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what have we become?

November 04, 2004 - 02:19 AM [ life ]

okay, so i'm not an outwardly political person. but let me just express my frustration right now. i mean, i really truly though kerry was going to win (or that it would at least be a much closer race, ballot frauds and all). if you're a bush supporter i respect that, but just tell me why, okay? because i really don't get it. and then i read articles about people who don't believe in anything the bush administration stands for, but yet still voted for bush, because they "like that he has the guts to do what's unpopular. even if i don't agree with it." what?? has it really come to this, just explain to me why. that's all i want to know.

okay enough soapbox, and besides i'm not really good at it, so let's move on to my yesterday instead...

i called juju and wes after class yesterday. i wanted to know if they wanted to come watch cable news at my house. they said they couldn't watch and were going to go to lipstick instead. so i drove over to the bonn lair, a few kids were meeting up there to watch election coverage and celebrate (little did they know they'd be drinking their sorrows away). i wasn't sure they'd still be there when i got out of class, but i decided to swing by anyway.

when i arrived it was maya, her friend esther and some guy who was with esther (i can't remember his name). esther and the boy were leaving, but maya was staying because her friends suresh and chris were on their way. i said i'd stay and keep her company until they arrived. i don't know maya really well, and i haven't really hung out with her much in a group setting, let alone a one on one. we chatted about politics for a while, seems like we voted almost the same on everything. she pointed out that she's becoming more moderate as she's getting older. i think i'm just becoming more aware.

after a while her friends suresh and chris showed up (small world, i used to work in the same building as suresh, and chris i think i'd seen at kickball). we ended up watching election coverage and talking about the election along with all sorts of things (such as top hats, immigrant parents, the lack of carl castle's voice on my answering machine). pretty soon it became evident that kerry wasn't going to win. so we split one last beer and said farewell.

in hindsight it was really weird as i was sitting in an irish pub with 3 people i didn't really know and yet i feel somehow i am going to remember this evening (in a you know a "oh at the last presidential election i was in a bar with 3 strangers..." sort of anecdote).

when i got home i tried to watch the daily show, but it was many hours old and i just couldn't keep interested. i fell asleep on the couch instead.

i'm surprised by how frustrated i am by this election. but hey at least stem cell research passed (although blindly giving money to large corporations really doesn't seem like the smartest thing we could be doing...)

Posted by pocketpig at November 4, 2004 02:19 AM


begin hibernation NOW.

Posted by: juju at November 5, 2004 12:00 AM

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