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Say cheese

November 09, 2004 - 12:59 AM [ life ]
after the scavenger hunt i couldn't do a thing i was so tired. and apparently a full night of sleep didn't help. i woke up on sunday morning still tired.

we were orginally going to go to the movies with wes & juju (we still want to see huckabees before it's gone from here), but i had to take some photos for my mom first. the plan was get up, go take the photos and then go the movies. but sunday morning was slugville. i could not get moving. we didn't even leave the house til after 1pm.

first stop was the bookstore where randall used my discount to get the new alton brown book (okay, i guess that could read where i used randall's credit card to get the new alton brown book, either scenario works) and then off to take a photo of some store for my mom. only when we got there the store manager didn't like us taking pictures and apparently the owner hadn't yet called to say he was selling the place...

afterwards we decided to go to this all elusive nugget market (one opened nearish to my work and i just hear all sorts about it). when we got there i was floored. it may give whole foods a run for the sabrina's favorite grocery store in sacramento title. (if nugget has a chef like chef darnell i think it may be over for whole foods). the cheese section at this store was AMAZING. i'm sure there may actually be more cheese at whole foods, but the display and presentation and INFORMATION here was fantastic. we settled on 3 kinds and then went home for a taste test. ladotiri, manchego and aged prima donna. read on for the full taste test...

a greek cheese made from sheep and goat milk and then preserved in olive oil. it was hard but also slightly crumbly (but nothing like feta crumbly). you could definitely taste the olive oil though (and also some strange hint of blue cheese). i can see where this will be excellent on a salad.

a spanish cheese (apparently from la mancha). the kind we bought said aged 1 month which i found hard to believe. cheese under 3 months old is supposedly "illegal" in the united states (is that only for soft cheeses then? anyone know?). but there was no cheesemonger to ask. the flavor was mild and the texture spongy (sort of squishy). it had a nutty mozarella flavor. perfect for crackers.

aged prima donna
a hard cheese from the netherlands with a butterscotchy/caramel flavor. similar to an old amsterdam yet sweeter (but not overpowering). this was my favorite of the three cheeses (which i sort of expected. i'm a bit biased towards the aged goudaesque cheeses -- the more crystalized pieces inside the better). i could just put chunks of this cheese in my mouth and have it melt away to total happiness...

after the tastetest we watched a crazy old david carridine movie and waited for dinner to cook (we were making a roast, only we sadly weren't able to give it enough time, so it wasn't quite done). then i passed out early. who knew that scavenger hunts and cheese would make me so sleepy?

Posted by pocketpig at November 9, 2004 12:59 AM


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