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Too many choices

December 01, 2004 - 12:54 PM [ life ]
last night i was supposed to go out with my chinese school friends for dinner. we have this movie we have to make for class so we were going to go out to eat and discuss. but our teacher gave us time in class, so we ended up not going out. which was okay, because i wasn't really in the mood to go out, but also sort of sucked because i didn't have anything at home to eat since i had planned on going out.

so i had to stop at the grocery store on the way home. there are two grocery stores near me. raley's and safeway. safeway is new, and it's about 2 blocks from my house. raley's is old reliable, i like it better and it has better produce. but i'm lazy. so i went to safeway.

going to the grocery while i'm hungry is one of the worst things in the world. unlike most people who go put lots of things in their cart when they're hungry, i put nothing. there are too many choices. as i walked thru every aisle my inner dialogue was something like this, "should i eat salad? how about chicken? oh there's always soup, or perhaps bread. yes soup and bread. or better yet a sandwich. maybe i'll make pancakes. or have some eggs and cereal. or maybe fish, yes fish is always good. no, meat sounds better, i feel like protein." at that point i was standing in front of the meat section just staring at all my options. pork? chicken? beef? turkey burgers? oh good god i had no idea what i wanted. also it was already 9:30, and i wasn't sure i actually felt like cooking. so i walked away, still not knowing what i wanted to eat. eventually i wandered over to the vegetable section. as i walked i picked up various fruits and vegetables, wondering if they were "what's for dinner." i picked up a bell pepper. 20 seconds later i put it back with its friends. how about a sweet potato? yah sweet potato sounded good. into the shopping basket it went, joining a bottle of cranberry stoli and a toothbrush.

suddenly realizing how pathetic the contents of my basket looked, i felt the need to fill the basket as soon as possible. so i quickly threw some green beans in, then a shallot and then some mushrooms. still not knowing exactly what i would be making. but then i stumbled across the tofu section (the vegetables are near the organic section, and since "obviously" only organic food eating people would want to eat tofu, the tofu is there too) and realized. YES! tofu! i wanted tofu. and i could stir fry it up with the green beans and mushrooms. or better yet, throw in some coconut milk. YES! this is what was for dinner. so i picked up some extra-firm (i'll eat tofu in the non-extra-firm style, but i really do prefer the extra-firm) tofu and decided to head home with my purchases (it was now past 10pm).

when i got home, i took out a small can of coconut milk and heated it up with a spoonful of red thai curry paste and some basil. then i diced up the shallot and tossed it in along with the green beans and the mushrooms. i let all that simmer then added a small clump of brown sugar and some fish sauce. stirred it up until the beans were a little less firm and then tossed in the tofu. but unfortunately i used the small can of coconut milk, i should've used the standard size one. there wasn't enough liquid. so i decided to put in some broth (chicken or vegetable) only we didn't have any left, so i had to use water. then i panicked and thought i'd ruined the dish. but another scoop of curry paste and 2 small dried red peppers (crumbled over the pot) did the trick. it wasn't amazing, but it was just what i wanted. although i don't think i'll make it again without the stock and/or more coconut milk.

Posted by pocketpig at December 1, 2004 12:54 PM


Totally that bottle of stoli was essential.

Posted by: samshrew at December 1, 2004 06:25 PM

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