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December 06, 2004 - 09:49 AM [ life ]

argh. so stupid cingular/at&t seems to have eaten all of this weekend's updates. poo on them. bah. the recap is pretty much like this:

on friday wes, juju, randall and i went to gaesorm to eat thai food. i had tom yum noodle soup and was really dissapointed. it didn't even taste like tom yum and the noodles had a strong "wooden" flavor to them, also the chopsticks they provided were overtly bamboo scented, which brought an unwelcome odor to the party...(note to self tom yum noodle soup is not better than regular tom yum)...afterwards we went to the blue lamp to see the dears. but we were pretty early so went across the street to starbucks (which was ridiculously packed for a friday night, do people just hang out there?) and had some coffee and played a few hands of crazy eights at around 10:30 we went across the street where we ran into camille and her beau.

robbers on high street were first (well second, we missed this band called sun) and they were pretty decent, camille thought the singer sounded like the guy from spoon....then it was time for the dears. oh the dears. it was funny to see them play such a small venue after seeing them play at the fillmore the night before. they looked so squished on the tiny blue lamp stage. i wonder what they must've been thinking. the set was the same as the night before (and the kcrw) so i knew the third song would be "We can have it". juju, having not yet watched the kcrw thing nor having gone to the show the night before, did not, but she yelled it out right before they started it. which i guess startled them, because they looked up like "wah?? how'd you know?" and then i overheard the guitarist turn to everyone and gesture about how we were the people from last time. i didn't hear exactly what he said, but i'm assuming it was...god damn, it's those freaks...

after the show, which was amazing and ended with Summer of Protest(eep!!), we tried to go to infusion for more coffee and more cards, but they have "new winter hours!" and closed at midnight instead of 2. so randall and i bid juju and wes farewell and headed home...

saturday morning the alarm jarred me out of bed at 10:30 (it sucks when you have to set the alarm on a weekend). my chinese class friends were coming over to make a movie (we have to have a video for class on thursday). our script is pretty retarded, but we were organized this time, so filming went by pretty easily. i played a cop and so for "props" someone brought a ton of donuts. i ate more than i should have. we finished filming at around 6. i said "zaijian" to my friends and then wes called. gold chains was playing at old I. randall and i said we'd go and meet him there at 9. so we grabbed some food from daphne's, who has disappointingly changed their falafel (they now have patty format?? patty format????) to one that is not as good. then we headed downtown, on our way to old i, wes called, he said that it was empty and that he was gonna go home and come back later. so we got on the freeway and headed back home, we told him to call us later....he never did.

the next morning we ate bagels and played some grand theft auto before heading out of the house. today's goal was dishwasher soap and lazy shoes (my lazy mary janes (no snaps, no buckles, just slip on) are falling apart and i need new ones). first stop was target. while we were checking out, we ran into katy (who was also checking out). the three of us were all starving and decided to go grab a bite to eat. she took us to sylvia's for nicuraguan food. i had the fried pork dish. katy had the plantains and fried cheese. any place with fried cheese is good in my book...afterwards we headed to the rack hoping to find lazy shoes. randall found a great pair of slip on merrels, but i found nothing. mission failed. wasted.

Posted by pocketpig at December 6, 2004 09:49 AM


poo on them furreals. I never got that picture of the shoes on my phone either.

Posted by: samshrew at December 8, 2004 03:01 PM

how about you knit dears hats. and send them to the band to wear on tour. hey, you're making them famous; they can at the very least return the favour! and what was with the no more hugs? you KNOW he was waiting onstage for you to hang out with him.

and btw, where r the photos of the pretty knitties? huh? huh? what sort of blogger/knitter girl r u!? SHOW US THE PRETTY KNITTIES.

Posted by: juju at December 9, 2004 03:31 PM

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