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Sugar sugar

November 09, 2004 - 01:39 AM [ life ]
this morning we woke up 45 minutes late, or 45 minutes early, depending on how you look at things. randall had to go to work today so he wanted to wake up early (an hour and a half early), but our alarm went crazy and we didn't get up util 45 minutes after we wanted to.

once we got up and got ready i decided i'd head in to work too. normally i don't leave until 9, but i've been so busy lately i figured, might as well get the work done.

when i got there i noticed lynn had fudge sitting on her desk (lynn is the local candy/sweets/popcorn/anything you can ingest pusher). i wondered if 8:15 was too early for fudge, then decided it was better not to think about it and took a piece to eat with breakfast.

this fudge was delicious and worth eating at 8:15am. it was the right consistency of creamy without being squishy soft. hard without being stale. gooey without being soggy. and chocolately without being bitter. it would give my grandpa's fudge a run for its money, that's how good it was.

which reminds me, when i stop to think about it, 8:15 is not too early for fudge. i remember being a kid at xmas time and sneaking into the garage (where they kept the holiday treats like fudge and divinity) and stealing a few pieces before heading to school. that had to have been 7am, so no, 8am is not too early.

throughout the day i ended up eating several more pieces, i just couldn't help myself. i ended up being so wired on sugar that i forgot to eat lunch until it was nearly 2pm.

although i got to work early, i didn't leave until it was 7pm (i swear, is this project EVER going to end? ever?). i was probably on the end of a sugar crash because all i wanted was more sweets.

so i called up juju and asked if she wanted to go get some ice cream...we both love pumpkin ice cream and since it's pumpkin ice cream season, we keep saying we're going go on an ice cream date, but we never do. also neither of us have been to gunther's, vic's or burr's (and we grew up in this town), so it's almost embarassing and definitely something that needed to be remedied...so i went over to her house where she fed me naan with lentils, spinach nuggets with blue cheese dip and chips with hummus. it was the feast of dipping foods.

afterwards we got in the car and decided to find one of these elusive ice cream places. for some reason or another i decided that we should go to gunther's. naturally it was also the only one that neither of us knew exactly where it was (just some rough idea). but after a few minutes of driving around we found it. it's a really cute place, 50s style with large glass windows and a neon sign of a man scooping up ice cream--i couldn't believe i'd never actually been there. and they have pumpkin ice cream. pumpkin! we each had the kiddie double scoop (two flavors). i had pumpkin and espresso chip, juju had pumpkin and black walnut.

embarassing sidenote: when we got there, i had to parallel park my car. usually i'm not that bad. but sometimes i'm atrocious. tonite was atrocious, some guy was even watching from his window, laughing. i bet he thought i was going to hit his car. but as juju says, "that's what bumpers are for".

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