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January 09, 2005

apples to apple fondue

knitter natsthis morning i got up and headed to the naked lounge. there's a bunch of girls who meet there every sunday morning. it's either sacramento indie stitch or a sacto stitch n bitch depending on who you ask. maya's been meaning to add me to their mailing list for ages, but just finally got around to it. so i finally got around to joining them.

but i apparently missed all the excitement.

crashapparently just minutes before i arrived a big accident happened. one of the girls who was there with her husband (who sat in the corner reading) happened to be in the medical profession, as was her husband. when the accident happened i guess he ran outside and said, "everyone stand back, i'm a doctor." (or something like that). i didn't think that kind of stuff happened in real life. i'm sad to have missed it. sidenote: amazingly no one was injured.

room and coafterwards i went home and picked up randall. i think he was bored waiting around for me. i was orginally going to come home at noon, but didn't actually make it back until about 1. while i was gone he had researched a new manbag. it's a cute small messenger-ish (only more purse sized) bag and i guess there was only one store in sacramento that sold them. so off we went. the strange part was, it was a furniture store. like modern fun furniture, and you know, matching bags to go with them. randall wore his sweater today, and as you can tell, he was probably the only thing in the entire store that wasn't in shades of gray. was i embarassed? no not really. okay, maybe only slightly. but hey i bought that sweater, so i can't really complain. what i CAN complain about is the fact that the bag he bought is the EXACT bag i was going to buy him LAST christmas. only back then he said he didn't like it and has spent a year looking for a new manbag. a whole year. and now suddenly it's the best idea ever??

tokyo frosonce we had the manbag purchased we headed out towards costplus. juju's been talking about maybe trying wine (she is stone cold super sober straightedge) and we were going there tonite, so we thought we'd help corrupt. but we didn't know what to get her. we have no idea what her wine pallette is like, because she doesn't even know. we ended up thinking a dessert wine would be a good start. sweet and syrupy. they had the bonnydoon muscat i like, so we grabbed a bottle of that and then we went and grabbed lunch at tokyo' fros. it wasn't amazing sushi, but it was good and not covered in sauce. and they're open til midnight, so we're hoping to make a mental note of that for future late night sushi cravings...

potterbellat around 7pm we headed to wes & juju's for some chocolate fondue. for xmas juju had gotten a chocofondue kit AND a dining table. so it was cause for celebration indeed. and man did i celebrate. i cannot believe the amount of chocolate and things dipped into chocolate i ate. i swear if i'm not careful i'm going to look like potterbelly (juju's fat cat harrison. i call him potterbelly because harrison -> harry -> harry potter -> potter -> potterbelly. obvious huh?). after we devoured the chocolate we played a few rounds of apples to apples (my new favorite game). then we drank some of the dessert wine. juju ended up having a sip and judging from the faces she was making, i don't think she enjoyed it much.

i ended up getting a really bad photo of her making some really awful face. i'd share it with you, but she would probably kill me. so you'll just have to use your imagination. okay? okay!

written january 21, 2005 12:18am.

Posted by pocketpig at January 9, 2005 11:35 PM


Thank you so so much for putting me on to Apples to Apples. My copy arrived on Monday and even number one daughter likes it. Such a super duper game. We are all going to get together and play it on Saturday.

Posted by: Rob at February 9, 2005 09:11 AM

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