of stock-on-hand?). i ended up buying some patterns i'll never make and some crazy remnants fabric (i am sucker for the remnants bin, it is so cheap!) that i will probably put in a storage box and not use for years.

once our purchases were made, we stopped at bev-mo where i bought some crazy asian marble drink. the marble rolls around the bottle, but before you open it the marble is what is sealing the bottle. it is crazy. sidenote: we ran into a guy at jo-anns, katy thought he was cute, especially as he was a guy in the fabric store. i thought i recognized him. as we were leaving he said hello, not just hi, but in a "hey how's it going, i know you" kind of way.

i had no idea who he was.

once we had our bevvies in hand, we went across the street to jimboys where i had a fish taco. then we headed back to katy's where we chatted for a long time and then decided to go to lipstick. she was looking for something to wear and was commenting on how she had a lot of stuff to take back, exchange and sell from xmas. then she showed me this dress she was going to return. it was pretty cute and she offered it to me...i tried it on and it fit pretty well. so i decided that if we were going to lipstick, i might as well wear it. it felt pretty great to be so spontaneous. i can't really explain the feeling, but it was nice.

so we were ready! off to lipstick where i danced my butt off (roger even played my dancing song), but now i'm wondering why rounded feet are shoved into pointy shoes for the name of fashion. why???

sidenote: for lunch i had a totally randall approved sandwich.
roast beef and gruyere panini with horseradish.
no vegetables.
i had no idea there were no veggies.

Posted by pocketpig at January 19, 2005 12:24 PM


yay! that was super random fun. did you decide to go to work today?

p.s. you're in a band now.

Posted by: katy at January 20, 2005 03:43 AM

yah...f-ing work ethic. so angry. i told myself i wasn't going to go, the alarm went off, i looked at it for a while. hit snooze. thought about getting up and calling in sick. but no. alarm went off again and i dragged my stinky butt to the shower...stupid work ethic.

woah. a band. when do we practice?

Posted by: pocketpig at January 20, 2005 11:04 AM

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